January Stork Stack Review 8

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Note: As of April 2014, Stork Stack has merged with bluum.

January Stork Stack

Stork Stack had a coupon code code last month for $25 off a six month subscription (i.e. basically a free month), so I jumped all over that! If you aren’t familiar with Stork Stack (they aren’t as big as Citrus Lane), here is a description from their website: “Our lovingly curated Stacks include 5 of our favorite highest-quality products for your baby AND you.” Subscriptions are $28/month (if you sign up for a year’s subscription they will donate 3 stacks to a family in need) and they “deliver” around the 1st of every month.

The Box

This month’s theme was “Happy, Healthy New Year” and the card stated “To kick off 2013, we’ve selected helpful – and healthful – products to get your year started right”.

First Look

I still love all of their packaging!  And this month I got a note talking about nine month-olds from one of the Stork Stack Team sharing her experiences.  I am guessing those notes come every 3 months since I only got one at 6-months and 9-months?

The Note

And the information card:

The Information Card

Okay, now here are the details:
~Sara Haley’s Sweat UNLIMITED ($24.99): Okay I tried to find this online at Amazon or whatever and it appears it is not yet available for purchase.  So rather than being annoyed that I got a workout DVD I may never use, I feel honored I get to try something before anyone else!  The DVD has 5 different workouts of increasing length (from 5 to 45 minutes), so I really have no excuse not to use this.

Sara Haley’s Sweat UNLIMITED


~Boon FLUID the Sippy Cup ($7.49): OMG, I am so excited about this!  WB could totally use some sippy cups and I have never tried any by Boon before.  This is my favorite item in the box for sure!  If this is spill-resistant like they say, I am going to be a happy girl.

Boon FLUID the Sippy Cup


~Instagrad $10 to 529 Savings Plan ($10): Shamefully, WB doesn’t have a 529 account.  But this gives me the perfect kick in the butt to get on that!!  I am starting it tonight!

Instagrad $10 to 529 Savings Plan


~RaZbaby RaZberry Teether ($4.99): WB cannot grasp the concept of a pacifier (which is fine with me by the way because L was a paci addict), but I bet he’ll enjoy playing with this.  And while he drools like crazy, there is not a tooth to be seen in that mouth of his ;).  And this is hands-free, which will let him chew on it like crazy, while still playing like a madman!

RaZbaby RaZberry Teether

~Baby Gym: Wiggle and Move ($5.99): I’ve never purchased anything from this line, but it certainly sounds super cool.  It’s designed to stimulate the senses and encourage interaction between parent and baby.  They also promote language development and encourage physical movement.

Baby Gym: Wiggle and Move

The contents of this box had a total of $53.46, which is more than the cost I paid for this box, which was $23.83 ($28 – $4.17 ($25 coupon divided by 6 months)).  Over all, I am pleased with this box, but I wish something other than a DVD was included.  I am not a huge fan of DVDs or CDs in any monthly subscription box.   It fit perfect with the theme, but still, I would have been happier with a fun healthy snack or a box of Luna bars or something?

WB loves it all!

Do you get Stork Stack? What did you think of this month? And if you don’t subscribe, but want to or want to learn more click here. They have AMAZING customer service!

(*) W hasn’t gotten her box (it’ll be for a 17 month-old girl) yet, but I will update when she does so you can see the variations in the boxes based on age / gender.

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8 thoughts on “January Stork Stack Review

  • Yivanna

    My nephew is 5 months old and started teething already :p I bought him the Pacifier at Babies R Us, and he LOVES it. Chews on it alot. Im sure your lil boy will enjoy it.

  • Shannon

    I signed up to give them a try since they had a 30% coupon off your first month. I had been eyeballing them for awhile. But after seeing their past boxes, I was disappointed in this month’s. So, I like the DVD and will probably use it, I wasn’t super excited to get it in my box (especially since it took up the majority of the box’s value). I’m not sure if you care about spoilers, but there was something in our 30 month old box that I definitely wasn’t happy with. And I’m pretty easy to please. Sad. I’ll be interested to see what you get in your 17 month old box. 🙂

      • Shannon

        I got a kids book with a story about cooking, the DVD, the Instagrad thing, hand sanitizer and a Contigo water bottle. The water bottle is what I had the most issue with. First of all, I just don’t really like Contigo products. I find having to press down on the button to drink annoying. Secondly, this was a kid’s version, but the button is very hard to press down. There is no way my 2.5 year old can do it. Also, the bottle was listed as 3 years and up. I generally don’t follow those guidelines to the letter, but for a company I think it is important they send age appropriate stuff. For liability purposes, if nothing else. Again, I don’t generally get worked up over these things and am pretty forgiving. But this box was a total miss for me. There was only one product my daughter could actually use and that was disappointing. (Especially after seeing the previous boxes). I’m just glad I didn’t pay full price. 🙁

  • Rachel


    I did a trial one month (with the 30% discount code) and wondering do you know if i am automatically renewed for the next month’s subscription? or can i for instance, subscribe to the 3 months one with another code? it’s a little confusing as there is no account page to sign into to check.

    thanks! 🙂