The Woobles A Woobly Wonderland Advent Calendar

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The Woobles, maker of the most adorable crochet kits, has an advent calendar! The Woobles A Woobly Wonderland Advent Calendar is $125 and includes:

  • 1 full size Wooble accessory kit
  • 14 accessory kits
  • Custom crochet hook
  • Custom tin
  • Sewing pins
  • Stitch markers
  • Ornament hooks
  • Mini stocking
  • Stickers

From Woobles:

Orders including this limited edition advent calendar will ship on 11/10. The advent calendar comes with all BRAND NEW woobly holiday kits and bits for 2023.

This advent calendar assumes you already know how to crochet. If it’s your first time crocheting, we recommend getting this bundle instead.

Are you dreaming of walking in a woobly wonderland? Then this is the Christmas countdown you’ve been waiting for! Featuring a fabulously festive design with twenty-four individual drawers, it’s A Woobly Wonderland Advent Calendar that will truly make this a Christmas to remem-brrr.

Once December arrives, yule get to start every day with a yarn-derful surprise—including exclusive kits, limited edition crochet gear, and loads of other calendar-ific treats. Plus while the projects are Beginner+ and Intermediate, our Easy Peasy yarn and super helpful videos will make it absolutely snow problem to tackle even the more advanced steps and skills. Honestly, you’ll have everything you need for the crochet advent-ure of a lifetime, so get ready to bring the merry, and let’s elfin’ do this!

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