Shaker and Spoon May 2024 Spoilers

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We have spoilers for the May 2024 Shaker & Spoon box! The May 2024 theme is “Bourbon Legend Box”.

Fantastical fables and other bits of cock-and-bull chronicling: the historical records of spirits and of cocktails are littered with them! Too often the big innovations from behind the bar can all claim multiple creators, sometimes even thousands of miles or decades apart.

But you can keep your grains of salt reserved for glass-rimming, because to recount the public’s love affair with bourbon over the course of its two century–plus reign is one tale that’s not at all tall!

And the rest of bourbon’s road to prominence—from its easy adaptation into all of the cocktail booms past and present to the establishment of the Bourbon Trail as a bucket-list pilgrimage for devotees—has only solidified its status into what Lizzo might say is 100% that, ahem, icon.

The Bourbon Legend Box is getting ready to advance the story even further, and like a Sasquatch-spotting out in the wild, you won’t believe your senses! Our bartenders couldn’t have been more excited to capture a giant like this in cocktails, with top-notch concepts and the types of flavors that’ll make May—the month of a proper summer kick-off—the stuff of legend!


Together bourbon and aromatic bitters are one of the hottest head starts you can get on your way to achieving cocktail gold. But a foundational duo such as this should still hold on tight through the twists and turns of Tip Top Tam.

The Mother of Dragon’s Tail Sharon Yeung keeps the assertive punches of flavor coming in this bourbon crusher, which brings on the rosy bubbles of Q Mixers Hibiscus Ginger Beer and is taken all-out turbo with the tropical tartness of a tamarind-citrus cordial.


Let Bruce Shultz take us down, because we’re going to Strawberry Feels Forever. It’s a place where everything is real, including a fresh cracked black pepper–infused base on which strawberry syrup and balsamic vinegar can twist and shout themselves into a sweet and savory swirl.

Just imagine all the possibilities of flavor when bourbon grooves along with such delectable ingredients—especially with the (optional) frothy texture from an egg white or vegan alternatives. Soon enough, when your cocktails arrive, you won’t have to!


Temps are up and life’s a peach for the foreseeable future of cocktailing al fresco. With his gummy-garnished Backyard Old Fashioned, Benny Hurwitz presents a substantially stiffer take on a quenching and sweat-combatting glass of iced tea.

Honeyed peach tea syrup, peach-orange bitters, and bourbon all make mouthwatering magic together, a medley packed with juicy fruit flavor, subtle botanicals, and stick-to-your-rib-ness to spare. 

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