Shaker and Spoon October 2023 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the October 2023 Shaker & Spoon box!

It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!

It was a recent dark and stormy night when the beakers bubbled over and the comically oversized switch was flipped, shooting sparks everywhere and slowly reanimating the most magical and monstrous occasion of all: Mezcalloween.

So far we’ve somehow survived two eerie installments, but we offer no guarantees when three more thrilling concoctions arrive on your doorstep to stalk your cocktail hours all October long—especially with an eye-opening spirit like mezcal playing puppet master.

But we must admit, it wasn’t just the holiday-hybrid pun that led to such a strong annual, seasonal showcase for mezcal. Over time, as awareness and curiosity grew among those adventurous souls brave enough to push through early gimmicks like worms or even scorpions in bottles, the reward and enjoyment of a spirit that has as much bold flavor as it does versatility became clear for all to see.

There’s the freedom to tamp down the roasted, smoky edge with brightness, lean into it to create something fierce, or simply sub it into countless recipes and bring a pronounced agave flavor to a classic of your choice.

Blessed be the three bartenders who join our coven each year to create such deliciously bone-chilling blends—a mission that’s now taken on a new imposing form as a terrifying trilogy. So if you prefer your treats to have a few tricks up their sleeves (read to the end to see the not-so-nefarious-news regarding Golden Tickets!), tear open your Mezcalloween III: A Shocker in Oaxaca Box and see all the many satisfying ways that mezcal suits these quite-spooky times.


Only by killing the Paloma as we know it could agave-spirits expert Sam Jimenez bring it back to life—bigger and bolder than before! With the amplifying addition of hibiscus, Sam works his dark magic on the citrus synergy of orange, lime, and Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit.

Thankfully revived to roam free with a rim of charred tortilla salt, the lively but lumbering Paloma Muerta might become an all-too common sight around your household going forward.


One major benefit of putting on a big brunch bash in the month of October? No threat of vampires or other nocturnal nuisances showing up and making your guests quiver over their quiches. Stacey Swenson’s Red-Handed Ripper—featuring Longbottom & Co. Virgin Mary mix, dill pickle shrub, super lime juice, optional jalapeño essence, and a smoked salt-chili blend—is a perfect choice for such carefree midday celebration.

But the turned-up volume on the traditional Bloody Mary formula from mezcal’s roasted qualities and such bracing, refreshing flavors will summon you to sneak a taste elsewhere around the clock.


“The Modern Mixologist” Tony Abou-Ganim has been charting mezcal’s rise from the beginning and his Big BOO lays out a test to see what happens when mezcal teams up with a host of flavors traditionally reserved for old fashioneds centered on barrel-aged brown spirits: vanilla, cinnamon, clove, a hint of cherry, and chicory pecan bitters. The results? Big, boo-tiful, and not a fright in sight! 

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