Making a Leaf Wreath

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I had some ideas in my mind for a fall wreath for my front door, so I went to Michaels in search of something fabulous. Sadly, I could not find anything I liked. I mean, they had some hand crafted wreaths, but they were well, not really very hip. Plus, they cost $40 and I thought that was crazy. I already had fall garland picked out, so I wanted something that would at least match somewhat well. But things were not looking good!

In what I now realize was in effort to get me to hurry up and leave Michaels, my husband said to me “Why don’t you just make your own”? So that is exactly what I did. I grabbed two more strands of the same garland I had already used for my door, plus a “grapevine” wreath. The project was way easier than I had ever anticipated. The leaves on the garland were easy to remove (no scissors required) and I simply used a hot glue gun to attach them to the grapevine wreath. Of course, I covered my work area with a plastic trash bag and newspaper to avoid ruining anything. The whole project took maybe a half an hour. I will admit I burned my fingers a few times, but that is because I have a super cheap hot glue gun. I made a wreath for my mom too (see last two pictures) and didn’t burn my fingers once on her fancy one.

Here is a breakdown of costs and materials used (everything was purchased from Michaels):
-Garland: $10 (buy 2 strands of garland – you only need one and a half, so you will have extra. It’s always on sale)
-Grapevine Wreath: $3.99 (could be $2 if you used a 50% off coupon from the Sunday ad).
-Hot Glue Gun: ? (I already had one, but I know you can get them for around $5).
Total Cost: $13.99 (or $12 with coupons) plus you will have some left over leaves that you could use for another project.

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  1. *~Dani~*

    You know I love these wreaths! That is really inexpensive too. One day I might be crafty. (Right now, somewhere, B is laughing hysterically).

  2. Jennifer

    Dani maybe I will make you one some day! I want to make a few Christmas ones too. I am already planning!

  3. Jenna

    That is so cute! It really looks like it would be expensive/hard to make.

  4. Jennifer

    Jenna it was SO easy! Just glue and stick the leaves in the wreath!

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