Shaker and Spoon March 2024 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the March 2024 Shaker & Spoon box! The March 2024 theme is “Drink me, I’m Irish”.

You can’t read much about Irish whiskey without coming across the word “smooth.” This very apparent sense of evenness is a direct result of the triple distillation it undergoes, which has a dampening effect on the striking wood and grain interplay you’d experience from other styles.

But where it comes to cocktails—for one thing, feel free to exit the dark mahogany study and step into the fresh air. With its light disposition, Irish whiskey is the rare type that’s wide open to play with more delicate elements: floral, botanical, soft fruits, you name it.

In a world full of whisk(e)ys that assert their expressions to you, the Irish style asks the opposite; lean in and—without being walloped by flavor—casually take in the gentler essences that only such smoothness can offer.

It’s been a rainbow ride and back since we last focused on this spirit, but we’re ready to journey back to the pot of gold that is one of the fastest growing categories going! Read on to discover the tasty treasures buried in the crinkles of The Ballad of Irish Whiskey Boxand may your March be touched with a bit of Irish luck . . . and flavor!


What’s Robert Sickler ever to do with all these roses? Better invite one and all to his Gaelic Garden to sling some fine and floral Irish whiskey cocktails!

This quencher finds just the right fit with coconut water, lavender bitters, and a double touch of rose (both in a syrup and dried to infuse with sugar on the rim). We’ve left the gate open, so let yourself in and enjoy an unexpectedly light and ultra-leisurely look for whiskey!


Ana Patrizia Cabrera is a familiar face in the San Antonio bartending scene, has familial roots in Puerto Rico, and yet is daydreaming of a place somewhere in between with this cocktail: New Orleans. In her mind (and memories), hibiscus is the flower to unite all these culturally lush locations, just as it does with its red-hued fruitiness in Mardi Me Lucky.

Combined in a syrup with the Mexican cane sugar piloncillo, the flower parades on alongside cranberry-walnut bitters and, of course, Irish whiskey; all marching through the French Quarter toward a smoky surprise: a rocks glass you’ll upend to fill with mesquite smoke!

In jazz, you’ll never hear a group play a song the same way twice, and in cocktails, we’re blessed with formats like the old fashioned where that’s also true. Three components—spirit, sugar, bitters—and yet a multiverse of flavor possibilities to experiment with from there.

Christopher Frierson is just plain riffing right in the pocket with this New Jazz Old Fashioned, in which Irish whiskey finds a beautifully mellow mate in a jasmine + black tea syrup, along with the accenting percussive power of aromatic bitters and a lemon oil spritz! 

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