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Below is a listing of all of the closed subscription boxes. These boxes either never launched or have closed their doors. Inactive links have been removed from box descriptions.

*Adult* Boxes

~BlushBox: $49.99 – $99.99/quarter. BlushBox sends a beautifully curated box each quarter filled with items that allow you to explore your sultry side in new and exciting ways – whether its sexy lingerie, luxurious bath and body treats, or fun and flirty accessories. BlushBox is filled with the best quality and most stylish finds for an experience that is sure to delight and surprise.  (You can read my BlushBox reviews here). BlushBox has closed their doors.

~Boink Box: $25 – $50/month or $85/quarter.  Boink Box is a good way to keep things fresh, new and fun.  Inside each Boink Box, you will find a surprise set of toys and things to enjoy.  Their mission is to help people have a happier, healthier, sexier, and more inspiring love life.  (You can read my Boink Box reviews here).  Boink Box is no longer in business.

~Déjàmor: $41.95/month.  Déjàmor aims to create exciting and romantic experiences for you and your partner, which are delivered to you in a box on a monthly basis. Boxes contain a sensual adventure guide and goodies to enhance the experience. Always sexy and never sleazy, they’ll surprise and delight you every month. Dejamor was purchase by Date Night Done For You in Fall 2014.

~FrisqueBox: $25-$50/bi-monthly.  FrisqueBox empowers women, couples and men with awareness, information and experience in all areas of sensuality.  You can opt for the Frisque-Lite ($25) (samples of lubes, condoms, oils and other sexy little surprises) or Frisque Platinum Box ($50) (also includes toys and more advanced products) to be delivered to your door every other month.  (You can read my FrisqueBox reviews here). FrisqueBox Box no longer offers a subscription service. All boxes are ow available as a one-time purchase.

~Little Secrets 365: $35/month. Little Secrets 365 is a monthly subscription service for couples who are looking to add a little mystery and excitement into the bedroom with adult toys. Packages are custom curated and shipped discreetly to your door.  Little Secrets 365 is no longer offers a subscription service and is instead focusing on non-subscription adult mystery boxes.

~Luvmybox: $34.95/month.  Luvmybox is the perfect way to explore your wild side with fun and flirty products sent to your door every month.  Boxes are discreetly packaged in black but contain a variety of adult oriented products to incorporate into your relationship and the bedroom. (You can read my Luvmybox reviews here).  As of 5/3/13, Luvmybox is now part of the Boink Box family.

~PashPack: $47/month. PashPack is one couple’s passion for love and sex distilled into a carefully curated assortment of products and delivered every month. Shipments will include an assortment of potions, lotions, oils, condoms, accessories, toys, and novelties to help you spice up their sex lives in a new way each time.

~SecretSexBox: $19.95/month.  SecretSexBox subscribers receive a private parcel of adult toys and accessories for exciting sexual experiences month after month.  With each new box of gifts, you’ll discover a new theme to explore on your own or with a partner.  As of September 2013, SecretSexBox has discontinued its service and has refunded all subscribers.

~Spark Box: $47.97 – $79.99/month. SparkBox was designed to help you keep your relationship from going south by keeping it fun. You can opt for one of the following subscription options: The Hearts Flutter Box ($49.97) includes Date ideas|Fun bedroom tricks|Getting to know you cards|Surprise sealed envelope for him and her. The Happy Couple Box ($49.97/month) includes New date ideas|Bedroom adventures|Love language reminders|Understanding your mate cards|Surprise sealed envelope for him and her. Or the 50 Shades Box ($79.99/month) which is designed to set your bedroom ablaze.

~Tuck-Ins Monthly: $29.99/month.  Each Tuck-Ins Monthly box is filled with a sexy outfit, a card with some inspiration and a few specially selected gifts to help keep things fresh and exciting with your partner.   Tuck-In’s Monthly has closed their doors.

~XploreHer Monthly Toy Box: $59/month. The XploreHer Monthly Toy Box is a monthly adult toy subscription. Each monthly box is different and will be delivered to your door in discreet packaging. Your subscription includes free shipping and the total retail value of each box is over $80 if the items were individually purchased and shipped from the XploreHer.com website. XploreHer appears to have closed their doors in Spring 2015.  No orders are able to be placed through their site and their Facebook page has not been updated in months.

*Artists / Small Business* Boxes

~Artisan Goddess: Price unknown.  Artisan Goddess is a subscription-based program aimed at introducing women to new cultures.  Each month you will receive  3-4 hand-crafted products, such as jewelry, accessories, personal products, kitchen décor, stationary and more from artisans all over the world. Artisan Goddess has closed their doors.

~Aster Market: $46.95/month. Aster Market is a monthly delivered box of exceptionally made, small-batch products from around the world. Boxes will include anything from home décor, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath products and more. In addition, Aster Marker will donate 25% of the net proceeds of each purchase can be donated to a non-profit of your choice.

~Callibox: $20/month. Callibox features 3-5 handmade items from artisans making their items in the United States. Boxes are curated around a specially chosen monthly theme and are delivered to your door every month.  (You can read my Callibox reviews here). Callibox has closed their doors.

~FAIRtreasure$30/month.   Each month, FAIRtreasure hunts for the most amazing ethically sourced designs in home décor, jewelry, and women’s accessories and curates these finds into our treasure boxes. (You can read my FAIRtreasure reviews here). FAIRtreasure is “revamping” their service and are not sending out monthly boxes at this time. Last Update: January 2016.

~Indie Gift Box$29.50/month. Curated items from independent artists and small businesses every month and which are organized them into themed boxes that you can purchase. Their goal is to help you discover new artists and companies, and to help those artists and companies grow their businesses.  (You can read my Indie Gift Box reviews here). Indie Gift Box is now part of Dottiebox.

~Jean & Jo: $36/month. Jean & Jo delivers a monthly subscription box filled with items to uplift, encourage and celebrate you.  Boxes will include 4-6 items and they will strive to showcase 1-2 beautiful products created by talented female artisans. Jean & Jo has closed their doors.

~La Bella Box: $19/month. Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with a mix of 4-5 boutique products from small businesses all over the United States. All samples are generously sized, allowing enough product to help you to figure out if they’re right for you. La Bella Box is no longer in business.

~Lily and Eve: $24.98/month.  Lily and Eve, formerly known as Pretty Box,  is a monthly subscription box which includes a group of handpicked lifestyle items from U.S. artisans. Items included in past boxes have ranged from vegan mineral makeup and soy candles to hand-stitched clutches, holiday stationary, and statement jewelry.  (You can read my Lily & Eve reviews here).  As of May 2014, Lily & Eve is no longer in business.

~The Little Black Boxes: $22/month.  The Little Black Box is filled with fabulous handmade samples in just about every size, shape, media, and material from a variety of independent businesses.  Boxes will have 10-17 quality items each month.  As of 2/1/13, it does not appear that The Little Black Boxes is still in business and has joined with Out of the Box Sampler.

~Love Club:  $12/month.  A delivery service providing an assortment of 3-4 items such as accessories, beauty products, paper goods & unique items from a handful of our favorite businesses each month.  With a love for supporting independent and handmade, you get the best products from shops that range in size.  Poppy Magazine has purchased Love Club and will be changing the name to “Poppy Parcels” beginning in May.

~My Dream Sample Box: $10.50/month – $40.50/month depending on box selection. Includes samples are from the best crafters, artisans, and small businesses on the Internet.  My Dream Sample Box appears to have closed their doors.

~Ophelia’s Apothecary$15/month.  Each month you will receive 4 to 6 items, some sample sizes, some full sizes of good~for~you bath and body products free of sulfates and parabens. All products are handmade from scratch. Ophelia’s Apothecary has closed their doors.

~Pick’d: $30/month. As a subscriber of Pick’d you will receive a mailer of one of the exclusive handmade items that are being featured that month. Pick’d has closed their doors.

~Poppy Parcel: $19.99/month.  Receive a box curated by the owners of Poppy Magazine filled with 3-4 products ranging from paper products, jewelry, accessories, beauty products, & more.  Poppy Parcel is no longer in business.

~Pretty Box: $50/month.  Pretty Box will send you the best artisan crafted products each month. Products include fashion accessories, jewelry, bath and body products, stationary, and more.  You can also opt for a Pretty Mini Box for $15/month.   (You can read my Pretty Box reviews here).  Now known as Lily & Eve.

~Pretty Power Box: $15/month.  Pretty Power Box is designed with the female entrepreneur in mind. Each month subscribers will receive office items and entrepreneurial tools, health items, and beauty items.  Items included will be from popular brands and smaller brands owned by female entrepreneurs.  As of February 2014, Pretty Power Box is no longer in business.

~The Tethered Crate: $19.95/month.  The Tethered Crate offers its members monthly shipments of goods from respected contributors within the handmade community.  Each crate will include 3-5 items (jewelry, headbands, prints, stationery, etc.) and every month will be different.  Tethered Crate has closed their doors.

*Baby / Mom* Boxes

~10 Storks: $40/month.  10 Storks is your monthly prescription for a happier, healthier pregnancy. It consists of 9 easy, elegant boxes for mom and a 10th box for the baby (and it’s free!).  (You can read my 10 Storks reviews here).  As of January 2014, 10 Storks is no longer in business.

~Austin Lloyd: $49.99/month.  Austin Lloyd is a subscription box of educational toys for children under 3. They aim to take the guess work out of choosing toys that your child will enjoy, while also gaining skills that aide in their overall development. Each box contains 4-5 educational toys and typically at least one book.  (You can read my Austin Lloyd reviews here). As of June 2015 Austin Lloyd has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Bentley Box: $33/month. Bentley Box is a monthly subscription box delivered to your home which will include 4-5 toys, books, puzzles, toiletry items, crafts, snacks, or the like. It is designed for children ages infant to 8. Bentley box also offers an unique option to include clothing in each monthly box.  As of February 2014, Bentley Box is closing their doors.

~Binkabox: From $9-$23/month. Binkabox is a gift basket of unique, hand-picked products for babies and toddlers (newborn to age 5). With a subscription, each month you’ll receive a box with new and exciting children’s products delivered right to your door.  (You can read my Binkabox reviews here.)  As of January 2014, Binkabox is not offering a subscription box service.

~Blended Mommas: $26/month. Blended Mommas is a subscription box service created to encourage today’s stepmom!. Each box will include an assortment of items including (but not limited to) beauty products, bath, handmade items, jewelry, accessories, snacks, home items and other creative & cool things! Blended Mommas is no longer in business.

~bumpBox: $39.94/month.  bumpBox is a subscription box for expecting moms.  Each month you can expect to receive 4-6 handpicked products selected based on your preferences and current pregnancy stage. bumpBox, which changed it’s name to HappyBump at some point, is no longer offering subscriptions.

~Box Me Mommy: $29/month. Every month you and your child will get a box of 4-5 items tailored to the age/stage of your child, from newborn up to 4 years. Boxes may include toys, books, snacks, household products along with their exclusive MOMSugar Handbook, a well-deserved MOM of the month certificate, and other goodies for kids and their wonderful Mom. You can also opt for the “Mommy Only” box or the “Mommy + Us” box which is designed for two children of different ages. Box Me Mommy is no longer allowing subscription sign-ups on their site.

~The Crowded Tub: $21.95/month. Each month you will receive a package containing an assortment eco-friendly and non-toxic children’s bath toys, fun accessories, sponges, and washcloths as well as all-natural and organic soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, lotions and creams.  The Crowded Tub is no longer in business.

~Googaro$35/month.  Each month the Googaro team will select mom-approved items for you and baby (0 to 3 years old) and send it straight to your door. You’ll receive some of their favorite finds including toys, books, snacks, and household products from brands they love. (You can read my Googaro reviews here).  As of December 2014, Googaro has discontinued their subscription service.

~The Holiday Housewife Box: $24.99/month. The Holiday Housewife Box is a monthly subscription service catering to Moms and Housewives that delivers a box of gifts to you each month. Each box will have it’s own theme and will include 4-5 five items (Chocolate, Novelty, Jewelry ect.), as well as, a monthly newsletter feturing a blogger of the month and fantastic recipes.  (You can read my Holiday Housewife Box reviews here).  The Holiday Housewife Box no longer appears to be in business.

~Lalaalu:$35/month.  Your subscription includes a monthly gift box with 6-8 natural-based and eco-friendly brands, hand-curated by Lalaalu’s panel of 15 NYC families. The collection of products always includes something for mealtime, bath time and playtime and a treat for mom and dad too! The products are parent-recommended and kid-approved, ideal for kids 0-3 years of age.  Lalaalu no longer offers monthly subscriptions.  Boxes may be purchased on an individual basis on their site.

~LittleEcoFootprint: $44.95/every two months. LittleEcoFootprint is a Canadian subscription service designed for children from newborn up to age three. Each box is hand-selected and delivered to your doorstep tailored to your child’s age and stage. Deliveries take flight six times per year and they have just recently started shipping to the United States.  LittleEcoFootprint has closed their doors.

~littlefox: $37.95/month.  Each month you’ll receive 3-5 full-size fun, modern, eco-friendly products suitable for ages 0-2 yrs handpicked for your child.  As well as, a hip littlefox limited edition custom gift created exclusively by littlefox artists.  As of August 2103, littlefox has closed its doors.

~Little Spark: $34.95/month.  Specifically curated for your little one from 0 – 18 months, Little Spark provides a monthly curriculum based on a collection of toys and books to foster early childhood development and playtime. (You can read my Little Spark reviews here).  Little Spark is not currently accepting subscribers at this time and has not updated their Facebook account since May 2013.

~Lucky Mama Boxes: $25 (one time box).  The Boobie Box contains nursing essentials created by experienced moms for other nursing moms to ease the pains of the early days of breastfeeding to going back to work and pumping.  (You can read my Lucky Mama Box reviews here). As of January 2014, the Lucky Mama website no longer exists.

~Mama Lana: $59/month.  Mama Lana delivers expertly curated monthly boxes, full of soulful and luxurious necessities for each month of pregnancy.  Boxes are hand-picked and have a value of at least $65 to $100+.  (You can read my Mama Lana reviews here).  Mama Lana is not offering a subscription service at this time.

~Mama’s Got Mail: $49/month.  Mama’s Got Mail is a monthly subscription service that enables moms to receive fun, thoughtful, surprise physical items each month to support them as moms.  (You can read my Mama’s Got Mail reviews here). Mama’s Got Mail is pressing pause on their subscription service at this time.

~Mommébox: $20/season. Mommébox is a great new way to get inspired, learn about new products and take a break from all the demands of being a mom. One box might be focused on ways to amplify your beauty, another box might be focused on the home or education products and/or taking care of your significant other. Every season brings a new surprise!  (You can read my Mommébox reviews here).  As of September 2013, Mommébox is no longer accepting new customers.

~Mommy’s Me Tyme: $37.90/month. Mommy’s Me Tyme is a monthly subscription box for that any woman can enjoy. Boxes will include five or more items each month such as jewelry, accessories, bath & spa essentials, beauty products and other unique merchandise with a total value of $50+. (You can read my Mommy’s Me Tyme reviews here). Mommy’s Me Tyme is currently revamping and has plans to come back as a quarterly subscription box sometimes in 2016.

~Parenthood Survival:  $39.99/month.  Parenthood Survival Box is a monthly subscription box full of nifty items for babies and parents.  They bring the most innovative, creative and useful products, right to your door and are suited for those who are expecting or those who have babies up to nine months of age! As of January 2014, Parenthood Survival has discontinued their subscription service until further notice.

~Posh Mom Box: $34.95/month. Posh Mom Box is a lifestyle box of mommy-must-have surprises. The lifestyle box will include a blend of items to do with beauty, fashion, gourmet food, fitness and home decor. Posh Mom Box has closed their doors.

~Silly Rhino: $35.99/month. Silly Rhino is a monthly subscription box suitable for babies ages 0-4. Each month they include only 4-5 of the the safest, environmentally conscious and highest quality products. Items made include toys, personal care items, accessories and gear.  (You can read my Silly Rhino reviews here).  As of July 2014, Silly Rhino is discontinuing their subscription service.

~Stork Stack: $28/month. Stork Stacks include 5 curated, highest-quality products for your baby AND you. The products change every month based on that month’s theme, but they’re always age-appropriate.  (You can read my Stork Stack reviews here).  As of April 2014, Stork Stack has merged with bluum.

~Surviving Momhood: $30/month. The Surviving Momhood Box is a monthly subscription box company focusing on moms in each stage of Momhood. Boxes are customized based on your stage of “momhood” and boxes contain a minimum of 5 items for mom and 1 item for your child. Surviving Momhood has closed their doors.

*Beauty / Cosmetic / Makeup* Boxes

~Ambition Box: $15/month.  Ambition Box is a brand new monthly beauty box which will deliver 4-5 sample products tailored just to you.  Ambition Box does not have a working website and does not appear to be in business any longer.  

~Angel Beauty Box: $20/month.  Angel Beauty Box members receive a monthly delivery of 5-7 beauty product samples.  ABB bills itself as an innovative, fun and affordable way to  cosmetic, hair, fragrance and skincare products for women of color from established and emerging brand names. Angel Beauty Box appears to have closed their doors.

~BeautyArmy$12/month. BeautyArmy is a personalized beauty sample subscription service that allows you to select up to six luxury beauty samples each month. Beauty Army appears to have closed their doors.  Their website is still up, however, their Facebook page has been removed and subscribers have not received boxes in the past few months.

~Beauty Fix$49.99/quarter.  Based on your beauty profile, Beauty Fix’s panelists handpick a large selection of products they know you’ll love for that season.  Based on their selections, you pick eight of the products which will be included in your box.  Beauty Fix has joined Blush Mystery Beauty Box and is no longer offering their own service.

~Black Girl Beauty: $20/month.  Black Girl Beauty is a subscription based online beauty product sampling service that specializes in finding the products which make women of color look and feel their best.  Each month you’ll receive a collection of 4 to 6 luxury, boutique and brand name beauty products delivered to your door. Black Girl Beauty appears to have closed their doors.

~Blue Velveteen: $10/month.  Blue Velveteen is a brand new cosmetic subscription box. Each month you will receive five deluxe size or full size makeup or beauty products. Products included may be from cult beauty brands, new releases from favorite brands or just other products they love. As of October 2014, Blue Velveteen appears to have closed their doors.

~Brazen Cosmetics Friends With Benefits: $15-$25/month.  With the Silver Membership, each month you’ll receive an unreleased/limited edition lip gloss, plus 3 exclusive shadows of eye shadow and exclusive discounts on Brazen cosmetics.  You can also opt for the Gold or Platinum Memberships which will provide you with even more goodies. (You can read my Friends With Benefits reviews here).  Brazen no longer offers a subscription service.

~The Cora Lee Box: $25/month. The Cora Lee Box includes a selection of trial sized beauty products, cosmetics, and styling tools that are innovative and fresh on the market. Boxes will also include small token items that are indispensable to the modern day “on the go” lifestyle. The Cora Lee Box is no longer in business.

~Discover with Marta$144/year.  Receive 6 personally curated and exciting deluxe skincare & haircare sample collections per year (i.e. you’ll receive bi-monthly boxes).  Discover with Marta specializes in sending the best anti-aging beauty products on the market.  (You can read my Discover with Marta reviews here)Discover with Marta no longer offers a subscription service.

~Glam Box: $14.95/month. Glam Boxes are filled with 4 samples and/or one additional product or accessory. Their Diva Glam box will contain a mixture of products that including makeup, hair care, skin care, nail polish, and beauty accessories.  Glam Box has closed their doors.

~Kismet Box: $23.95/month.  Kismet Box is a monthly subscription box that allows you to make your own beauty products with their DIY kits! Every month is a new project with supplies & step by step instructions.  Kismet Box does not appear to be operating at this time.

~Le Métier de Beauté Beauty Vault VIP: $29/month (must pay upfront for an annual subscription).  At the beginning of each month, the Le Métier de Beauté experts will send you a carefully curated full-sized product or assortment of products shipped right to your door.  The Le Métier de Beauté subscription service is not being offered at this time.

 ~Le Métier de Beauté Monthly Kaleidoscope: $225/season. Starting in April 2014, you will receive you an exclusive limited edition Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope, each month for three months. The Kaleidoscopes in the program will be Face, Lip, Blush or Eye – custom developed and designed by the Le Metier de Beaute Make Up Artistry team.  Spots are limited. The Le Métier de Beauté subscription service is not being offered at this time.

~Lip Factory Beauty Kit: $22/month. Lip Factory Inc is an exclusive, affordable, makeup subscription service. They provide the easiest and most economical way to explore the makeup brands that you have always wanted to try and deliver new brands and color palettes to your door each month. (You can read my Lip Factory Beauty Kit reviews here). As of December 2014, Lip Factory has discontinued their subscription service.

~The Look Bag: $12.95/monthly. The Look Bag is a monthly beauty sample club where, for $12.95 per month, Look Bag members receive at least 2 full size and 3 deluxe sample size beauty products from both well-known and emerging beauty brands each month.  As of January 2012, The Look Bag has discontinued operations and are issuing refunds to current subscribers.

~Luna for You:  $9.99/month.  Luna for You is a monthly beauty product subscription service.  Each month you will receive 5 to 6 beauty samples and full-sized products along with personalized accessories and coupons. Luna for You is no longer in business.

~Madd Cat Monthly: $12/month. Madd Cat Monthly is a subscription box that includes a mix of 4-6 full-sized/deluxe sample-sized beauty products from Madd Style Cosmetics. These products are hand-picked by the brand creator, Mo Love, and sent directly to your doorstep each month. Madd Cat Monthly is no longer in business.

~The Maz Box: $25/month. The Maz Box is a monthly subscription to the cutest and most fascinating beauty products from popular Korean brands. Each month you will receive 5-7 full sized products, such as (not not limited to) skincare, makeup and nail art in every box.  (You can read my The Maz Box reviews here). The Maz Box is no longer offering a subscription box service.

~MuseBox: $29.99/bi-monthly.  MuseBox delivers a hand picked selection of 5-6 beauty products bi-monthly to give you the best in the latest trends.  Brands will include well known favorites and up and comers!  (You can read my MuseBox reviews here). MuseBox has closed their doors.

~My Big Day Box: $18/month.  My Big Day Box bills itself as simply the best beauty subscription service out there!  Each month you will receive 4-5 samples and products from skincare, haircare, dental, fitness and makeup industry brands.  My Big Day Box is no longer in business.

~My BrownBox: $20/month.  My BrownBox is subscription beauty service for women of color.  Every month, you’ll receive a box containing 5-6 beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples from both up-and-coming and well known brands. Each delivery will include a mix of categories, as well as lifestyle items.  My BrownBox is no longer in operation and their website indicates that they are in the process of bringing something new subscribers.

~My Kandy Box: $12.95/month.  My Kandy Box is a fun monthly beauty box service.  Each month you will receive 4-5 different items such as makeup, hair products, accessories,  jewelry, skincare, nail polishes, perfume samples and so much more.  My Kandy Box has closed their doors.

~OneRadiant:  $12/month.  OneRadiant is a monthly skin care subscription service. Each month, they will send you 4-5 deluxe samples monthly, handpicked by our experts and dermatologist-reviewed for your skin type. OneRadiant is no longer in business.

~Our Shade of Brown Pillow Box$10/month.  Each month you’ll receive 4 or 5 samples of amazing beauty products tailored to women of color. You’ll get anything from foundation to nail polish and it will be something worth having! Our Shade of Brown Pillow Box appears to have closed their doors.

~Sample Society$15/month.  Sample Society is a monthly beauty box from the folks at Allure Magazine.  Every month you’ll receive 5 deluxe-sized samples from well known brands, a $15 monthly gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase – when any product from the brands you sampled is included in your order, an exclusive mini-mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure.  (You can read my Sample Society reviews here). The June 2015 Sample Society Box will be their last.  Current Sample Society subscribers will be automatically enrolled in the Allure Beauty Box.

~Sheascription: $24.95/month. Sheascription is a monthly shea butter subscription box. Each month you will receive a box of shea butter products and a surprise gift. Subscribers can opt for the scent of their choice and can also customize the frequency of deliveries. Sheasubscription is no longer in business.

*Book / Reading* Boxes

~Biblio-Box: $18/month. Biblio-Box is a subscription service that sends you bookish items! Each box will contain 3-4 items, handcrafted with love and care, and picked just for book lovers! Each month the items will add up to $18 or more!

~Bookcase: $13.94 – $22.94/month. Bookcase is a subscription box service made for both book lovers, and casual readers. When you sign up you will tell them what kind of books you enjoy reading and based on that information they will select new books for you to read every month. You can opt for one book per month ($13.94) or 3 books per month ($22.94).

~BookedBox: $34.99/month. BookedBox is a curated monthly subscription box that picks out books based on what you’ve read, genres you love, and any other reading preferences you might have.

~Hand-Picked Words’ Book Lovers’ Box: $15/month. Hand-Picked Words helps make sure you’re never caught without something interesting to read by emailing you two new books and four exciting shorter pieces each month. They source, edit, and publish the books themselves, so everything in the box is either brand-new or a new edition of a forgotten favorite.

~Just the Right BookPrice varies based on selection.  Just the Right Book helps you spend more time reading by choosing books that match your reading style. If it’s not “Just Right”, you can return it for another selection. You can select from various catogories including Babies, Kids, Teens, Adults and books can be received 4x, 6x or 12x/year. Just the Right Book doesn’t appear to be in business at this time.

~Mystic Mountain Box: ~$70/month. Mystic Mountain Box is a monthly subscription box, artfully curated for the modern, busy book lover. Every box will delight you with a great fiction book and a collection of 3-5 premium, high quality lifestyle items. Examples of lifestyle items include candles, stationery, mugs, tea, coffee, treats, skincare products, etc.

~Paper Dots: $25-$35/month. Paper Dots is a monthly subscription service which delivers one handpicked, expert-curated book to your doorstep each month. Selections are personalized and are designed to engage and entice you into becoming a committed reader. In addition to a monthly book, you will also receive something a little extra to help the words come off the page and into your life.  (You can read my Paper Dots reviews here).  Paper Dots has closed their doors.

*Coffee / Tea / Cocoa / Cocktail* Boxes

~Amoda Tea: $18/month.  Each month you’ll receive a delivery of artisan teas from around the world.  You will receive 3 different teas, approx. 20g of each, or enough to steep 10 six-ounce cups of each one.  You will also get a steeping guide, tasting notes and stories that make each tea and its blender special.  (You can read my Amoda Tea reviews here). As of May 2014, Amoda Tea has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Box of Brew: $20 / $30/month.  Box of Brew is a monthly subscription for small batch home brewing. With box of brew you pick the beer you want to brew and they’ll send it to your door, every month.  As of September 2013, Box of Brew does not appear to be an active service.

~BrewPony: $29 – $87/month.  Each month you will receive bags of some of the best and most unique whole-bean coffee roasts in the world.  Selected rosters will make a special batch just for you and the second it’s finished it will be on its way to you.  (You can read my BrewPony reviews here). BrewPony is no longer in business.

~Julibox: $40/month.  Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery.  Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by our world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. You’ll get enough ingredients to make two of each cocktail; four cocktails in sum.  And you get all of the spirits and mixers you’ll need to make ’em.  (You can read my Julibox reviews here).  As of July 2014 Julibox has closed their doors.

~Motorhead Coffee: $29.99/month. Motorhead Coffee delivers artisan roasted coffee to your door each month. Your monthly subscription box will receive a variety pack consisting of four, 4oz bags of their current offering. (You can read my Motorhead Coffee reviews here). Motorhead Coffee has closed their doors.

~NY Coffee Box: $16-$28/month. Every month NY Coffee Box selects different varieties of premium coffee sourced from some of New York City’s premier purveyors of gourmet coffee and delivers them directly to your home or office. You can opt for three varieties ($16), 4 varieties ($22) or 5 varieties ($28) per month. NY Coffee Box appears to have discontinued their subscription service.

~ResQRoast:  $32/month.  ResQRoast is an artisan coffee monthly subscription service.  Each month you will receive two, different, 12oz bags of artisan coffee selected from locations all over the planetResQRoast no longer offers a subscription service.

~Steepist: $23/month. Steepist is a monthly tea subscription box. Each box is carefully curated with 4 tea samples with 4 -5 servings each. It also comes with tea sleeves so you can start your tea experience right away. Steepist no longer offers a subscription service.

~Steepster: $17/month.  Every month, Steepster will hand-select three teas according to a surprise theme, for a total of 2-3 ounces of tea each month (yields approximately 20-30 six-ounce cups).  The box will include tasting notes and preparation suggestions. Steepster has discontinued their subscription service.

~Terra Bean Coffee: $20.95/monthly.  Each month you will receive 12 oz of different AMAZING coffee (whole bean or ground) along with a story of the farmer and the bean and brewing tips to improve your coffee drinking experience.  As of September 2013, Terra Bean Coffee does not appear to be an active service.

~YokoTea: $13.90/month. YokoTea boxes ship the first of the month and usually contain a variety of 3-5 exotic herbal, green, and black teas. As you share your favorites, YokoTea will be carefully choosing only the teas they think you’ll love.  YokoTea is no longer in business.

*Craft / Hobby* Boxes

~Acme Craft Box: $25/month.  Each month you’ll receive inspired projects that are straightforward enough for kids and sophisticated enough for grown-ups.  Acme Craft Box no longer appears to be offering a monthly subscription box service.

~Brit Kits$19.99/month. Brit Kits include materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and surprise goodies every month. Best of all, every project can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Brit Kits are no longer offered by Brit+Co.

~Chic Maker: $29.90/month.   Each month you’ll receive a trendy DIY jewelry kit. Spend less than 45 minutes to make your own bracelet, necklace, headband or earrings, all inspired by the latest trends and the greatest designers. Chic Maker no longer appears to be in business.

~Craft What?!?: $10/month. Craft What?!? is a craft subscription box which sends you a a box of items at the 1st of each month. You are then challenged to create a masterpiece using ONLY the items in the box. Crafters are also encouraged to post their masterpieces to Facebook to win free boxes and compare with other crafters!  (You can read my Craft What?!? reviews here). Craft What!?! closed their doors in Winter 2015.

~Craftistas Kit: $24/month.  Each month, Craftistas will surprise you with a new craft project that ranges from fashion accessories to home decor to mixed media, and more.  Craftistas is currently in Beta and subscriptions are limited. As of October 2013, Craftistas Kit has closed their doors.

~createBox: $38/month.  Each month you will receive a carefully curated selection of creative materials, including the essentials for a complete project. Create boxes call upon a theme in recovery and the twelve steps.  All of the projects will awaken your creativity and aid in deepening your self-knowledge and spiritual growth.  As of September 2013, createBox does not appear to be an active service.

~Fret Loot: $18/month.  Fret Loot is a monthly subscription box for guitar and bass players of all ages.  Each month you will receive 3-5 items that you need, that you want and things that are new but you are too busy to find.  Fret Loot is no longer in business.

~lullubee: $34/month.  Each month lullubee will send you everything you need for a new craft project, including ideas, inspiration, quality supplies, easy to understand instructions, and an artistic surprise in every monthly kit. lullubee also offers a Craft of the Month Club for kids for $29.  (You can read my lullubee reviews here). lullubee no longer offers a subscription service.

~Project DIY: $30/month.  Created by the master crafters of M&J Trimming, Project DIY is a monthly subscription box that delivers runway and street inspired DIYs created from the highest quality materials and trimmings.  Project DIY is no longer offering a subscription box service.

~Skein of the Month: $24.99/month. Each month’s box contains 2-4 bright colorful skeins of yarn, sure to brighten your day and inspire your knitting projects. Weights and colors will match. Also available is a Sampler Club ($9.99) which contains 1 skein of yarn in a random weight and color and a Hand Dyed Club which includes 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn in a random color, perfect for those special projectsSkein of the Month appears to have closed their doors.

~Whimseybox: $15/month. Whimseybox sends a monthly box of DIY craft supplies for a new project every month.  Whimseybox appears to be in the process of closing their doors.

*Fashion* Boxes

~1-800 Panties.com: $12/month. Each package includes one pair of quality brand names panties. The brand, style and designs of the panties you will receive will always be a surprise and will be different each month. Also offered is a “Socks Package” which includes 2 pairs of comfy, stylish socks, also for $12/month. 1-800-Panties.com is no longer in business.

~BJB Express Box: Varies. The Blue Jeans Bar Express Box is a styling service offering up to 6 hand picked outfits especially for you monthly, seasonally, or one time. They carry 40 Brands of Denim and amazing clothes, shoes and accessories and outfits are picked based on your style profile. They require a $1 deposit on sign-up and you are only charged for the items you opt to keep.  Subscriptions are available for Men & Women alike. BJB Express is no longer in business.

~Cake Style: Price varies on selection. Get a box of hand-picked looks delivered to your door and a video explaining each outfit. You can take 10 days to try everything on, Keep what you like and send what you don’t like back!  As of August 2013, Cake Style has closed its doors.

~Ditsies:  $12/month.  Each month, you receive one rockin’ pair of Ditsies undies tailored to your tastes.  Ditsies undies are all made in NYC, using best-in-class fabrics, sewers, and designers.  As of Fall 2013, Ditsies has closed it doors.

~Heavensent: $32.50 – $41.10/month. Each month, you will receive a bag with a beautiful Christian inspired top. Tops range in style, depending on the bag option (Classic or Bling) selected. $3 from your bag will be donated to the featured women’s shelter of that month. Heaven sent no longer offers a subscription service. 

~Hella Tights: From $20/month.  Hella Tights is a monthly tights and nylons subscription service.  You can opt for two pairs basic tights, a mixture of basic & fashion tights or just fashion tights to be delivered to your door monthly. As of April 2014, Hella Tights has ceased operations.

~Lendperk: $20-$49/month. Lendperk allows you to discover new fashion brands and rent their dresses each month. You can opt from three plans which allow you to rent between one, two or an unlimited (although you can only have one dress at a time) amount of dresses monthly. Lendperk appears to have closed their doors.

~The List (by I-ELLA): $59-$389/month. The List is “the perfect gift bag” just for you.  From emerging trends to emerging designers, The List will have you covered. Expect great deals, great inspiration and a fantastic experience.  (You can read my The List reviews here). The List by I-ELLA appears to have closed their doors.

~Little Black Bag: $29.95/month or $49.95/month. Pick your first item from the gallery and LBB’s stylists will surprise you with extra items based on your style profile.  Swap your items on the site if you aren’t satisfied.  Little Black Bag is now “Pose” and no longer offers a subscription service.

~Panty Fly: $7/month.  Panty Fly is a monthly subscription service that provides affordable, comfortable and stylish underwear.  Each month you will receive 3 pairs delivered right to your door.  Panty Fly is no longer in business.

~Pink Beryl Essentials: $20/month.  Pink Beryl is a brand new line of beautiful, high quality hosiery. Pink Beryl is currently in an exclusive preview phase, but will be launching to a wider audience shortly.  As of September 2013, Pink Beryl does not appear to be operating.

~Plus Love in a Box: $30/quarter. Plus Love in a Box sends quarterly boxes aimed at plus size women which will include a combination of apparel items, accessories, lifestyle products and other fun surprises. Plus Love in a Box currently serves sizes 18-26 and plans on expanding to other sizes in the near future. (You can read my PlusLove reviews here). Plus Love in a Box has closed their doors.

~Rx Vintage: $49 (2 items) – $99 (4-5 items)/month.  Rx Vintage provides personal styling and vintage shopping services.  Their monthly vintage clothing subscription is dedicated to finding one of a kind pieces from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Rx Vintage has ended their subscription service.

~Some Socks Sock Club: $12/month.   For each month during the term of your subscription, Some Socks will send you a pair of their awesome socks delivered right to your door!  These will be hand selected crazy, funky and stylish selections that will make your socks the talk of the office or classroom.  (Subscriptions are available for either men or women).  Some Socks appears to have closed their doors.

~Unmentionably Cheeky: $7/month.  Unmentionably Cheeky provides a delightful monthly delivery of 2 pairs of fun+flirty+feminine panties.  They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy, you will receive a full refund.  (You can read my Unmentionably Cheeky reviews here).  Unmentionable Cheeky appears to have closed their doors in Winter 2014.  No details are known.

*Fitness* Boxes

~BikeLoot: $14.99/month.  In each BikeLoot Box you will find 5-7 AWESOME cycling product samples (gels, bars, hydration, lube, maintenance, supplements, and more).  (You can read my Bike Loot reviews here).  As of Summer 2014, Bike Loot has closed down operations.

~Cycleface:  $72/month.  Cycleface is a brand new monthly subscription box for cyclists.  Each month they will ship you pro-level nutrition products right to your door.  They have created a tool to evaluate your riding style and routine and will be able to determine what best fits your needs.  Cycleface has yet to launch.

~FitBox:  $19.95/month.  FitBox is a new concept in sports nutrition discovery which allows you to sample a wide variety of products from products which you may not have been aware of before.  FitBox includes 8-9 samples each month and is delivered to your door each month.

~FitBox by Platinum Box: $9.99/month. A monthly box of 4-6 different sample sized products from cutting edge brands from the world of bodybuilding and fitness.  FitBox has closed their doors.

~Fit Fashionista Club by Ellie$49.95/monthly.  Fit Fashionista Club is Ellie’s new monthly activewear subscription service.  Each month you can choose any two pieces to be shipped directly to your door.  Formerly known as pv.body.  (You can read my Ellie reviews here). It appears that Ellie has closed their doors.  Their website is no longer working and their Facebook has not been updated since August 2015. 

~The Fit Box: $29.95/month. The Fit Box is a monthly subscription service which delivers a box jam packed with awesome fitness-related stuff – everything from workout gear to healthy snacks – directly to your front doorstep. Unlike other health-themed boxes, every FITBOX also includes workouts and recipes. The FITBOX has closed their doors.

~FitProBox: $99.99/month. FitProBox specializes in delivering 30-Day-Supply nutrition bundles at the best prices right to your door. Each month you’ll receive four or more products selected especially for your goals (Weight Loss, Weight Gain or Build Muscle). FitProBox has closed their doors.

~Jacked-In-A-Box$15/month.  Each Jacked-In-A-Box includes 5-7 supplement samples picked by Jim Stoppani and other editors from Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Men’s Fitness.  Muscle & Fitness no longer appears to be offering Jacked-In-A-Box.

~KLUTCHclub: $18/month. Each box contains $50+ of health and fitness products and services such as tasty snacks, a new workout to try or holistic body-care regimes.   (You can read my KLUTCHclub reviews here).  KLUTCHclub is now part of Bestowed.

~Kona Kase: $15/month.  Kona Kase is a subscription service delivering premium endurance nutrition samples right to your doorstep, monthly.  Each Kase has an assortment of premium endurance nutrition samples from gels to bars to liquids and more. Each Kase aims to help you fuel peak performance.  Kona Kase is now part of The Feed.

~MAXbox: The MAXbox from O2 MAX Fitness provides you with a personalized workout emailed to you along with weekly check-ins from their fitness coaches. In addition, you will a package sent to you that comes with at least 5 items of your choice – ranging from snacks to fitness products.  (You can read my MAXbox reviews here).  The MAXbox appears to have changed their format.

~Mean Duffle: Unknown.  Mean Duffle will send you a duffle bag loaded with athletic gear, clothing, accessories and nutritional products straight to your door via monthly subscription.  As of February 2014, Mean Duffle has discontinued their subscription service.

~pv.body: $49.95/month.  Each month, pv.body ships a new fitness outfit right to your door. Each box has a retail value of over $100. Avoid the mall, look good, feel great and have their personal stylists shop for you.  Now known as Ellie / Fit Fashionista Club.

~PumpUps: $20/month. Sample the Best in Sports Nutrition with a premium pack of supplements delivered to your door. Pack includes 6 supplements (8-10 samples).  PumpUps has closed their doors.

*Food / Snack* Boxes

~BakeBox:  $19/month.  BakeBox is a monthly subscription service designed to deliver new flavors and cupcake inspiration to your home.  Every month you’ll receive at least one high-quality baking ingredient selected to enhance your recipe and introduce you to new flavors along with items to decorate and finish your cupcakes.  Bake Box is discontinuing operations and will no longer be offering a subscription service.

~Batch5280: $229/year. Batch5280 sends quarterly batches of 3+ different gourmet bacons from artisans across the country and ships them direct to your door. Each handcrafted, gourmet bacon will be 12-16oz, and each shipment includes a special bacon goodie as a bonus. Batch 5280 appears to have closed their doors.

~Besh Box: $55/month. Besh Box is brought to you by Chef John Besh who brings you a box containing some of his favorite recipes and the tools that make the most of them, along with cooking techniques, special ingredients and of course the drinks and music that add that special something. Each Besh Box is filled with hand-picked items to inspire, spark creativity and get you cooking!  As of April 2014, Besh Box has ceased operations.

~Black Box Dessert Club: $75/month. Black Box Dessert Club is a dessert-of-the-month-club that delivers gourmet sweets, from chocolates and confections, to snacks and pastries, right to your door in a luxurious black box, hand wrapped with a wax seal and bakers’ twine.  Not sure what happened, but as of February 2012, their website is no longer in existence.

~Box O’ Munch: $20/month. Box O’ Munch is a monthly snack subscription box. Each box contains 10-15 snacks and contains roughly three pounds of items.  You can also opt for the Healthy Box O’ Munch ($29.99/month) which is filled with nutritious but still delicious items and / or the Chocolatey Box O’ Munch ($29.99/month) which is a chocolatey twist on the popular Box O’ Munch. (You can read my Box O’ Munch reviews here.) Box O’ Munch is not in business at this time.

~TheBurnClub: $17/month. TheBurnClub is a Monthly Hot Sauce Subscription service. Each month you will receive a box containing 2 of the most flavorful hot sauces hand selected by a discerning group of hot sauce enthusiasts. TheBurnClub appears to have closed their doors.

~Candy Pack: From $24.95/month. Candy Pack chooses 3-5 different kinds of candy from a new country every month and ship it directly to you. The amount of candy you will receive is based on the weight you select when you sign up. Options vary from 1lb all the way up to 8lbs per month.  (You can read my Candy Pack reviews here).  Candy Pack has discontinued their subscription service.

~Cave Cravings: $29/month. Cave Cravings is a monthly subscription service that connects you with organic, natural snacks to fuel your day. Boxes allow you to constantly explore new healthy snacks from organic suppliers that you simply can’t find in your big box grocery store.  According to their website, Cave Cravings is taking some time off “to do some hunting and fishing”.  No further information was noted and I will keep you posted if I hear anything else.

~dumplingbox: $10/month.  dumplingbox is dedicated to spreading the deliciousness of Asian snacks. Each month you’ll be send a diverse variety of Asian snacks to sample and enjoy.  As of May 2013, Dumplingbox is no longer in business.

~Fancy Food Box$46.95/month.  Subscribe and receive a curated collection of the best gourmet artisan foods around.  Each Fancy Food Box includes five or more food products – anything from cookies and chocolates to teas and sauces – along with a selection of tasty recipes and pairing suggestions.  (You can read my Fancy Food Box reviews here)As of December 2014, all Fancy Boxes (with the exception of the Fancy Mystery Box) have been closed.

~Fancy Pants Food: $10/month.  Fancy Pants Food is a members-only service providing curated samples of smaller batch foods.  Each month you will receive 5-8 trial sized products delivered to your door of amazing foods you’ve probably never heard about.  As of December 2013, Fancy Pants Food has discontinued their service.

~GoBites: $27.86/month. A GoBite is a portion-controlled “mini-meal” made with the finest, nutrient-rich, organic and all-natural ingredients from around the world. The ingredients in each GoBite have been carefully selected by our team to create nutritionally balanced, tasty combinations. Each box contains 14 GoBites which are hand selected by you. GoBites has closed their doors.

~Goldbely: $83/month (must purchase a minimum of 3-months). Goldbely’s new subscription service brings you cult-following-worthy local foods from across the country delivered to your door each month. The website lists the items that will be included and they range from buffalo wings to pizza to cheesecake and pie. Goldbely no longer offers a subscription service.

~Goodies Co.$7/month. The Goodies Co. box features 5-8 delicious new foods hand-picked and delivered directly to your doorstep. You get to receive a surprise every month, sample new foods and expand your palate without breaking the bank. (You can read my Goodies Co. reviews here.)  As of October 2013, Goodies Co. has discontinued its subscription box service.

~Gourmet Spotting$29.99/month. Gourmet Spotting curates each month’s collection with a set of 4 to 6 special medium/full size gourmet products from around the world. (You can read my Gourmet Spotting reviews here).  Gourmet Spotting has closed their doors.

~High Road Ice Cream of the Month: $133/month (3-month min).  Each monthly collection consists of eight pints of your choice.  Subscriptions are available in 3, 6 or 12-month options. High Road Ice Cream of the Month has discontinued their subscription service.

~Hungry Globetrotter: $34.95/month.  Hungry Globetrotter makes monthly deliveries to home chefs, culinary enthusiasts, families and busy professionals the flavors of the world (each month is a different cuisine) in the comfort of their own home through a month-to-month food box delivery service.  (You can read my Hungry Globetrotter reviews here).  Hungry Globetrotter is no longer in business.

~iHeartMD:  $30/month. iHeartMD is a monthly subscription box service that curates the best heart health ingredients (all approved by a panel of cardiologists) and information, helping consumers to de-clutter the market and to make more informed decisions regarding their heart health.  Boxes will contain a combination of 5-8 premium (food, drinks, fitness, wellness, etc.) products with a goal of putting you in charge of your heart health.  (You can read my iHeartMD reviews here). iHeartMD appears to have closed their doors.

~The Jungle Stand: $9.92/month. Every month The Jungle Stand Tasting Bar is going to drop our BAR on your doorstep. The BAR will have bite-sized samples for you to taste and most certainly to experience. (You can read my The Jungle Stand reviews here).  The Jungle Stand appears to have closed their doors.

~JerkyMob: $30/month. JerkyMob delivers artisan jerky products to your door every month. Each month you will receive 4 packs of really AWESOME jerky! These small batches are 2-4oz and pack a big punch of flavor. JerkyMob has closed their doors.

~The Munch Box by Candy Kid: $25/month.  The Munch Box is a monthly surprise candy subscription box filled with candies that are funny, foreign, healthy, classic, and new.  Each box contains 5-7 items from categories such as “The Geek”, “Health Nut”, “Newbie” and “Old School”.  You will also receive their “Munch Bag” which is 1 serving of every bulk candy item in their collection.  (You can read my Munch Box reviews here). The Munch Box by Candy is now known as Gummy Munchies.

~Munchit: $3.58/month.  Each Munchit box contains one of of 10 food mixes (two serving sizes each), a mini natural treat, a natural tea bag (either hot tea or iced tea), some natural gum and a napkin to clean up.  (You can read my Munchit review here).  Munchit has discontinued their subscription service.

~My Candy Express: $34.99/month.  My Candy Express is the premier candy of the month club.  Every month you will receive 3lbs of high-quality candy delivered to your door which has a retail value of at least $40.  My Candy Express is no longer in business.

~Nibblr: $5.95/delivery.  nibblr will deliver you a box of four portion-controlled, crave-worthy snacks to your office or home on a frequency of your choosing. The snacks come in individually sealed trays, making it very easy for you to take them wherever you want! (You can read my Nibblr reviews here). Nibblr has closed their doors.

~Nomalicious Box: $70/quarter. The NonBox by Nomalicious is a quarterly artisan food box. Each quarter they will partner will a local curator across the United States to bring you the best small batch, indie foods from that city. The NonBox by Nomalicious is no longer in business.

~Official Jerky: $14.99 – $149.99/month. Each month Official Jerky will send you 2-3 different flavors of jerky, in various quantities of each flavor depending on how many jerky fans the order is for (you can opt for 1 – 15).  Jerky is select from small batch makers from around the country.  (You can read my Official Jerky reviews here). Official Jerky has closed their doors.

~Old British Sweets: $33/month. Old British Sweets is a subscription service that sends you locally selected, traditional British sweets every month.  You’ll receive approximately 300-400g of sweets per month. There might be one big sweet, many of the same sweets in different flavours or a themed selection of sweets. Old British Sweets is currently for sale and is not shipping boxes at this time.

~Peckish$14.99/box (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).  Peckish is a subscription service that makes nutritious snacking easy for busy professionals.  Every snack box contains three different Peckish mixes, hand-picked by their team of healthy snack professionals. Peckish has closed their doors.

~Petite Amuse: $12/month. Boxes include: 1-2 full size products or 3-4 samples from small, inspired, and unique artisanal producers. The box is intended for intrepid eaters, ready to explore a vast world “beyond the local supermarket”.  Petite Amuse is no longer in business.

~Pixie Bar: $20/month.  Pixie Bar sends out monthly recipe boxes with pre-portioned spices and all non-perishable ingredients for the selected recipe.  Recipes are curated by choosing dishes from the changing food landscape, selecting from the best and most distinct dishes in global cuisine.  Pixie Bar is no longer in business.

~The Rustic Puff Puff Club: $95/3-months. The Puff Club delivers three classic triple packs of the “Featured Flavors of the Month” Rustic Puff marshmallows right to your door each month. You will also receive unique rustic puff marshmallow recipes, monthly newsletters and exclusive discounts and coupons. The Rustic Puff no longer offers a subscription service.

~The Samplr: $29.99/month.  Each month, you’ll receive 4-6 full-sized products from the finest up-and-coming local food artisans.  Each Samplr will include anything from cookies and chocolates to spreads and sauces, along with a card containing product descriptions, pairing suggestions, and recipes.  (The Samplr is now the Fancy Food Box.)

~SaucePack: $25/month. SaucePak is a monthly hot sauce subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive a pack containing three different hot sauces made in the USA. (You can read my Sauce Pack reviews here). SaucePack has closed their doors.

~SporkPack: $28.34/month. SporkPack is the only monthly subscription club for all things food. Each month, SporkPack handpicks 6-8 new items, ranging from kitchen gadgets to unique cooking essentials and rare delectable treats to include in your pack. SporkPack has closed their doors.

~Take A Break Box: $52.49/month. Each Take a Break box offers 30 different and unique snacks sure to satisfy everyone on your team. Boxes include snacks that are sure to satisfy the health conscious, the sweet tooth, the energy seeker, the nut lover, the cookie monster, the gluten allergic and everything in between. (You can read my Take A Break Box reviews here). Take A Break Box appears to be in beta and is no accepting any orders at this time.

~Taste for Sweets: $16/month.  Each month you will receive 14+ new snacks delivered to your door.   Taste For Sweets boxes will provide you with a variety of well portioned snacks and candies from around the world.  (You can read my Taste for Sweets reviews here).  It appears that Taste for Sweets is no longer in business.

~Yankee Hollow: $35/month.  Yankee Hollow is a new subscription service providing artisan, local, and small-batch cheese and cheese products.  Each month, you’ll get a box including two to four varieties of cheese, from renowned cheesemakers and craftspeople and information on how and where the cheese is made.  Yankee Hollow has closed their doors.

~Yumvelope$21/month.  Yumvelope aims to send out some of the best-tasting, freshest, and most natural food products to our customers monthly.  You’ll receive a minimum of six full-size products, including snacks, drinks, desserts, and chocolates. (You can read my Yumvelope reviews here). As of July 2015, Yumvelope has discontinued operations.

~Treatsie: $19.95/month. Treatsie is a couture candy of the month club that delivers individually sourced confections from all over the world to your mailbox.  Treatsie appears to have closed their doors.  No official announcement has been made, but, from the sounds of it,  they have not shipped boxes since January / February 2017.

*Geek / Gamer* Boxes

~Booty Bin: $29/month.  Booty Bin is a monthly geek & gamer mystery box.  Each month has a theme and includes 7-10 geeky items ranging from collectables, art, snacks, toys, gadgets and clothing. Booty Bin no longer offers a subscription service.

~The Comic Box: $35/month. Comic Box aims to be the premier subscription box for comic enthusiasts, both old and new. Boxes will include comics (of course), toys, shirts, keychains, films and more. The Comic Box does not appear to be operating at this time.

~FrightCasket: $19.99/month. FrightCasket sends spooky mystery casket-shaped box filled with gifts to your door once a month. Boxes include an array of surprises from edible goodies, costume pieces, postcards and art prints, spooky decorations, and a whole lot more. FrightCasket no longers offers a monthly subscription service.  Rather, crates are now offered once a year around Halloween.

*Green Living / Eco-Friendly* Boxes

~Daily Dose of Green: $15/month.  Each month you will receive an assortment of samples of natural, organic, green, Eco-friendly and vegan products to your door in attractive earth friendly packaging. Daily Dose of Green is no longer in business.

~Eco-Emi: $15/month. You will receive five to ten samples of natural, organic, green, eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan, vegetarian or Fair Trade products to your door wrapped in chic earth friendly packaging. Eco-Emi has closed their doors.

~goodgood box: $30/month.  goodgood box is a new monthly subscription box which contains 2-4 cleaning, hygiene, home and food products (all from the U.S.) that are unique and most importantly, good for you and good for the world.    As of May 2013, the site is no longer loading.

~Gourmet Body Treats Beauty Box: $24.99/month. Gourmet Body Treats offers handcrafted, all natural, organic and vegan cosmetic and makeup products.  With their Beauty Box you will receive 2-3 exciting full size products and 4-5 samples to try some of their new and innovative products which are valued at over $50. (You can read my Gourmet Body Treats Beauty Box reviews here). Gourmet Body Treats has discontinued their subscription service.

~Green Grab Bag: $15/month. Each month, you will get at least six natural, organic and vegan samples of skin or hair care products, make-up, fragrances and more, sometimes with an extra bonus.  As of November 2013, Green Grab Bag has closed their doors.

~MightyNest MightyPack: $30/month.  A curated collection of 4-6 of MightyNest’s most popular healthy & safe products each month.  Kits include: MightyPack of the Month (variety of products), Pampering MightyPack, Clean Kitchen MightyPack and Healthy Bath MightyPack. MightyNest no longer offers the MightyPack.

~NaturalReview: $20/month.  NaturalReview Box is a subscription box service that focuses on quality eco-friendly beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products.  Subscribers receive 6-10 samples packaged in a box made from 100% recycled material. NaturalReview is no longer in business.

~Olio Luxe$20/month.  Olio Luxe is 100% natural and organic luxury skincare, bath & body which are completely free of synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and chemicals. Each box contains $35-$45 worth of product and is not entirely samples. Olio Luxe has closed their doors.

~Organically Green Soap Company: $6.50-$20/month.  As a member of the Soap-Of-The-Month Club you will receive a full-sized bar of our Handcrafted Organic soap every month. All products are made by hand with 100% pure ingredients.  Organically Green Soap Company appears to have closed their doors.

~Parcel: $20/month. Parcel is a new monthly subscription box brought to you by the people at Greatist. Greatist is the leading, trusted source for all things fitness, health, and happiness. Each month you will receive hand-selected products you’ll love, tying them in to what you’ll read on (or have read on) Greatist delivered right to your door. Parcel does not appear to be an active subscription service at this time.

~Resilience Box: $39.99/month. Resilience Box is a monthly subscription box, specially curated with courageous women in mind. Each month’s box contains 1-6 items, from the cream of the natural product crop. Products may include Snacks, Teas, Herbs, Essential oils and monthly surprises. In addition, subscribers will receive literature highlighting monthly theme. Resilience Box is no longer in business.

~Saffron Rouge Inner Circle: $24.99/month.  Each month you will receive a beautiful package of deluxe samples from various leading and upcoming organic beauty brands from around the world.  As of July 2014, Saffron Rouge is no longer offering their  Inner Circle  subscription service.

~True Beauty Box: $30-$40/month. The True Beauty Box is a monthly subscription program containing 100% natural and cruelty-free, full size, trendy and chic beauty products, plus samples and a monthly surprise!  (You can read my True Beauty Box reviews here).  True Beauty Box has discontinued their subscription service.

~Untoxicating Beauty: $35/month.   Untoxicating Beauty will bring you special deliveries of delicious, hand-curated and good-for-you organic and eco-skincare makeup, and beauty samples from boutique brands from all over this gorgeous USA!  Untoxicating Beauty has placed their subscription service on hold until 2015.

~Vegan Presence: ($85/6 months). Vegan Presence’s mission is to provide you with a unique and indulgent vegan experience by sending you a monthly surprise package filled with least three to five samples and least one brand new full sized product from only the finest vegan products.  The June 2014 Vegan Presence box will be its last.

~wellybox: $29.95/month.  wellybox is a curated organic and eco-friend monthly subscription box.  Products could include anything from superfoods, snacks and chocolates to lotions, balms and home goods.  wellybox appears to have gone out of business.

~With Love From Angela: $24.99/month. With Love From Angela is a monthly subscription box full of natural bath and skin care products. Each month you will receive 4-5 fantastic all natural skin and bath products delivered to your door. Boxes will include established brands, new and up and coming brands, as well as some of their very own products. (You can read my With Love From Angela reviews here.) With Love From Angela is no longer in business.

*Hair* Boxes

~Curl Collection: $35/bi-monthly.  Curl Collection is the only sampling service dedicated to woman and kids with curly hair.  Subscribers receive full size products, hand-picked by Curl Collection, to sample that are free from sulfates and parabens. Curl Collection no longer offers their subscription service.

~Dekem Divas: $22.95/month.  Each month you’ll receive receive a variety of 4-6 hair care and styling products specially chosen for curly hair. Dekem Divas is no longer in business.

~She Don’t Lye: $10 – 20/month.  She Don’t Lye was created to provide premium sample products (both hair and make-up), from well-known and emerging brand, to the Natural Hair Community before actual purchase.  She Don’t Lye no longer appears to be in business.

*Jewelry* Boxes

~A&M Treasure Box: $22-$27/month. A&M Treasure Box is a subscription box that arrives to your doorstep every month which contains 2-3 trendy, hand-picked jewelry pieces.  You can opt for the “Everyday Box” which includes includes trendy, simple and dainty jewelry pieces that can be worn on the regular or the “Glam Box” which includes stunning, stylish and modern pieces that can go from day to night and would be considered “bold”. A&M Treasure Box has closed their doors.

~Bamshell: $18.99/month.  Bamshell is a monthly jewelry subscription box that sends an assortment of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  Boxes typically contain 3 items and monthly previews are shown on the website.  As of December 2013, Bamshell has discontinued operations.

~Bauble Bar Monthly Makeover: $44/month.  The Bauble Bar monthly makeover includes Bauble Bar jewelry and other treats and goodies to help you look your best.  Boxes are available at the beginning of each month and include a peek at items included in the box. Baublebar no longer offers their monthly subscription service.

~Bleu Box: $24.99(silver) – $49.99(gold)/monthly.  Bleu Box is a monthly jewelry and accessories subscription box.  Subscribers to the silver box will receive 3 to 4 items with a value of $50 while gold box subscribers will receive 4 to 5 items worth $100. (You can read my Bleu Box reviews here).  Bleu Box does not appear to be in business at this time.

~Chaussure Boite: $35/month.  Subscribers will receive a box of handpicked accessories, that include, but are not limited to, hand bags, jewelry, clutches, etc. from great up and coming brands. Chaussure Boîte is no longer in business.

~Chic Peek: $30/month. A personalized monthly selection of jewelry pieces hand-picked by Chic Peek’s stylists to fit your style. Boxes include high-end fashion jewelry worth up to $500.  (You can read my Chic Peek reviews here). Chic Peek appears to have closed their doors.

~House of Gemmes: $24.99/month.  The monthly GemmeBox by House of Gemmes allows you to choose one piece of jewelry each month which is delivered to your door  Also available are the GemmeBox Silver ($89/annually) or GemmesBox Gold ($155/annually) which send you 3-4 pieces of jewelry every season.  (You can read my GemmeBox reviews here). The GemmeBox is currently closed, but promises to be up and running again soon.

~Inevitably Chic: $25/month. Inevitably Chic is a jewelry and accessory subscription box service. Each month you will receive three fabulous jewelry items delivered to your door. You can also opt for the “Baby Chic” subscription which is $15/month and sends one fabulous item each month. (You can read my Inevitably Chic reviews here). Inevitably Chic appears to have closed their doors.

~Jewelbox: $12/month.   Each month you will receive a beautiful hand crafted piece of jewelry! Jewelry is custom made for you based on your style profile completed before you purchase. Jewelbox is no longer offering a monthly subscription.

~Jubees Box: $14/month. Jubees is a monthly earrings subscription box. Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with four pairs of their stud earrings, plus the standard monthly information card, and jewelry pouches, and some boxes may include a beauty extra. Jubees Box is no longer in business.

~Kala Jewelry Pendant of the Month Club: $20-$25/month.  Each month, receive a beautifully packaged pendant designed and handcrafted by Madhu Kottalam. You’ll have the option of using your own chain or getting the +Chain subscription option. No longer offers a subscription box service.

~Lucid Box: $29/month. You’ll receive two pieces of jewelry each month valued between $58-$74. Pieces are carefully curated keeping in mind that our clients love beauty, comfort and versatility. Lucid Box has closed their doors.

~OBcessorized: $35/month.  OBcessorized is a monthly subscription service, that will send you 4-5 pieces of accessories (such as bracelets, watches, hats, earrings, scarfs, necklaces, etc.) a month, upon your subscription. OBcessorized is no longer in business.

~SheDangle: $29/month. SheDangle is a monthly earring subscription service. Each month, you will receive a handcrafted pair of earrings custom designed to meet your tastes which you specify when you purchase your subscription. You will also receive a special gift note with an inspirational quote to lift and empower you. SheDangle is no longer in business.

~Sparkle Box: $34/month (3-month minimum). Sparkle Box delivers 3 fashionable pieces of jewelry, gift-wrapped and delivered to your doorstep each month. Spark Box has closed their doors.

~Treasure Pack: $14.99-$49.99/month.   Treasure Pack is a monthly jewelry subscription service.  They offer the following four options: The “Teen Pack” ($14.99/month) features selections for teens, the “Silver Pack” ($24.99/month) features a selection of handpicked silver pieces, the “Swarovski Pack” ($24.99/month) includes handpicked jewelry pieces with Swarovski elements and the “Premium Pack” ($49.99/month) is shipped from the United States and includes hand-picked premium jewelry pieces.  (You can read my Treasure Pack reviews here). Treasure Pack has closed their doors.

*Kid’s Clothing* Boxes

Petite Parcel: (Varies depending on selections).  Petite Parcel is a personal shopper styling service for children that delivers outfits to your doorstep each season.  The will send you a box of clothing hand selected for you with choices matching the styling form you’ve completed. Take up to 10 days to have a “home try-on” with your kids.  (You can read my Petite Parcel reviews here). Petite Parcel has closed their doors.

~pickybunny: $45/month. Each month you’ll receive a personalized monthly shipment of new premium brand and boutique kids clothing in your choice of sizes from Newborn – 20.  (You can see my pickybunny reviews here).  pickybunny is phasing out their subscription service and their site is no longer loading.

~SockPanda: $10/month. SockPanda is a kid’s monthly sock subscription box. Each month you will receive two pairs of socks in your choice of size for either Boys or Girls. Socks are a surprise so you never know which ones you will get! SockPanda does not appear to be in business at this time.

~Sumushe Box: $39.99/month.  Sumeshe Box offers a monthly no obligation membership service that automatically ships you a box filled with your choice of girls’ size 0 to size 6 clothes. Sumeshe Box has closed their doors.

~TaddleKids: $39.99/month. A monthly membership service that automatically ships you a box filled with clothes which suit and fit your child, with no contract and no commitments.  TaddleKids no longer appears to be in business.

~Wittlebee: $39.99/month. A customized monthly box of children’s clothing based on your personal preferences in gender, color, sizes and geographic location.  Box includes six items and has a retail value of $100 or more. (You can read my Wittlebee box reviews here).  As of October 2013, Wittlebee has merged with FabKids.

*Kids* Boxes

~Adventure Trunk: $45/month. Adventure Trunk is a monthly subscription box service for 2-4 year olds that sends out twelve teacher-approved activities (art projects, crafts, manipulatives, sorting activities, coloring, painting, sensory activities, stories, stickers, stencils, puzzles, etc.) a month. Each month there are four activities in each of the following areas- math, reading, and art. (You can read my Adventure Trunk reviews here). Adventure Trunk is no longer in business.

~Appleseed Lane: $23/month.  Appleseed Lane is an educational monthly subscription box filled with fun and engaging science experiments and lesson-based crafts sent directly to your door.  Boxes are geared toward children ages 4 – 8 years of age.  (You can read my Appleseed Lane reviews here).  Appleseed Lane has been acquired by Green Kid Crafts.

~BabbaBox: $39.99/month. A subscription box delivered monthly with ALL the physical materials plus know-how content to really engage with your kids. Each month features a new theme-based box filled with activities, knowledge, and experiences that encompass all the ways kids love to learn! (You can read my BabbaBox reviews here).  As of December 2013, BabbaBox has discontinued their subscription service.

~Bookworm Bundle: $29/month.  Bookworm Bundle is a monthly subscription box service for children ages 2-5 that pairs classic and well known children’s books with 3-4 crafts and activities based on the books theme.  As of March 2014, Bookworm Bundle has ceased operations.

~Candigirl: $26/quarter.  Candigirl Box is a quarterly box customized for girls ages 5-12.  Box types include “Sporty or Tomboy”, “Girly Girl” or “Bookworm” and always include age appropriate items that are meant to delight your daughter or loved one. (You can read my CandiGirlBox reviews here). As of Spring 2015, it appears that CandiGirl Box has closed their doors.

~Carefree Crafts:  $17.95/month.  Each month you will receive a curated package of 5 fun, holiday- or seasonal-themed crafts.  Craft kits that will be age and gender appropriate and are intended for children between 3 and 10 years old.  (You can read my Carefree Crafts reviews here).  As of May 2014, Carefree Crafts has discontinued their subscription service.

~Crafters Crate$24/month.  Crafter’s Crate is a monthly subscription box of crafts and activities for children aged 3-10. Boxes includee 4 craft kits that help kids find new hobbies discover more about themselves and most importantly spend time with someone who cares.  (You can read my Crafter’s Crate reviews here.) As of June 2015, Crafters Crate has discontinued their subscription service.

~CreatorBox: $29.95/month. CreatorBox designs, produces, and sells building projects for kids 6-12 that are fun, teach STEM concepts, and foster a creator’s mindset.  Each month your child will receive a monthly project to build with frustration-free instructions along with questions and activities to inspire creative problem-solving and application of the things your child learned. CreatorBox has closed their doors.

~Cultured Crate:  $14/month.  The cultured crate will contain 3 to 5 items designed for kids aged 5-10 years old, from a company that gives back, has a purpose or needs your support.  Boxes could contain anything from art supplies, to new music to quirky items that you didn’t even know existed.  Cultured Crate is not currently accepting any customers as they work to revamp their service.

~Encourage Play: $25/month. Encourage Play is a monthly playdate box.  Each month focuses on a different social skill designed to encourage play and friendships, with an explanation of why the topic of the month is important and helpful to kids who are learning how to play with others and build friendships.  Boxes are themed and include 2 play-date activities, as well as, one family activity. (You can read my Encourage Play reviews here). Encourage Play has discontinued their subscription service.  Single boxes are still available in their shop.

~Foldigo: $11.95/month.  Foldigo is designed to inspire and encourage hands-on play. Each monthly activity pack includes a new story and hands-on crafty goodness and is delivered to your mailbox.  (You can read my Foldigo reviews here). Foldigo has discontinued their subscription service.

~Gickey Box$39.99/month. Gickey Box is a monthly subscription box for kids 3-8 years old.  Each month your child will receive 4 age appropriate crafts along with games and activities to encourage exploration and further expand that month’s theme.  Boxes will also include a child friendly recipe and the signature Special Surprise Gickey GiftGickey Box has close their doors.

~Giggle Box: $24.99-$29.99/month.  Giggle Box is an interactive monthly subscription box for kids aged 3-6.  Boxes come packed full of activities and projects every month for your little ones to dig in to! Giggle Box is no longer in business.

~KaleidaKidz: $26.95/month. KaleidaKiz is a scripture based subscription activity boxes for kids ages 5 – 11 years old. Every month will feature a new bible theme and from that theme you will find- a family devotional, character building activities, science explorations, craft projects, and kids can cook recipes! KaleidaKiz has closed their doors.

~Kid Stash: $27.99/month.  Kid Stash is a monthly subscription box for boys and girls age 3-7. Kid Stash is packed full of educational items, such as a book, a craft and additional fun items based on that month’s theme.  (You can read my Kid Stash reviews here).  As of January 2014, Kid Stash has discontinued their subscription service until further notice.

~KiddoBoxes: $19.68/month.  Kiddoboxes are boxes filled with novelty toys for boys and girls ages 4 thru 8. They are surprise boxes and will include a variety of fun items for kids to enjoy.  (You can read my KiddoBoxes reviews here.)  As of September 2013, Kiddoboxes is no longer in business.

~Kindred Box: $25/month. Kindred Box is a monthly charitable donation subscription box. Your monthly donation supports a different cause every month, allowing you to discover new causes and expand the reach of your impact. With a $25/month donation, you will receive the Kindred Box with photos, statistics, heart-warming stories and a personal thank you note. Kindred Box appears to have closed their doors.

~Kulture Krate: $25/month. Kulture Krate is a monthly educational box delivered right to your doorstep. Each Krate will feature a new country from around the world for your child to explore. Krates are suitable for ages 8-18 and are broken down by Elementary, Middle and High School options. Krates will include a Unit Study packed with activities, arts, crafts, and recipes. Each country’s krate will include 7 souvenir items+food sample. It appears Kulture Krate has closed their doors.

~little BLAST: $59.59/3-months. Each month you will receive a new BLAST with all the supplies necessary to complete 3-4 activities centered around a theme. Included in the BLAST are instruction guides that will provide learning goals, clear instructions and highlight learning points during the process for each activity.  BLASTs are designed for parents to introduce science and math to children in early education (including preschool).  (You can read my little BLAST reviews here). little BLAST no longer offers a subscription service.

~The Little Book Club: $24.95/month.  Your child (0-5) will receive three beautifully wrapped, age-appropriate, children’s books each month. These books will be a combination of classics, bestsellers, and educational books, coming in hardcover, paperback, and board book format.  Each month will have a different “theme” which are are designed to be appropriate for your child’s current developmental level.  (You can read my The Little Book Club reviews here).  As of August 2013, The Little Book Club has closed its doors.

~Little Dental Hygienists: $15.95/month. Little Dental Hygienists is a service designed to promote healthy smiles for all kids and instill good, healthy habits, while having fun! Hosted by a professional dental hygienist with more than 20 years experience, you can be assured your children are getting the most important and up to date information in a fun and exciting way. Little Dental Hygienists Kids Club Members receive educational activities, toothbrushes and toys designed to inspire healthy habits that will last a lifetime. It does not appear that Little Dental Hygienists offers subscription boxes at this time.  Single kits are still available on their site.

~Little Miss Goodie Bag: $34.95/month.  Each month you will receive a box in the mail containing decorations and ideas to have a themed party for 8.  Parties are filled with homemade and handpicked items geared towards everyone.  Little Miss Goodie Bag has discontinued their subscription service.

~Love Play Nurture: $25/month. Love, Play, Nurture is a monthly subscription box service for children with autism and other special needs. Each month, we will send your child a personalized box filled with 3-5 items chosen specifically for him or her.  (Love Play Nurture is offering a limited number of test boxes at this time). 

~M is for Monster: $38.95/month.  M is for Monster is weekly educational activities (for toddler or Pre-K) that are delivered right to your door every month! Everything you need for one months worth of activities will be shipped right to your front door. (You can read my M is for Monster reviews here). M is for Monster no longer offers a subscription service.  Themed boxes are still available on their site.

~Montubox: $43.90/month. Montubox is a monthly subscription box for children ages 4-9 years old. Every month you’ll receive an array of surprise activities such as hands-on projects, arts and crafts, puzzles, and an educational book. Boxes are assembled according to the age and gender of your child and revolves around an interesting theme every month.  (You can read my Montubox reviews here). Montubox has closed their doors.

~My Bella Box: $30/month.  My Bella Box is a monthly subscription box which aims to help make little girls feel special.  Each box will include 2-3 handmade products (from headbands, to hairbrushes, to glitter wands and inspirational prints) just for her.  As of September 2013, My Bella Box is no longer in business.

~My Sensory Box: $29.95/month. My Sensory Box provides hands on learning that is both visually and texturally attractive. Each box includes activities that are developmentally appropriate and stimulating.

~Read Craft Bake: $30/month.  Read Craft Bake is a subscription service designed to encourage and enhance the parent/child relationship through literacy, creativity and imagination. Their subscription includes a carefully chosen book, a craft or art project designed to match the book, and a limited edition recipe card featuring a recipe that has been created to correspond with the book. Read Craft Bake has closed their doors.

~Page’s Corner: $19.95/month.  Each month you’ll receive  fun, project & activities that bring stories to life! Designed to engage & entertain children ages 3 – 10. Page’s Corner is no longer offering their subscription service.

~Peekapak: $24.99/month. Peekapak offers a creativity-focused activity pack for children ages 3 – 7 which emphasizes active, collaborative play and learning while providing busy parents with a convenient way to connect with their child. Your Peekapak will contain a storybook, two to three crafts and all the materials needed to complete the activities. (You can read my Peekapak reviews here). Peekapak is no longer offering physical subscription boxes and has shifted their focus to an online based digital curriculum program.

~Singalong Book Club: $16.99/month. Singalong Book Club is a monthly subscription for parents and preschoolers. Each month you will receive a twenty-four page book, filled with vibrant artwork that engages your little one’s imagination, a CD to singalong with and an app to play on your computer. Singalong Book Club is no longer accepting subscriptions and is now on hold.

~SmartBox: $32.92/month. SmartBox is a monthly subscription box designed to kickstart your preschooler’s education. Each month you will receive a monthly box filled with lesson plans and activities delivered to your door. You can opt for the Early Learner Box (age 2), the Preschool box (age 3) or the Kindergarten Box (ages 4-5). SmartBox appears to have closed their doors.

~SparkBox Toys: $36.95/4-weeks.  SparkBox Toys will send you 4 high quality educational toys which are personalized for your child’s development in every box. When you are done, simply send them back for more!  (You can read my SparkBox Toys reviews here). SparkBox Toys has discontinued their subscription service.

~SparkPlay Adventure Pack: $29.99/month.  SparkPlay is an out of the box experience designed for children aged 3 to 7 and comes with supplies for one parent and child to play.  Sibling add on packs are available. (You can read my SparkPlay reviews here).  SparkPlay is revamping into a fully digital service and has discontinued their subscription boxes.

~sproutkin$25/month.  Sproutkin is a monthly children’s book subscription service for children ages 3 through 6 that promotes quality reading time between parent and child. How many books you receive each month depends on how quickly you return each Sproutkit. Sproutkin is now only available as an App.

~Sunshine Box: $32.95/month. Sunshine Box is a toddler subscription box that will arrive at your door each month filled with activities that will allow you to spend quality time with your little one. The box will contain four themes (one for each week of the month), with 2-3 activities.  Sunshine box no longer appears to be in business.

~TogetherBox: $29/month. TogetherBox was created to make family together time easy. Each box will come with 3-4 carefully crafted activities, experiments and games around a surprise theme. All activities are designed to appeal to a large age group (3-10 years-old) so your whole family can enjoy their time together.  TogetherBox appears to have closed their doors.

~Wonder Box: $19.99/month. A box a month for curious kids 3 to 6. which includes three handpicked projects + all supplies. Wonder Box has monthly themes such as crafts, science & more. (You can read my Wonder Box reviews here).  As of 2/15/13, Wonder Box will be ending their service.

~Wummelbox: $39.95/month. Each Wummelbox contains 3-4 inspiring arts & crafts projects for kids ages 3 – 8, including all the materials needed to immediately begin crafting.  The Wummelbox website comes up as an untrusted site with various German writing on the site.

~Xplore BoX$29.95/month.  Xplore BoX is a monthly subscription box service with a focus on bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities to kids ages 7 to 12 in order to engage and motivate them to pursue studies in STEM. Xplore BoX has suspended their subscription box service.

*Lifestyle* Boxes

~Bag & Wander: $29.95/month. Bag & Wander is a subscription platform that delivers versatile travel essentials from unique brands to keep you comfortable and prepared on­-the­-go. Boxes include 5-7 products, selected from unique brands and are paired with the current season that get sent monthly. As of December 2015, Bag & Wander has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Beauty Crop Box: $15.95/quarter. The Beauty Crop Box sends you a box full of carefully selected products and presents beautifully designed and hand-picked just for you. Every box is lovingly curated around a different theme every quarter delivering you surprise beauty, lifestyle and fashion products to your door. The Beauty Crop box is no longer available.

~Best Kept RX: $49/quarter. Best Kept RX is a beautiful box filled with an assortment of at least five full-size products and goodies that were hand-chosen and paired with inspirational love notes by their Collective Experts. Best Kept RX appears to have closed their doors.

~Better Half Box: $39.99/month. Better Half Box is a monthly themed subscription box for girls or gals.  Each box contains 6-8 full-size items hand-selected to fit that month’s theme.  Items included could range from beauty, fashion, accessories, home, kitchen to food, drink and so much more! (You can read my Better Half Box reviews here). Better Half Box appears to have closed their doors.

~The Big Pink Box: $25/month.  The Big Pink Box contains 5 or more product samples from innovative women-owned businesses each month. Each box includes unique products sample like natural hair care product, fashion accessories, apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, nail products, bath and body products, fragrances, etc. that you may have never discovered. The Big Pink Box is no longer in business.

~Burke Box: $45/month. Burke Box is a monthly subscription box by Burke Decor.  Boxes include 3 to 4 of editor favorite products and are curated to your spa profile. You can select from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit.  Each and every box shipped is unique! Burke Box has discontinued their subscription service.

~Candle Voyage Box: $29.95/month.  Candle Voyage Box which includes five or more artisan candles crafted by various makers. Candle Voyage Box searches far and wide across the US for delightful fragrant candles that have a finesse and artistry that only candles made by hand with love and passion can embody.  As of May 2013, Candle Voyage is no longer in business.

~Co-Ed Supply: $20/month.  Co-Ed Supply selects the best new snacks, personal care and entertainment for college students and sends them to your door (or dorm) on a monthly basis. Co-Ed Supply is no longer in business.

~Craftly: $19.99/month. Craftly is a new lifestyle subscription box that features high quality products and handcrafted goods from independent artists, small businesses, and mid-to-large scale brands. Every month, subscribers receive a surprise box of samples, full-sized items, and exclusive offers curated by Cathy Diep and Adam Montoya. You can expect to find a nice variety of small goods, accessories, samples ranging anywhere from home, beauty, grooming, tech, fashion, stationary, food, fitness, and more in each box and you can select between Men’s and Women’s boxes. (You can read my Craftly reviews here). Craftly appears to have ended their subscription service.

~Cultr.Club: $45/bi-month. Cultr.Club sends you a culture kit from a different destination every other month. Your box will be filled with the following items: culture guide, artisan gift, featured magazine, digital mixtape and edible treats. Cultr.Club is no longer in business.

~Decoterie Box: $150/quarter. Decoterie Box is a home decor subscription box.  Every season you will receive 2-5 hand-selected lifestyle products and exclusively designed homewares. Boxes will include limited edition homewares, textile goods, decorative accessories, and unique objects of desire. Decoterie Box has closed their doors. They had changed their name to “Box by Le” in Fall 2015, but neither box is operating at this time.

~GLOSS Finds Box: $30/month.  Each month you will receive a pretty box filled with  features 5 – 6 of MYGloss’ newest, hottest must-haves from some of the categories they cover, including beauty, food, home, fashion, tech and green living.  As of May 2013, the mygloss.com website is no longer loading. 

~Hazel Lane: $45 – $179.99/month.  Each month Hazel Lane boxes up some of their favorite things that are made in or represent the food, people and spirit of a new city. The items are a surprise until they arrive on your stoop! You can select from the following box options: Classic ($46.99/month), Deluxe ($69.99/month), Uber Deluxe ($114.99/month) or G5 ($179.99/month).  (You can read my Hazel Lane reviews here). Hazel Lane appears to have ended their subscription box service sometime in Summer 2015.

~Her Fab Box: $10-$25/month.  Her Fab Box is a monthly subscription box that offers a mix variety hair and beauty products & accessories, body care products & tools, nail care tools & polish, accessories, jewelry pieces, and anything and everything to make our Her Fab Box customers feel fab. Her Fab Box is currently on hold.

~Hermosa Box: $75/bi-monthly. The Hermosa Box is a bi-monthly subscription box (6x/year) containing Hermosa Design’s favorite lifestyle products. The box will be delivered to your door in the first week of the delivery month, containing 1-3 products with a total value of $80-$100. The contents of the box are a surprise, but you are able to customize it by selecting product categories you are most interested in receiving. (You can read my Hermosa Box reviews here). Hermosa Box has discontinued their subscription service.

~Indulge Me Box: ~$23/month. Indulge Me Box, which is based in Canada, is a monthly gift box including a mix of skin care, makeup, accessories and surprise gifts for you. Each box contains 4-5 items and promises to include both niche, unique brands, as well as, more well known brands. (You can read my Indulge Me Box reviews here.) Indulge Me Box has closed their doors.

~OHD Dream Box: $15/month. OHD Dream Box Monthly is a subscription filled with makeup, jewelry, accessories, fun, and happiness! Every month you will receive a Dream Box with samples of great products you already know and love as well as new products to try out! Samples will include make-up, skin care, hair care, fashion accessories and many more categories. OHD Dream Box appears to have closed their doors.

~The Other Box: $25/month.  The Other Box is a date-in-a-box – and by “dates” they mean a regular, planned period of quality time with someone important to you. Every Other Box comes with instructions for the date as well as gear and goodies appropriate to the activity.  The Other Box has discontinued its subscription service.

~The Pampered Pink Box:  $12 (Petite) – $30 (Luxe)/monthly. Each month you will receive a box filled with carefully selected pampering products to test out an enjoy in your own home.  You can select the Petite or Luxe version depending on how much pampering you need. The Pampered Pink Box is no longer in business and their website appears to contain a virus.

~PäshBox: $49.90/quarter. PäshBox is a seasonal, limited edition box that features 3-6 lusthave fashion and beauty products, handpicked by their stylists, delivered to your door once per season. (Note: PäshBox was previously a monthly scarf subscription service). (You can read my PäshBox reviews here). PashBox / Style Quarterly has closed their doors.

~SeasonsBox: $34.90/month.   Each month SeasonsBox carefully compiles 3-5 luxurious full size seasonal must-have products for your home, body, and spirit. Each month’s box is completely different and each box is tailored to one season (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Autumn), or Seasonal Holidays and Occasions (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.).  As of June 2014, SeasonsBox no longer appears to be in business.

~travelbox: $33/month. travelbox is a monthly subscription service delivering curated products designed to inspire your travels. Each travelbox will contain a combination of 5-6 premium items that are designed to inspire your travels, share tastes from around the world, make your travels more comfortable, bring care and beauty and provide a sweet treat.  (You can read my travelbox reviews here).  travelbox appears to have discontinued their subscription service.

~UBOX: $35/month.  UBOX is a monthly subscription box for college students.  Each month you’ll receive a box with new, cool products that you need and actually want, while promoting college start-ups, socially responsible companies, and innovative items.  (You can read my UBOX reviews here). UBOX does not appear to be in business.

*Men’s Fashion* Boxes

~12Society$39/month. Every month you will receive two limited edition t-shirts  designed by the creative team at 12Society which includes musicians, artists, and athletes. 12Society appears to have closed their doors.

~Clean Undie Club: $7.99/month.  Clean Undie Club will ship a brand new pair of undies to your door each month. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, it’s automatic.  (You can read my Clean Undie Club reviews here). Clean Undie Club appears to have closed their doors.

~Men’s Accessories Shop Club: $14.99/month. Men’s Accessories Shop Club brings you vintage accessories to your door. Each month a new accessory (such as cuff links, tie bars, money clips, shirt studs, lapel pins, tie tacks and pins) will be mailed to you tailored to your unique style and personality.

~Friday Tieday: $39/month. Friday Tieday is a monthly tie subscription box out of Sweden. Shipping to the U.S. is free and each month you will receive a limited edition tie crafted with outstanding fabric and intelligent design. Friday Tieday no longer offers a subscription service.

~Grover & Friends: $49.99/monthly.  Grover and Friends is a monthly subscription box featuring premium products by Grover (a men’s basics brand) and some of their friends.  Grover makes high quality, local apparel for men of discerning taste and style and promises that each box will have a retail value of over $100.  As of September 2014, Grover & Friends has discontinued their subscription service.

~Put This On$60/bi-monthly. The Put This On Gentlemen’s Association is a very serious members-only organization dedicated to the adornment of the jacket pocket. Every other month, you’ll receive via US Mails a pocket square, hand made in Los Angeles exclusively for Association members. Put This On has closed their doors.

*Men’s Grooming* Boxes

~ForMen2: $30-$65/monthly.  You’ll receive great men’s grooming and skin care products like shaving cream, cleansing soap, shampoo, and body wash on a monthly basis. These hand-selected products are full-sizes, not beauty samples.  As of April 2013, the ForMen2 website no longer exists.

~Scent Monthly: $10/month. Each month, you will receive a package containing two premium fragrances that are seasonally relevant. Fragrances are hand-decanted at their facility and your sample will arrive in a glass atomizer and not in the original packaging. In addition to the fragrances, you will receive a description card highlighting the qualities of each fragrance and the “best” use occasions. As of Spring 2015, Scent Monthly has closed their doors.

~Urban Cargo: $14.95/month. Each month you’ll receive samplings of products focused on one area of your body from face washes to shaving creams from premium brands you can find at Barney’s, Saks and Bloomingdale’s. Test drive the products to find what works best for you. Urban Cargo appears to have closed their doors.

*Men’s Lifestyle* Boxes

~BroBox: $14.95/month.  BroBox is an awesomely crafted box filled with unique products from sweet companies.  Each month, BroBox find the coolest products made by awesome brands & expert craftsmen and put them in a box that’s tailor-made to what your Bro likes or who your Bro is. Bro Box is no longer in business.

~HeSack: $69.99/month.  HeSack is a monthly epicurean club that delivers handpicked gourmet specialty goods worldwide.  You will receive 6-9 full size specialty items hand selected by our expert curators.  As of September 2013, HeSack no longer appears to be in business.

~Hiskit: $12/month. Hiskit is a new and exciting subscription service designed for guys. They promise to deliver premium samples (ranging from shaving needs to underwear, fragrances to socks) conventionally to your doorsteps. Hiskit is no longer in operation.

~Nicholas Black Box: $19.99/month. Nicholas Black Box is a men’s lifestyle subscription box. Each month you will be mailed a box containing five lifestyle and grooming samples from an array of categories. Samples include both well-known brands and some new to the market brands. (You can read my Nicholas Black Box reviews here). As of February 2015 Nicholas Black Box is no longer offering a subscription service.

*Miscellaneous* Boxes

~Be Nice Box: $15/month. The Be Nice Box is a monthly subscription box encouraging YOU to spread your own kindness! Each month, you will receive a list of awesome kindness ideas, along with materials to help you perform those acts. Also in your box, will be a cute handmade item for yourself! $1 from each box sale is donated to charity. Be Nice Box has closed their doors.

~Blind Surprise: $30/box. Blind Surprise is a curated gift box (1, 3 or 6-months) for that special person in your life. Each box includes 1-3 beautiful, useful, and extremely unique gifts with a value between $20-$30.  Boxes are curated based on your specific interests which helps Blind Surprise select gifts you’ll love.  (You can read my Blind Surprise reviews here). Blind Surprise has closed their doors.

~B.O.S.S. Bag: $25/bi-monthly. B.O.S.S. (which stands for Best of Shopping Small) Bag is a monthly subscription which delivers a bag filled with beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples from both up-and-coming and well- known brands to your door every other month. Each delivery will include a mix of categories, as well as lifestyle items. You can expect one 8oz item, one 4oz and 3 small to medium size products in addition to the samples. Product makers will include special deals, discounts and even some exclusive coupons! B.O.S.S. Bag is no longer in business.

~Bug Out Box: $27.94/month. Bug Out Box is a monthly subscription service that prepares you and your loved ones for any and every survival situation. You’ll receive one box each month, packed with quality survival gear (5-8 items/month) handpicked by our seasoned preppers and survivalists.  (You can read my Bug Out Box reveiws here).  Bug Out Box does not appear to be accepting subscribers at this time.

~Celebrate Crate: $20/month. Celebrate Crate is a monthly subscription box filled with inspirational ideas and supplies. From party paraphernalia, to dessert décor, to gifting gear, we include anything and everything to help you celebrate the big and little, holidays and every day. Celebrate Crate appears to have discontinued operations.

~Clockwork Couture Steampunk Box: $35/month. Each month you will receive new steampunk fun including a t-shirt, tea and 3-5 more items delivered to your door. Note: This is not an automatic subscription and you will need to repurchase each month. Clockwork Couture is no longer in business.

~Cloud 9 Box: $20.95/box.  Each month Cloud 9’s team of three family members sends a beautifully packaged box filled with a variety of sample products (food items, beauty samples and other items selected to take you away from the everyday) hand selected for its unique, delicious or purely fun qualities. (You can read my Cloud 9 reviews here).  As of August 2014, Cloud 9 Sample Box has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Cram Boxes: $32/month. Cram Boxes is a college subscription box that ships you college and dorm room essentials straight to your door.Boxes include All types of things from pencils to pens, snacks to dorm room essentials. Cram Boxes has closed their doors.

~Cravebox: $10-$15. Cravebox is a product discovery service that puts crave-worthy products into the hands of our lucky Cravebox Members. Cravebox Curators scours the earth for the best of the best, and carefully prepares boxes that are delivered to members’ homes. (You can read my Cravebox reviews here).  As of 5/31/13, Cravebox is no longer in business.  

~Danklo: $11.99 / $14.99 / $17.99. Danklo sends you personalized gift boxes full of unique and useful goodies. Every month you will also receive a random amount of money in your box. It could be anywhere from $1 to $1,000 dollars! (You can read my Danklo reviews here). Danklo is no longer in business.

~Fancy Box$46.95/month. The Fancy Mystery Box is a monthly subscription service featuring a mixture of items that may “tickle your fancy”. Note: Fancy Box no longer offers themed or celebrity curated boxes.  (You can read my Fancy Box reviews here).  Fancy no longer offers a subscription box service.

~Frankie & Albert: $49.99/month. Frankie & Albert is a monthly subscription to receive handpicked Thrift store finds. Each month their team will handpick each treasure specifically for you and mail it directly to your home. They also offer a digital swap meet section in case you don’t totally love what you receive. (You can read my Frankie & Albert reviews here.) As of October 2015, it appears that Frankie & Albert have closed their doors.

~Gizmonthly: $14.99/month. Gizmonthly is a subscription service for all the cool things in technology that can help and/or entertain you. Each month you will receive an assortment of cool gadgets and gizmos from portable solar batteries to wireless acoustic amplifiers.  As of August 2014, Gizmonthly is no longer in business.

~iDiscoverBox: $15.99/month. iDiscoverBox is a monthly subscription box service that delivers all the latest and hottest mobile accessories right to your doorstep. Each box will contain 3 mobile accessories, including phone covers, chargers, cables, screen protectors, and much more. iDiscoverBox appears to have closed their doors.

~The Original Grab Bag: From $30/month.  Every grab bag contains products and/or an experience tailored to you. Their five core criteria for hand selecting what goes into a your bag are: thoughtful design, unsurpassed quality, enduring appeal, a guarantee to inform, delight or amuse, and edible items that are downright palatable and delicious and they believe that the greatest thing about the “grab bag” is the element of surprise. The Original Grab Bag does not appear to be offering subscriptions for sale at this time.

~Pen Pop Press: $15/month. Pen Pop Press selects vintage and obscure magazines for collectors and the curious. Each month, you’ll receive a magazine from that month but a previous year. Included in each mailing is an envelope of ephemera containing related photos, postcards, and pamphlets and a brief newsletter from Pen Pop Press. Pen Pop Press is no longer in business.

~Revelry House: Varies.  Revelry House makes it easy – they deliver beautiful, curated products and the recipes, tips and tricks that you need – all in one box. Revelry House has closed their doors.

~Skandicrush: $50/month. Skandicrush is a monthly subscription box for lovers of modern Scandinavian design. Each box will contain 1-4 modern Scandinavian housewares (such as pillows, vases, trays, candleholders, boxes, blankets, sculptural objects; and kitchenwares like cups, cookware, servingware, tea towels) with a retail value of $65-$80. Skandicrush no longer offers a subscription service.

~Tandem Lane: $25/month. Tandem Lane is a care package subscription service for our elderly loved ones. Each package will contain a selection of snacks, comfort and indulgence items, games and activities, and other gifts centered around a theme. You are also able to customize your box by including letters and photographs to share with your loved one.  (You can read my Tandem Lane reviews here). Tandem Lane has transformed into an App / Post Card sending service and no longer offers a subscription box.

~The Teacher Kit: $24/month. The Teacher Kit is a monthly subscription box for teachers. Each month you will receive manipulatives, supplies, incentives, snacks & more delivered right to your door. The Teacher Kit appears to have closed their doors.

~Therapy Hotspot: $39/month. Therapy Hotspot aims to provide therapists in all settings functional and fun activities. Each box will contain activities personalized to your profession, discipline, setting and client age group. They do the shopping, planning and prep work for you so that you can focus on carrying out your client’s individualized speech, occupational and physical therapy treatments. As of 11.1.15 Therapy Hotspot will no longer be offering monthly subscription boxes.

*Nail* Boxes

~Bondi New York: $19.99/month.  Each month you will receive 3 full sized polishes (with a retail value of $37.50) and a deluxe beauty gift.  As of October 2013, Bondi has suspended their subscription box service.

~Flirty Fingerz Nail Box: $14.99/month. Flirty Fingerz Nail Box is a monthly nail design subscription kit. Boxes feature creative hand picked nail design each month that will include all the tools as well as a tutorial and tips on how to create the look. Flirty Fingerz Nail Box appears to have closed their doors.

~The I.N.N. Box by iNZURi: $24.50/month.  The I.N.N. Box contains 3 full sized nail polishes,  nail care tools, free beauty samples and a full sized surprise every month.  Subscribers can opt from three curated collections each month.  (You can read my I.N.N. Box by iNZURi here). The I.N.N. Box appears to have closed their doors.

~LAQA & Co. Color Club of the Month: $10/month.  Each month you’ll receive a bottle of nail polish, nifty remover pads and an exclusive fashion card in a hot gold envelope (an $18 value). LAQA & Co. does not appear to be offering their subscription service at this time.

~Lacquer Cabinet by Nailtini: $25/month. Each month you will receive monthly limited-edition lacquer collections curated by top nail and beauty experts, plus two empty mini bottles for you to try your own hand at lacquer mixology. Nailtini no longer offers a subscription service. 

~Lillian Eve: $12.99/month. The LE Duo Box by Lillian Eve is a monthly nail polish subscription box delivering artisan nail color to your door. Each box includes 2 debut, surprise polishes by Lillian Eve and can be purchased as a monthly subscription or as a one-time box. (You can read my Lillian Eve reviews here). As of August 2015, the LE Duo Box has been discontinued.

~Luxe Lacquers: $29.99/month. Luxe Lacquers is a brand of quality, environmentally responsible nail lacquers. Each month you will receive four premium, cruelty free, 5-free lacquers in the latest shades delivered directly to your door. (You can read my Luxe Lacquers reviews here). Luxe Lacquers has closed their doors.

~The Monthly Nail: $15.99 – $23.99/month. The Monthly Nail is a hybrid online service that lets members customize their box with the latest colors from the best premium and indie nail polish brands. You can select from the Premium (2 full-sized bottles), Deluxe (2 full-sized bottles + 1 mini) or the VIP (3 full-sized bottles plus one mini) Monthly Nail Box.  (You can read my The Monthly Nail reviews here). The Monthly Nail has closed their doors.

~Nail Art Society: $19.95/month.  Each month Nail Art Society will curate and deliver to your door amonthly a reusable cosmetic bag filled with professional tools, polish and nail art accessories along with a step by step How-To instructional card to complete a curated Nail Art Look.  As of August 2014, Nail Art Society has closed their doors.

~The Nail Collection:  $30/month.  The Nail Collection sends you the hottest and newest colors of the season from your favorite brands for one low monthly fee around the same price of a mani-pedi!  Per an e-mail sent out in September 2013, The Nail Collection has gone out of business.

~Nailed Kit: $14/month.  Each month you’ll receive a fresh new nail decal design along with accessories and tools to help you get the look.  (You can read my Nailed Kit reviews here). Nailed Kit no longer offers a subscription service.

~Nailette: $7.99 – $10.99/month. Nailette is a new nail polish subscription service that sends you 2 or 3 brand name mini nail polishes a month in colors based on your skin tone, style, and current trends.  Minis come from brands such as Essie, OPI, and Orly and lasts for 8 to 12 applications.  (You can read my Nailette reviews here). Nailette no longer offers a subscription service.

~PISTOL Polish$17.99/month.  With PISTOL you will receive two full-sized bottles of nail polish in colors that have been carefully selected based on the season and color trend studies each month. PISTOL Polish no longer offers a subscription service.  Their shop remains open.

~Rad Nails$50/3-months. Every month you’ll receive a set of 20 stick-on nail wraps, a nail file, cuticle stick, step-by-step instructions, and, of course, out-of-this-world nail designs. Rad Nails no longer offers a subscription service.

~Relevant Nails: $16/month. Relevant Nails is a one of a kind indie nail polish subscription service. Each month you will receive 2 full sized bottle of their special indie nail polishes including Rain City Lacquer, Black Sheep Lacquer, LynBDesigns, Sparkle Nail Lacquer, FLOSS GLOSS and much more! Relevant Nails has closed their doors.

*Panty / Underwear / Intimates* Subscription Boxes

~Boxerfly: $29/month. Boxerfly, located in Sweden, delivers the best boxers, handpicked from designer brands around the world, to your door every month. You can also add-on socks for an additional $9.90/month. Boxerfly is no longer in business.

~Intimint VIPBOX: $50/season. The Intimint VIPBOX includes 3 pieces of handpicked intimates that will vary in assortment and style worth up to $100. Their design team curates every box with trending innerwear designs and everyday essentials. The Intimint VIPBOX has discontinued operations.

~Make It Good: $54-$78/3-month.  Each month Make It Good designs, prints, and sews a brand new set of underwear for men and women, and mails them out to club members. The cut is always consistent, with comfortable and cheeky bikinis for ladies, and perfectly fit and practical trunks for men.  Make It Good no longer offers a subscription service.

~Never Enough Panties: $15/month. Each month, you will receive three pairs of panties and a special gift selected just for you. Boxes center around a particular theme each month, but the actual items you will receive is a surprise. Never Enough Panties appears to have closed their doors.

~Pantichic Boutique: $8/month. PantiChic Boutique provides customers with 2 stylish women’s panties delivered every month. Style presences include Boyshorts Only / Thongs only or a mixture of the two. PantiChic Boutique has closed their doors.

~The Panty Drawer: $29.95/month. The Panty Drawer is a subscription-based service that delivers a beautiful box of luxurious panties straight to your door every month! Each month will also include a surprise to make you feel pampered and sexy. As of Fall 2015 The Panty Drawer is not accepting orders.

*Pet* Boxes

~Arrfscarf: $18.50 – $23.50/month. Arrfscarf is a Chicago based gourmet Ice Cream, treat and accessory business for dogs. They now offer a monthly treat subscription service featuring their handcrafted dog treats. You can opt for a single dog subscription ($18.50/month) which includes 1 bag of treats (your choice) + 1 bag of our “special of the month” treat or multiple dog subscription ($23.50/month) which features 2 bags of treats (your choice) + 1 bag of our “special of the month” treat. Arrfscarf has closed their doors.

~The Barkery Box: $29/month. BigLick’s Barkery Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each box is filled with 4-6 items: healthy gourmet dog treats (at least one bag), a Premium Gourmet Dog Pastry, a natural dog care product, and a dog toy conveniently delivered to your door. The Barkery Box has closed their doors.

~BestFriendsBox: $30/month. Receive a new package of 3-6 hand picked products such as natural treats, adorable toys and grooming products that you and your furry friend (dog or cat) are sure to love every month.  BestFriendsBox has discontinued their subscription box service.

~Dr. D’s Pet Packages: $19 / $29 / $49/month.  Dr. D’s Pet Package is a custom pet package, customized by a veterinarian, containing 3-8 high quality pet products for dogs and cats.  You can opt from the Fun Pet Package (3-4 premium products), Happiness Pet Package (4-5 premium full-sized items) or the Health Pet Package (6-8 premium full-sized products).  Dr. D’s Pet Package has ended their subscription operation.

~Furball Box: $29/month. Every month, you receive an cat-tastic assortment of 5+ fine feline products – from snacky cat snacks to undeniably addictive toys! Every product is chosen goes through rigorous kitty-testing and is only of the highest quality. Furball Box has closed their doors.

~Furry Friends Club: $24.95/month.  The Furry Friends Club delivers the highest quality products to loving pet owners on a monthly basis through their monthly pet subscription boxes.  Boxes  are available for both cats and dogs.  Deluxe boxes ($24.95/month) contain 3-4 items while Premium boxes ($34.95) contain 5-6 items.  Multiple Pet boxes are also available for $54.95/month and contain 8-10 items. (You can read my Furry Friends Club reviews here). TheFurry Friends Club website is not functional at this time.

~Happy Dog Box:  $29.99/month.  Every month Happy Dog Box will surprise you with the most amazing box of hand-selected, all natural dog treats and toys picked by our experts with love and care. Each box is filled with 4-6 American-made gourmet dog treats, toys and other products conveniently delivered to your door.  (You can read my Happy Dog Box reviews here).  As of June 2014 Happy Dog Box has ended their subscription service.

~Healthy Pet Advisor CustomCare Box: $27.45/month. Each CustomCare Small box contains One seriously good, full-sized grooming aid, supplement or treatment plus food samples, snacks and toys and is designed for cats and small canines. You may also opt for the CustomCare Large box ($49.45/month) which contains two seriously good, full-sized grooming aids, supplements or treatments plus food samples, snacks and toys and is designed for large canines. Healthy Pet Advisor has closed their doors.

~HeroDogBox: $29/month.  HeroDogBox is a subscription based DogBox company that sends out a monthly box of goodies for your “hero dog”.  They strive to provide items that are from local companies with an emphasize on health.  (You can read my HeroDogBox reviews here).  HeroDogBox is now part of PetBox. 

~Kasten Pets: $37/month.  Kasten Pets is a monthly box subscription for consumers who want to pamper their dogs while maintaining a budget in today’s economy. Each month they will send a box packed with 5-7  pet/doggy products including healthy treats, safe entertaining toys, and unique accessories. Kasten Pets has closed their doors.

~Meow Box(.net): $20/month. MeowBox is a monthly subscription box for cats and cat owners delivering handpicked cat toys, treats, gadgets, accessories and more to your doorstep. Every box your cat receives will be a $35-$50-value combination of tasty treats, tantalizing toys, grooming aids and innovative gadgets designed to make your cat’s life happier. MeowBox.net is no longer in business.

~Packs for Paws:  $35.99/month.  Packs For Paws is a monthly delivery service designed for your family members with paws.  You will receive a pack especially designed for your four legged friend delivered directly to your front door each month.  Each Paw Pack includes 4 to 8 premium products that have been hand picked, tested and approved by their staff.  A smaller, “Mini Paw Pack Club” is also available.  (You can read my Packs for Paws reviews here). Packs for Paws has closed their doors.

~Pawalla: $26/month. Each month you’ll receive new selection of delicious wet foods, treats, supplements, and more, hand-picked by our pet nutritionist based on the size and age of your pet. Subscriptions are offered for cats and dogs.  Pawalla has recently launched a mini box for $12/month that features 1 treat, 1 toy and 1 surprise item. (You can read my Pawalla reviews here).  As of August 2013, Pawalla has ended their subscription service.

~PawBox: $10/month.  Every month PawBox delivers a mix of five exciting products samples packed in a luxurious box for your pet (dog or cat) to enjoy.  PawBox has been hacked.

~Paws & Play: $19.95 – $29.95/month. Paws & Play is a monthly subscription box for cats and / or dogs. The Standard Box includes 3-4 of their most popular items, and is guaranteed to include at least one full sized treat and one premium toy! They also offer a Premium Box for $29.95/month which includes 5-6 of their most popular items, and is guaranteed to include one or more full sized treats and one or more premium toys. Quarterly boxes and mixed (cat/dog) boxes are also available.

~PoochPax: $29/month. PoochPax is a monthly subscription box for dogs which is customized by your dog’s age and size (small, medium and large). Each month you’ll receive 4-6 unique, hand-selected treats and toys you’ll both enjoy. (You can read my PoochPax reviews here). PoochPax has closed their doors.

~Poop Bag Club: $10-$15/month. Poop Bag Club is a monthly delivery service of eco-friendly dog poop bags (sometimes called dog waste pickup bags). Plans are based on the type of bag (eco-friendly or compostable) and the number of bags you receive each month (60, 90 or 120). Custom plans are also available. Poop Bag Club has discontinued operations.

~Poop Buddy: $10/month.  PoopBuddy is a monthly service to make it easy for dog parents to pick up poop, prevent water pollution and look chic at the same time.  You will receive at least 80 bags per month on eco chic rolls, fun tips and extra surprises each month.  As of March 2014, PoopBuddy is discontinuing their subscription service.

~Posh Pet Box: $29 / $39 / $49/month. Posh Pet Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs that offers premium clothes, accessories, and products to the most astute of pet parents. Posh Pet offers three different sizes boxes – Plain Posh: $29/month, Picky Posh: $39/month and Posh Boss: $49/month. You are able to customize your box by selecting exactly what you want to receive in it (you are allotted points based on the size of the box you select) or you can opt to have Posh Pet Box curate a box for you.  (You can read my Posh Pet Box reviews here). Posh Pet Box has closed their doors.

~PupCrate: $29/month.  Each month your unique PupCrate arrives at your door with specific age, breed, and size products. Products include engaging and durable toys, as well as rewarding delicious healthy treats and other goodies.  As of September 2013, it appears that PupCrate has gone out of business.

~PupQuarterly: $29.99/month. PupQuarterly offers monthly themed subscription boxes for dogs. Box categories include “The Genius”, “The Mush” and “The Runner” and contents of the boxes are revealed prior to shipment. If you don’t love what is include, you are welcome to switch themes or you may skip that month completely. PupQuarterly has closed their doors.

~Riley Box: $29/month.  Each month Riley Box will send your pet a box full of fun for your dog or cat.  In the monthly petbox you will find a range of 4-6 special treats, toys, hygiene products, and cool accessories. Riley Box has closed their doors.

~Spoiled Rotten Box$24.99/month. A monthly gift club for loving pet parents. Every month, your pet (dog or cat) will be sent a box of amazing hand-picked treats, toys and accessories. Every box is stuffed full with $40 worth of products for only $24.99 a month. (You can read my Spoiled Rotten Box reviews here). Spoiled Rotten Box has closed their doors. 

~Treat A Dog: $28/month. Treat A Dog is a monthly box of goodies and toys for dogs. Subscribers receive a box once a month which features 4 to 7 hand picked items. Boxes include dog treats, hygiene products, toys, care items, essentials and more! (You can read my Treat A Dog reviews here). Treat A Dog no longer offers a subscription service.

~Treats & Trends: $34.95/month.  Treats and Trends delivers monthly gifts to pets and their owners!  You can opt for a dog only, cat only or mixed box.  Boxes include  4-7 full size products your pet will love.  Treats & Trends is no longer in business.

~WhiskerKits: $29/month. WhiskerKits are fun monthly packages delivered for cats and their owners. Each monthly box will contain a variety (typically 5-6 items) of treats, toys, grooming tools, and occasionally products for cat parents as well. WhiskerKits has closed their doors.

~WoofWagPlay Box$32/month.  WoofWagPlay Box is a monthly subscription box for your doggy best friend.  Each month you’ll receive a box filled with 5-7 items such as all natural treats, top-quality toys and other goodies. WoofWagPlay Box has closed their doors.

~Woof Crate: $28.99/month. Woof Crate is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Each month they find local-bakeries, hand-pick treats made from quality ingredients and ship them to your house. (You can read my Woof Crate reviews here). Woof Crate has closed their doors.

*Regional* Boxes

~A Local Taste: $49/month.  A Local Taste aims to bring the experience of traveling to a new city right to your doorstep by sending you carefully-curated boxes of locally-produced, artisanal goods from a new location every month. A Local Taste is no longer in business.

~The America Box: $50/month. Every month, The America Box includes products made in one particular state. A new state is chosen each month and your box will include 5-6 items made in that state from a variety of categories. As long as the product is made in that state, it can be included whether they are from a Fortune 500 company or artisanal producers. The American Box has closed their doors.

~Amish Country Treasures: $23.90/month. Amish Country Treasures is a monthly subscription box filled with handmade and homemade treasures from the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. Each month’s box will contain 4-5 different handmade goodies such as palm wax candles, greeting cards, potholders, kitchen towels, salves, tinctures, jelly or jam, lip balms, decorative pieces, candy and cookies, along with a postcard and informational brochures. As of September 2014, Amish Country Treasures has ended their subscription service.

~Batch Nashville: $29.99/month.  Batch Nashville sends hand-crafted, artisanal boxes of “the best Nashville has to offer” on a monthly basis right to your door.  All items are high-quality and locally-made and remain a mystery under they arrive! Batch Nashville has also launched both Batch Charleston and Batch Memphis subscription boxes. Batch Nashville no longer offers a subscription service.  One-time boxes are still available for purchase.

~Bounty New York: $29.95 – $39.95/month.  Bounty New York offers curated tasting boxes featuring items from the region’s most exciting small-batch producers.  You can select from the Tea Box, The Gardner’s Box or the Hudson Valley Bounty Box.  (You can read my Bounty New York reviews here).  Bounty New York no longer offers a subscription service.

~Bourbon & Boots: $42/month.  Each month Bourbon & Boots will curate a collection of some of their favorite Southern & Americana finds based on the season, pack it up, and send it your way. Bourbon & Boots no longer offers a subscription service.

~Box South: $42/month. Each month Box South will send you a box full of the best small-batch and artisan foods from the South.  Monthly boxes contain 4-5 amazing curated artisan products.  Formerly House and Marche.  (You can read my Box South reviews here).  Box South is no longer in business.

~BrooklynBox.Co: $59.95/quarterly.   Every quarter, BrooklynBox.co will send you a box containing a range of hand-picked items, ranging from small-batch perishables to unique, everyday products. Each box is curated around a different theme, and every quarter is a surprise!  BROOKLYNBOXCO is no longer in operations.

~Cape Cod Gift Box: $46.95/month.  The Cape Cod Gift Box is filled with 3-8 unique hand-picked Cape Cod treasures. Each month has a different theme and new treasures,  including local artisan one-of-a-kind pieces and unique Cape Cod finds. Cape Cod Gift Box is no longer an active subscription service.

~Celebrate American Made: $15/quarter. Celebrate American Made is a quarterly subscription box bringing you the best American Made Products from snacks to home goods, pets and everything in between.  (You can read my Celebrate American Made reviews here). Celebrate American Made is no longer in business.

~Fleurty Box: $30/month (payable annually). Each month, Fleurty Girl herself will put together a box full of $30+ worth of New Orleans-inspired merchandise and it will be shipped right to your door. Each Fleurty Girl contains a t-shirt along with other goodies. Fleurty Girl no longer offers a subscription service.

~Founded 1776: Price Unknown. Founded 1776 helps you discover quality Made in America household goods and lifestyle accessories. Each box will include 3-4 products with a total retail value of $35-$40 from the finest Made in America brands our country has to offer. Founded 1776 plans to only curate boxes for one year (4 quarters) and will begin shipping on July 4th, 2014. (You can read my Founded 1776 reviews here). Found 1776 has closed their doors.

~From Thai With Love: $14/month.  From Thai With Love is a monthly subscription box full of Thai goodies. Boxes could contain anything from Spicy Thai Chips to sweet Thai-made tea. Each package usually contains between 3-5 main items, along with a few small bits and pieces. From Thai With Love has closed their doors.

~Made in Michigan Box: $29/month.  Every month you’ll receive a collection of local artisan food to sample and enjoy with friends and family also you will find top quality gifts to celebrate and support Michigan businesses.  (You can read my Made in Michigan Box reviews here). Made in Michigan Box has closed their doors.

~Made in the Mitten: $30/month. Each month subscribers will receive a curated box of four to five items handmade by, or representing, artisans throughout the state of Michigan. Examples of items which may be included are jewelry, décor items, body products, food, maybe a promo from one of Michigan’s many breweries. (You can read my Made in the Mitten reviews here). Made in the Mitten has closed their doors.

~MercoBox: $29.81/month. The MercoBox is a stylish subscription box featuring a curated selection of Utah’s finest local products. The idea is to allow people to discover new products, goods and businesses and get excited about the amazing things the state of Utah has to offer. (You can read my MercoBox reviews here). MercoBox has closed their doors.

~Mexibox: $10/ $15 / $25/month. Mexibox delivers the tastiest, hand-picked sweet and spicy Mexican candies every month right to your doorstep. Mexibox comes in the following three sizes: Pequeño ($10/month) for individuals, Grande ($15/month) for a group of people and Grande Con Sorpresa ($25/month) for a large-sized candy portion with a special Mexican gift. Mexibox has closed their doors.

~Mexican Candy Box: $12 / $15 / $20/month (based on size selected).  Mexican candy box includes a surprise selection of 8 to 10 different candies delivered to your door each month.  Typically about half of the candy will be sweet, the other spicy, and a few will be sour.  (You can read my Mexican Candy Box reviews here). Mexican Candy Box is no longer in business.

~Modest Box: $39-89/month. Modest Box is a monthly subscription box full of carefully selected Ohio made products. Select the Local Love Box ($39/month) for an assortment of Ohio made food products, body care products, paper goods, art, and accessories. The Big Box ($89/month) is gender specific and includes a larger assortment of goods. Also available is the T-Shirt Box ($56/month) which sends two new (super soft unisex crew neck) Ohio made t-shirts each month. Modest Box is not taking on any new subscribers at this time.

~My Community Box: $30/quarter. The Community Box is a themed quarterly curated membership service that allows you to receive 5 to 7 products, made or sold primarily in Hampton Roads. Products could include everything from beauty products to event tickets; from children’s toys to restaurant certificates.  (You can read my My Community Box reviews here). My Community Box has closed their doors.

~New England Sack: $35/month. New England Sack is a monthly gift subscription service focused on delivering high-quality regional products to your door. In each box you will receive nearly a half dozen products from delicious gourmet treats to one-of-a-kind artisanal items. Each monthly box will have a theme along with personalized touches including a wax-sealed insert detailing the local products included along with a changing array of sacks that will hold your goods. New England Sack is not currently accepting any subscribers.

~OishiiBox: $12/month. Each month OishiiBox will send you a collection of snacks, candies and everything from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and beyond. (You can read my OishiiBox reviews here). OishiiBox has closed their doors.

~Orient 8 Box: $20.88/month. Orient 8 Box is a treasure box filled with the best Asia themed loot. Boxes include 8 items and could be anything from snacks, knick knacks,candy, or jap anime to cool gadgets and household decor. Orient 8 Box has closed their doors.

~Our Local Box: $30/month. Our Local Box is monthly subscription box full of full-sized  goodies from the coolest, most unique independent businesses in Kentucky. Our Local Box appears to have closed their doors.

~PakuBox! From Japan: $25/month.  PakuBox! delivers 4 to 5 full-sized made-in-Japan products specially curated and shipped straight to your door each month. Their mission is to spread Japanese culture through food in a worry-free way for everyone to enjoy!  PakuBox launches is December but is currently running an Indiegogo campaign here.  You can read my PakuBox reviews here.  PakuBox! no longer exists.

~Rambler Way:  Unknown.  Rambler Way’s mission is to create a local world by delivering you gourmet and artisan products from around the world so you have the opportunity to sample local products without leaving your home. Each month, members will receive a curated box of unique, gourmet and artisan food products from a different city around the world.  The Rambler Way website no longer loads and does not appear to be in the launch process any longer.

~Sparaj: $40/month.  Sparaj boxes include a hand selected mix of wellness products from a variety of select vendors unique to Asia.  The mix of products will vary month to month, but you expect to receive a combination of products in spa, bath & body, aromatherapy, accessories, and/or other categories.  As of April 2014, Sparaj has ceased operations.

~Tique Box: $30/month.  Each month you’ll receive a hand-built box full of sample and full-sized products from artisans throughout Portland, Oregon. (You can read my Tique Box reviews here). Tique Box is closing it’s doors.  Customers who purchased 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions will continue to receive monthly boxes until their subscription term is up.  The last monthly subscriptions shipped in February.

~Vermont Snacks: $22/month. When you subscribe to Vermont Snacks you will receive a box of 4-6 fun, unique Vermont snacks delivered to your door each month. Vermont Snacks has closed their doors.

*Soap / Bath* Boxes

~The Good Box: $14.95-$49.95/month.  Good box is a monthly subscription that sends premium, Level Naturals products straight to your door every month.  You can opt from the Good Box ($14.95), the Good(er) Box ($24,95) or the Good(est) Box ($49.95). The Good Box is not currently active at this time.

~Live Stress Free Box: $29/month. Stress Free Box is a monthly subscription service providing you with the best in high quality, and hand picked bath and spa goodies! Each Stress Free Box will include a scented candle, bath bombs, shower steamers soaps, and a couple of surprise items along the way! Live Stress Free Box appears to have closed their doors.

~Ouishi Box: $25/month. Ouishi Box is a monthly themed bath box. Each month you will receive four of exclusive bath muffins which are enough for an at home spa day once a week. Boxes are not subscription based and must be purchased on an individual basis each month. Ouishi Box no longer offers a monthly box.

~SilkCrate: $40/month. SilkCrate sends you a high quality, handmade bath and spa goodies delivered to your door monthly. All products are handmade in the USA with carefully sourced, high quality, all natural ingredients. SilkCrate no longer offers a monthly box.

~Sirref Box: The Sirref Box is a monthly subscription box filled with handmade bath and body products made from organic, natural and some vegan materials. Each box will have four full size products from different categories depending on the theme of the month. SirrefBox has closed their doors.

~Sudsy Box: $20/bi-monthly. Each delivery of Sudsy Box will have 3 full sized soap bars from Heidi’s Artisan Soap and one sample of a lip balm, lotion bar, sea salt scrub or body butter. The soaps will vary and will be themed to the season of the shipment.  (You can ready my Sudsy Box reviews here). Sudsy Box has decided to discontinue their subscription box and to focus on their main business (Sudsy & Co.). Bi-monthly subscribers will no longer be billed and the April box was the last box they will receive. Half-Year, Full-Year and Gift Subscription recipients will continue to receive bi-monthly boxes until their subscription has ended.

~Thinksoap: $8.99-$24.99/month. Thinksoap sends amazing organic soap bars crafted by master soap makers to your door on a monthly basis. You can customize your subscription based on the number of bars you wish to receive, anywhere from one bar for $8.99/month to 4 bars for $24.99/month.  (You can read my Thinksoap reviews here). Thinksoap has closed their doors.

~Toothbrush Subscriptions: $4-$5/month. Toothbrush subscriptions will send you fresh toothbrushes to your door every 1,2 or 3 months. Toothbrushes begin at just $1/month (shipping is free) and are available for adults and children alike.  (You can read my Toothbrush Subscriptions reviews here).  Toothbrush Subscriptions has been merged into GoodMouth.

*Sock / Hosiery* Subscription Boxes

~HauteLegs: $36/month.  HauteLegs is a trend based leg wear subscription service.  Each month you will receive exclusively designed tights, socks, hose and leggings that fit the specifications of your selected package.  (You can read my HauteLegs reviews here). HauteLegs appears to have closed their doors.

*Speciality Food / Snack* Boxes

~GFree Connect Care Pack: $31.88/pack. Three times per year, GFree Connect will send a gluten-free product “care package” to your home. Each package will include approximately 25 gluten free items to sample, plus valuable coupons. GFree Connect has shifted their focus and no longer offers subscription plans.

~Green fork-N-spoon$29/month.  Green fork-N-spoon introduces you to quality organic and Non-GMO food choices that are available in today’s food market.  Each monthly you’ll receive anywhere from 10-15 items to sample and enjoy. Green fork-N-spoon has closed their doors.

~HappyBelly: $19.95/month.  HappyBelly focuses on introducing you to the best allergy-free friendly products on the market.  Each month you will receive a different mix of 4-6 allergy-free friendly foods with a focus on products which are gluten-free, vegan, non GMO and/or products that are minimally processed. Happy Belly has closed their doors.

~Hunt.Gather.Snack:  $19.99/month.  Each box includes a variety of six individually wrapped Paleo and Primal (Paleo Box) or Keto (Keto Box) friendly snacks. The boxes will contain different products each month and will be delivered to your doorstep each month. Hunt.Gather.Snack is no longer in business.

~My Non-GMO Box: $14.99/month. My Non-GMO Box contains an assortment of Non-GMO Project verified products from top-quality manufacturers. Each box will include a newsletter which allows you to learn about each product and brand included in the box and full-size products will be available for purchase on their site. My Non-GMO Box appears to have closed their doors.

sprig$26.95/month – $99.95/month (depending on selection). Sprig is a monthly subscription service that provides gluten free, organic and vegan nutritional snacks curated by people passionate about a healthy lifestyle. The “mini-snacker” ($26.95) box includes 10-13 servings. sprig has closed their doors.

~Taste Guru: $39/month.  Taste Guru delivers only the absolutely best tasting gluten free food on the market.  Each Gluten Free Box of the Month features a delectable, hand-picked selection of 6+ of the highest quality gluten free foods around, along with an online magazine and recipe cards with custom Taste Guru creations. Taste Guru has closed their doors.

*Sports (Fishing, Golf)* Subscription Boxes

~Bunker Box: $49.99/month. Bunker Box is a monthly subscription box for the golf enthusiast. Each month you will receive a monthly surprise of awesome golf accessories plus a free copy of Golf Digest. Bunker Box has closed their doors.

~Fishing Enthusiast: From $15/month. The Fishing Enthusiast Lure of the Month includes premium lures selected by top fishing guides from throughout North America delivered to your door once a month.  You can opt for the Freshwater, Freshwater Fly or Saltwater option. The Fishing Enthusiast has closed their doors.

~National Parks Depot Outdoor Subscription Box: $49.98/month. The National Parks Depot Outdoor Subscription box will be packed with the coolest outdoor items around. It promises to include both items from the National Parks Depot store and other awesome partner products. National Parks Depot has discontinued their subscription.

~Tackle Grab$16/month.  Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with lures, baits and terminal tackle from under the radar gems to well known brands. Each delivery will include a mix of categories that correspond to your individual fishing profile.   As of June 2015, Tackle Grab has closed their doors and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

*Stationery / Paper* Boxes

~MySweetCarterie: ~$10/month. MySweetCarterie is a monthly illustrated cards subscription service. Each month you will receive three themed cards in your mailbox. MySweetCarterie is located in France, however, they ship to locations throughout the world. MySweetCarterie closed their doors.

~Pink Cupcakes & Paper: $20/month. Pink Cupcakes & Paper is all about fun, color, modern, glam, playful, and cute stationery and accessories! Each month subscribers will receive surprise items from their collection and other fun products they love. Pink Cupcakes & Paper has rebranded.

~Planvelope: $17/month. Planvelope is a monthly subscription service that brings planner supply samples right to your door. Planvelope knows that functionality is key, so each month you’ll receive items that are not only pretty but also practical. Note: Planvelope launches in October 2014 and is currently taking preorders.

~Sassy Box: $37.95/month. The Sassy Box is a monthly subscription box service that is full of surprises – 4-6 fun and unique gifts and paper products – personalized and themed to the current trends and season. (You can read my Sassy Box reviews here). Sassy Box has closed their doors.

~Stationery Crate: $45.50/month. Stationery Crate is a stationery and books subscription service that delivers a crate full of surprises along with a simple feel-good activity to do every month. Items may include a collection of our high quality stationery, books, greeting cards, envelopes, stamps and much more, guaranteed to make you, and people you care about, feel good. Stationery Crate is no longer in business.

*Teen / Tween* Boxes

~Kulture Krate: $25/month. Kulture Krate is a monthly educational box delivered right to your doorstep. Each Krate will feature a new country from around the world for your child to explore. Krates are suitable for ages 8-18 and are broken down by Elementary, Middle and High School options. Krates will include a Unit Study packed with activities, arts, crafts, and recipes. Each country’s krate will include 7 souvenir items+food sample. Kulture Krate is no longer in business.

*Time of the Month* Boxes

~28 Day Hug: $5.98/month.   You will receive a nice care pack every 28 days with a little chocolate, some tea and a little aromatheraphy moment (like bath salts or a shower tablet).  28 Day Hug has discontinued their subscription box service.

~The Best Club Period: $18/month. The Best Club Period is a monthly time of the month subscription service. Each box contains 29 products, including tampons, pads, panty-liners, razors and organic tea. You can also opt for “The Sexy Legs Razors Set” which is $9/month and included three razors and two samples of tea. The Best Club Period appears to have closed their doors.

~BiziBubble: $14.99/month. BiziBubble is a monthly time of the month subscription service. Each month you will receive up to 25 units of your choice of products along with a beautiful gift valued up to $45/month. BiziBubble has closed their doors.

~e-Sentials: $10-$16/month.  e-Sentails provides tampons, pads, panty liners, razors and deodorant in a discreet package every month.  Packages are totally customizable and are aimed to make things more convenient for you.  e-Ssentials is now part of Club Monthly.

~Every28: $10-$20/month. Every28 delivers tampons, pads, and other feminine products to women every month. With Every28, you can choose whatever brands you want, the quantities you need, and your delivery date. Packages range from $10-$20/month and include quantities between 10 and 50 pads / tampons. Every subscription level also includes chocolate.  As of June 2014, Every28 has discontinued their subscription box service.

~The Fetch Box: $18/month. The Fetch Box is a time of the month box for teens BY a teen! Every month you’ll receive 20 pads and/or tampons of your choice, 5 pantyliners, a feminine hygiene product to try, a sampling of snacks and a health, beauty, hair product or some other small gift.  (You can read my The Fetch Box reviews here).  As of February 2014, the Fetch Box has discontinued their subscription service.

~Juniper: $28/month.  Juniper is a tampons and treats subscription aimed at redefining the monthly period experience for women. The box includes personalized selection of tampons and other backup protection products, as well as hand-picked gourmet treats like artisan chocolates and herbal teas.  As of December 2013, Juniper has discontinued their subscription service.

~Monthly Love: $30/month. Monthly Love is a women’s premium monthly subscription box meant for pampering them to the ultimate extent during that time of the month. Each month you will receive up to 25 feminine products of your choice, a special gift or two :), full size pampering items, and lots of yummy snacks to keep those cravings subsided. A portion of the proceeds every month will be donated to that month’s awareness.  (You can read my Monthly Love reviews here).  Monthly Love is no longer accepting new subscriptions and has appeared to have closed their doors.

~My Cotton Bunny: $16/month. My Cotton Bunny is the monthly subscription service that bundles your choice of feminine hygiene products with a few extra goodies to get you through your cycle.  (You can read my My Cotton Bunny reviews here.) As of September 2014, My Cotton Bunny has closed their doors.

~PMS.com: $15/month. Each month you will receive 15 regular Tampons, 15 Tutu Towels and 16 PMS Pain Relief Tablets delivered to your door. Boxes are shipped on the date you select and your first box is free (no code necessary).  PMS.com is no longer in business.

~The Powder Room: $14.99/month.  The Powder Room is a monthly subscription service delivering feminine hygiene products and a sampling of other carefully selected products to satisfy your needs during that time-of-the-month.  Each month you will receive the tampon brand of your choice, a sweet treat, two Advil packets and soothing herbal tea.  As of May 2013, their website no longer appears to be working.

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  1. So tired

    Sirref Box has closed it’s doors.

  2. Melissa B

    Wow! That’s a lot of box companies. I stopped counting after 100. I think Yumvelope has closed their doors also but I didn’t see it on your list.

    1. Jennifer

      You are so right! I just switched them over! Thank you!

  3. Andrea Love

    A.J. Smelly Goods I believe has stopped taking orders or making boxes for quite some time. On her website it says, please no more orders, and I ordered a subscription box a few months ago, never received any sort of correspondence at all and ended up having the charge removed from my account.

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