March Madness Giveaway – GO STATE!!!!

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In honor of my Spartans and their March Madness WINS, I’m giving away some boxes!! No reason other than my Spartans winning, which puts me in a good mood! Just imagine what would happen if they won the National Championship!!!! Here’s what I’m giving away:

~Citrus Lane (3 Months): A baby / mom box for newborns up to age five. (Use my link to save $10 off your first month).
~PopSugar Must Have Box (3 Months): A lifestyle box full of goodies hand selected by PopSugar editors. (Use “SAVE5PSMH” to save $5 on your first box, “GET$10″ to save $10 on a 3-month subscription or “GET$25″ to save $25 on a 6-month subscription.)
~Pawalla Mini Box (3 Months): A monthly subscription box for dogs OR cats. Right now you can try a full size Pawalla box for $16 (reg. $29) or get a 3-month mini box subscription for $28 (reg. $51) through (*).

You are free to enter (and win) one, two or all three of the contests.  Only one comment is necessary telling me who you’d give these boxes to or what you’d do with them!

And since someone is bound to ask (without fail, someone asks every time), this giveaway is in Rafflecopter.  The entry boxes are below.  If you can’t see them, try a different browser. Or your phone?  For the daily entry option, you must wait 24 hours between entries.  The giveaway ends Monday (3/25) at 11:59pm.  I also note this because I often get comment entries after it’s over?  And just so we’re clear, there are three separate contests – 1 winner per contest.  It’s possible you could win all 3, I won’t stop you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Disclosure: Of course this post contains affiliate links! How else would i be able to give stuff away??
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Jennifer is the author and founder of Subscription Box Ramblings. She first discovered subscription boxes in 2012 and has been addicted since. Current favorites include CAUSEBOX, Boxycharm and Beachly!

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  1. jmd

    Pop sugar is the one I would really like. I usually give away at least one item out of my boxes – Birchbox, Ipsy and my Julep box I just got 😉

  2. megan

    If I won, I would give it to my lovely mom. (popsugar)

  3. megan

    Pawalla Mini Box- dog, I would allow my little Winston to enjoy the mail as much as I do.

  4. megan

    If I won Citrus lane— I am not going to lie…I would keep it for myself!

  5. Gina F.

    I have been dying to try the Pop Sugar box. I would have to be honest and say I would be keeping it for me!!! I love your reviews so I know what boxes are good and not so good. Thanks!

  6. Simone

    I would keep them for myself 🙂

  7. Kelly G.

    I would give the Citrus Lane to my best friend for her little ones! The Pop Sugar I’d love to keep for myself and the Pawalla would go to my furry children!!

  8. Kristin

    Citrus lane is always my favorite! So I’d give that to myself (well, Hadley) and I know a certain puggle that would love the pawalla box.

  9. sarah

    I have been wanting to try Citrus Lane for my little guy so that would definitely go to him!!

  10. Carri

    I’d like to get all of them even if I don’t need them…because that’s fun. 🙂

  11. sarah

    If I wont PopSugar that would be split between me, my mom and my sisters! We would have so much fun picking out items in each box!

    1. Dawn

      @sarah: I hope this is my Sarah and you plan on splitting with me 🙂

  12. Alena

    Love this giveaway!! I would give citrus lane to my daughter, popsugar to me of course!! And pawalla to my amazing golden retriever! 🙂

  13. Erin

    Pop Sugar I would treat myself to. Pawalla mini my puggle Murphy would love it.

  14. Kelsey N.

    I would love the Citrus Lane boxes for Mason this time. I would more just like to see a different age group instead of the baby boxes. I would keep the PopSugar boxes as a treat for myself because I am always getting the boys stuff instead of treating myself. And the Pawalla boxes would probably go to my mom and siblings animals.

  15. Liz

    Well the Citrus Lane box would be sent to my cousin who has an adorable little girl. I would have to keep the popsugar box for myself, because well I really want it. Lastly the Pawalla box would go right to my kittens, because they deserve to be spoiled more than anyone.

  16. sarah

    If I won the Pawalla Box part would go to my beloved bassett hound the rest I would PIF to our friends dog or the animal shelter down the road!

  17. Kelsi Simpson

    I would give PopSugar to my sister, Citrus Lane to myself, and the Pawalla to my yorkie, Sulley!

  18. Janell

    My pup Roswell would like some goodies from the Pawalla Box as he gears up for surgery. Also, he is a big Spartan fan. 🙂

  19. Karissa

    I would keep the Citrus Lane subscription for my 7 month old.

  20. Olga

    I would give the PopSugar to my mom to cheer her up. 🙂

  21. Olga

    Pawalla Mini Box- I would give it to my sweet corgi mix, Skyler. 🙂

  22. Lily H

    Any one of my friends! 🙂

  23. Kellie

    Cirtus Lane- best friend is about to be a mom! Popsugar- Me!!! Or my sister, since I am subscribed, and i have a kitty! 😉 Would love to win!

  24. Sara

    I would keep them for myself #sorryimnotsorry

  25. Emily W

    I would give Citrus Lane to my cousin, keep PopSugar for myself, and my sweet puppies (Luda and Mia) would LOVE Pawalla!

  26. Kristin Lockwood

    For Citrus Lane, they would go to my boys. Probably Hayden since he is the little one! But, reading your blog, I’ve learned they now have older toddler boxes, too. So maybe they will share!

  27. kimberlee

    if i won pawalla I would finally treat my cats to their own box since hubby,baby,dogs and I all get them

  28. Courtney

    If won Citrus Lane I would try it for myself. If I won the pet box then I would donate it or give to someone with a pet, since I don’t have any. If I won the popsugar box I would give the items to other people, since I have a subscription already!

  29. Kristin Lockwood

    Pop sugar! All mine!!! I’m going through withdrawals over here! I’ve even given them as gifts now, but I don’t get them anymore. :/ I’d be so excited. Bit I’d be excited about Citrus Lane, too! Lol

  30. Kristin Lockwood

    Pawalla, my parents Dog Chewy. He needs some cheering up! I had sent him the December box of BarkBox and both he and my patents liked it. 🙂

  31. Sela

    I would definitely keep it for myself!

  32. Emily Ho

    I love popsugarmusthave and give it to my sister for her bday!

  33. jessica

    I would share with my good friend!

  34. Maria

    I would want the popsugar sub for myself because I deserve it!

  35. Karla

    I’d share them all with my sister!

  36. soon p

    I would keep citrus lane and pop sugar and give away the pawalla.

  37. Jessica R.

    I would love Pop Sugar or Citrus Lane. I canceled my Pop Sugar to save us some money. And if I won the Citrus Lane one, I would get a newborn box for the baby we are expecting.

  38. Kaitlin Gilbert

    Would love to win popsugar for myself…. My dogs love their Barkbox so I am sure they would love Pawalla too… Citrus Lane would go to my little cousins… Thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  39. Kristy

    I would keep Citrus Lane for me and my little boy. I would probably give Pop Sugar to my sister. It always seems to have stuff she would really like. I would give the last one to my brother in law since we don’t have any pets. He has 3 dogs and 3 cats

  40. Carly

    Is it bad I would just keep them for myself and my pets?!?!

  41. Tia

    I would keep the citrus lane for myself

  42. Tia

    I would keep the popsugar for me

  43. Tia

    I would give the pawalla to my cats. 😉

  44. Abby

    If I won PopSugar, I would use it for myself, or if I wasn’t so hot on the box for that month, give it to a friend I know would like it. If I won Pawalla, I would give it to either my dog, Bailey, whose the sweetest little terrier(think Wishbone!) or my little ginger cat, Riley. They deserve a few treats now and again!

  45. Maggie

    I would love to receive a Popsugar box! It would be great to get these amazing items without hurting my bank account!

  46. Evelyn

    I love your Blog and Giveaways!!! I’ve been introduced to some great product’s.(I really like the hand food cream) My Pom Juni would love to get treats in the mail. Citrus Lane for my lil ones and Popsugar for me. 😀

  47. Amy

    I would give Citrus Lane to my coworker who’s fianc? is expecting. I would keep pop sugar and I would give the last to my big huge fat cat!

  48. Stephanie Bradshaw

    Citrus Lane I would give to me and the new baby!

    PopSugar I would more than likely share with the receptionist at work, she is also a Stephanie and very envious of all my goodies especially PopSugar!

    Pawalla, I’d give to our cats as they have yet to have a subscription box!

  49. Katy

    I would give the Citrus Lane box to my cousin who has a two year old, and I would like to try the PopSugar box myself!

  50. Dawn

    I would keep Citrus Lane for my son and share Pop Sugar with my sister 🙂 Good luck to us!

  51. ashlee

    I would love to win any of them! Especially the pop sugar. I have wanted to try pawalla, that would go to my cat, dog , animal shelter

  52. Nicole

    Popsugar for myself of course. Citrus to my son or maybe my nephew and molly would love Pawalla!!

    I should probably give something away if Butler wins. I think I saw the odds on this happening were like 1 in 100, but maybe 3rd time is a charm.

  53. Kristin McCann

    Thanks for doing these! Citrus Lane would go to my little boys!! :o) Pop would definitely go to my sister-in-law! I love Popsugar! My fave subscription!

  54. RMH

    Citrus Lane would be for my youngest who always gets hand-me-downs…poor girl 😉

    Pop-Sugar would be all MINE…lol

  55. Katie Petersen

    I would give citrus lane to my mom. She would love it!

  56. Katie Petersen

    My best friend would love the Pop Sugar box! I have a subscription and I know she would love one as well.

  57. Katie Petersen

    Pawalla would go to my love bug Luke. He is such an amazing dog and deserves everything and anything! He would go crazy for that box!

  58. Jocelyn Dunlop

    I’d love to give the Pawalla subscription to my mom and her pups. She’s just moved to a new city and she’s been feeling guilty about stressing the dogs out with moving, she deserves a little pick-me-up for her dogs. If I don’t win, I’ll probably gift her a subscription anyways!

  59. Mindi

    Popsugar–me! Citrus lane–my daughter! Pawalla–my dog! You’re the best!!

  60. Casey

    I would love to win this box subscription to share with my mom!!

  61. Kayla

    I would share the parallax with my dog blue and the other items I would share with whoever I felt they were right for 🙂

  62. Kali

    OOOH!, I’d love a Pawalla box for my kitties :)! Congrats on your Michigan win! I picked Georgetown to go all the way and they were out in the first round :(!

  63. Brandy Fisk

    I would love the pop sugar box!

  64. Brandy Fisk

    I would give the citrus lane to my son!

  65. Shannon

    If I won Citrus Lane, I would give it to my best friend who is expecting her first baby in June.

  66. Kimberly H


    All for me…I would so Enjoy. THANK YOU..

  67. Shannon

    If I won Popsugar…I would probably keep it for myself!

  68. Shannon

    If I won Pawalla, I would give it to my dog, Maura!

  69. Chrissy

    This is so neat! You’re awesome!

  70. Alice

    If I won the popsugar, I would break up the contents of the boxes and give it to my friends and cousins that would love each item.

  71. Hannah

    I would give the stuff from Citrus Lane to my little brothers, the stuff from Pop Sugar would be shared between my mom and myself, and the Pawalla would go to my cat!

  72. Sara

    Loving all these giveaways! Thanks!

  73. Farida

    Can’t lie just had baby so would gift to my baby girl!

  74. Erika

    I would keep the citrus lane box for myself

  75. Michelle

    I’m all over the popsugar box – you are and continue to be amazingly generous!

  76. Erika

    I’d keep the pop sugar for myself.

  77. Kristin t

    I would give citrus lane to my cousin!

  78. kim

    I would love the citrus lane one for my almost 4 year old daughter. She would love it!

  79. Kristin t

    I would keep the popsugar box for myself 🙂

  80. Shelby

    oh my goodness my Molly would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pawalla! & I’d totally keep Popsugar for myself since I just had to cancel for financial reasons. 🙁 But PS is great since many items make great gifts!

  81. Jennifer takamori

    Sorry…my greedy and needy addiction needs to be fed…all mine!

  82. Cathy@Five Boys

    Popsugar for me, Pawalla to my dog and Citrus Lane to my sister. Thanks!!

  83. MaryAnn

    I would Share the Citrus lane box with my friends and their kids. The popsugar must have box would go to my mom! She is awesome and deserves a treat every month!

  84. Kelly

    my rescue furbabies love a prize

  85. Deannie Reyes

    If I won the citrus lane box, I would first be ecstatic! I am interested in purchasing a subscription but I have not had the finances to. I know that investing in such a box will allow to learn about different brands and things that could help me as a mom and help my little one thrive better.

  86. Breanne

    Maybe this is selfish, but I would keep the items for myself! 🙂 Well I guess if I wont the Citrus Lane I would share with me two (soon to be three) boys! 🙂

  87. Brooke

    I would love the Popsugar for myself….and my 2 year old would love the Citrus Lane box!!

  88. Kim Bonner

    I would share the PopSugar boxes with me daughters.

  89. Shannon

    I would LOVE to win the citrus lane one…I have a friend I have been dying to get signed up but she isn’t sure, so if I won I would send the subscription to her so she can try it out!
    Congrats on your team!!

  90. Amanda

    I would keep these boxes for myself… I’m selfish like that. I love reading about all the cool new things you get in your subscription boxes, so I’d love some of my own!

  91. Jessika

    I have been really wanting to try popsugar, I would keep that for me!! I am also 30 weeks pregnant so Citrus Lane would be perfect for me! The Pawalla box would be for our cat Panda!

  92. Ashley C.

    i might as well be honest and say id give it to my kids. as much as i might try to keep some things for myself, they always manage to get their hands on it. usually when im not looking. nothing is sacred anymore.

  93. Erin

    If I won I’d keep the Citrus Lane box for my son.

  94. Sandra

    I’d love to try citrus lane or pop sugar. I don’t have a pet but I know a lot of people who would love it.

  95. lisa

    I would give my citrus lane box away to my coworker and keep the pawella one for my “children”

  96. nichole budnick

    Okay pop sugar I would give to my dear friend who just started chemo. Any one with good scarves/ head wrap web sites let me know. Citrus lane to my friend that’s expecting. And I have 3 dogs so there’s that!

  97. Jenni C.

    I entered the first two. I f I won CL, I’d give to a dear friend who just had a baby. And if I won PS, I’d keep it for myself. Ha!

  98. Sarah

    I would love to try the Pawalla box for either my dog or my cat. 3 months of PopSugar would be amazing since I have to cancel them due to cost (sadface). My daughter is 15 and we love sharing the goodies I’ve gotten from them in the past!

    The Citrus Lane box I would gift to my best friend of 20 years, who is having her first baby in May! She was laid off near the beginning of her pregnancy and hasn’t had much luck finding a job, so she has only been able to purchase the absolute necessities for the baby so far. I’ve been considering a subscription box for her but I settled on a gift card she could use for more baby necessities.. winning a baby box would be an awesome way to treat her to a few months of fun baby things in the mail!

  99. Stephanie

    If I won I would give Citrus Lane to my son! He will be a year next month 🙂 If I won Popsugar I would share it with my mom and sister.

  100. Laura

    I would l.o.v.e. Citrus Lane – I’m a recent single mom with a 10 month old and 3 year old and they really deserve some treats! And for that reason too–I would love Pop Sugar!

  101. Alicia

    If I wont the popsugar box, I have to say I’d keep in all to myself lol. I wouldn’t mind giving some of the things away but I don’t really have anyone to give them too :(.

    If I won the Pawalla box my two puppies would definitely love it! We just got back from our cruise and had BarkBox waiting for us! It was a great surprise for the pups and they loved the two toys that they got.

  102. Shawn

    If I won the Popsugar I’d keep it! The Pawalla would go to either my cats or dogs!

  103. Vanessa F

    I’d keep the PopSugar for myself. What a fun splurge! Citrus Lane would be for my babe..even a baby needs a splurge! 🙂

  104. Wendy Rose

    I would LOVE the Citrus Lane boxes! My twins would love them too! 😉

  105. Emily

    Ive been wanting to try Citrus Lane so I’d probably keep it for myself and new baby!

  106. Wesley

    If I won one of these boxes, I would keep it for MYSELF! 😀

  107. Melissa

    If I won, I would give Pawalla to my dog, Hopper or kitty, Hobbes & Popsugar to my BFF. I know I don’t have to tell you what I would do with Citrus Lane 😉

  108. Lisa

    Ctitrus Lane or Popsugar I would have to keep for myself. We don’t get these ones in Canada and I’ve been dying to try them both!

  109. Aimee

    Citrus lane would be for one of my prego sisters. Popsugar for my mom and pawalla for my dog!

  110. Lola

    Hey 🙂
    I would give the Popsugar boxes to my mom and younger sister. It would be a present surprise for them. I would share the pawalla with my boyfriend. I have a chihuahua and he has a three month old puppy Shiba Inu (Japanese snow dog.)

    Thank you in advance!

  111. Ellen A.

    LOL… I would totally keep them for myself! I would love a mommy/baby box, I’ve always wanted to try PopSugar, and I would love a box for my kitty.

  112. Jessica K

    I’d keep the Popsugar for myself. 🙂

  113. Alyssa

    I would really love to win the popsugar one and I won’t lie I would be keeping the boxes for myself although I’ve found I end up giving away item from my other boxes so I’m sure there would be items from these I would give to my mom or my best friend Sarah.

  114. Heather

    Hello. I’d give: Citrus Lane to my sister & niece; Pawalla to my cat, Zooko; & PopSugar to me. Go State! Thx for the contests.

  115. Suzanne

    If I won the Pawalla I would give it to my sweet Willy (a springer spaniel). I would split the others between friends.

  116. Mel

    I’d love to try PopSugar. I’ve been eyeing it for ages. Or, I’d love Citrus Lane!

  117. Pilar Buford

    Popsugar I want it please, for my mom and I

  118. Emily KG

    I’d love any or all of the boxes. I’d give the Pawalla box to my bogs, the Citrus Lane to my parents who love to cook, and the Popsugar for me because I haven’t tied them yet, but want to! What an awesome giveaway!

  119. Alice H

    I would give the baby one to a friend at work.
    I would share popsugar with my daughter.
    I would give the pet one to my dog Bubby.
    I hope I win popsugar the most.

  120. jamie

    I would give citrus lane to my bestie, pop sugar for myself and my sis we could share the items, and pawalla would go to my 4th child harry potter he hasn’t forgiven me since we stopped barkbox

  121. Emily KG

    Ok. It’s late. I meant Citrus Lane to my friend who just had her first child.

  122. Monica

    Loving march madness!!! Citrus Lane would be for my new grandson Aiden… popsugar is all for me.. I might maybe share with my daughter …. paws would be for princess and duke.. brother n sister yorkies… Yay!


  123. FreeC

    Citris Lane would go to ME! I have a 2 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl. Never heard of such boxes until I ran across your site. Thank you so much for all the info!

  124. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    Ummmmmmmm, lets see. Me. I’d give them to me. Oh wait, Kiwi my cat can have the Padwalla. 🙂

  125. Debi B

    I would love to try Popsugar and I would share with my daughter
    You are just too sweet for doing this.

  126. Jackie

    I’d probably give them to a friend to try out, or maybe I’d keep them. I haven’t decided! 😉

  127. Debi B

    I would give the Pawalla box to my daughter for her cats or my friend Lorraine for her cat.
    This is a fun way to treat someone………well really YOU would be treating…lol

  128. Debi B

    I would give the Citrus box to my niece who has a 1 year old son and is expecting this summer.

  129. Mackenzie

    If I won I would give the Citrus Lane to my older daughter since my younger daughter already receives a subscription. Pawalla I would give to my dog and pamper him a little. PopSugar I would keep for myself because I’ve been wanting it so bad!

  130. Jen

    I have a friend that after two years of trying is finally pregnant…with twins! I would give the Citrus Lane to her. I would share PopSugar with my trendy sister and keep Pawalla for our family as we have a new puppy! Thanks for doing another give away!

  131. Katelyn Pelletier

    I have been dying to try the Popsugar must have boxes so if I won that I would keep it for myself- it has such a variety of items each month! If I won the Pawalla box I would give it to my mom because she has two cats that we love dearly and I’m sure they would enjoy treats!

  132. Tara

    My son would love to get citrus lane and popsugar is always awesome to get!

  133. Lisa

    Since we don’t get them in Canada, I would keep Citrus Lane & PopSugar. I’ve been dying to try them!

  134. Erin Beck

    I would keep the Citrus Lane for myself and my 3 and 4 year old. I’d give the Popsugar to my mom. She has helped me so much that she deserves something she normally wouldn’t buy for herself. I’d give Pawalla to my 10 year old doggie Vicki.

  135. Lauren M

    I would be selfish and keep it for myself!

  136. Betsy

    I would keep the first two and the pawalla one I would give to my 15o pound English mastiff named bear!

  137. Jenny

    Since I don’t get any of these they would all be staying at my house. Me, my sons or my cats would love you forever. 🙂

  138. Heather

    I would totally be selfish and keep some of whatever I won and pass on anything that didn’t work for my family 😛

  139. Erica Logan

    I have always wanted to try Popsugar. I would def share with mom!

  140. Alexia561

    Is it selfish of me that I’d keep the Pop Sugar box for myself? *L*

  141. Margo

    What a fun giveaway!

  142. Sami p

    I would love to win pawala for my grandma cats

  143. Gris

    I would give this box to my style challenged sister and best friend. Perhaps the cool items in them will jump start their fashion sense.

  144. Emily

    I would give the Citrus Lane (3 Months) to my son Mason! The baby of the family.

  145. Val

    I would give the Citrus Lane one to a friend at her baby shower next month. I’d be tempted to keep Popsugar to myself, though I’d spare a box or two for my sister. I’d give the Pawalla to my friend with three dogs (even if it makes my dog jealous).

  146. Kira

    I just have to say you’re awesome for doing all these giveaways!

  147. Avery Germaine

    I would definitely keep these babies to myself. 😉

  148. Lesley

    I would love the PopSugar box for myself! I’m a broke college student that can’t afford the 35 dollar per month price tag and am always intrigued by the stuff that comes in them 🙂

    And the Pawalla box would definitely go to my baby cat Esteban – he needs something to sink his claws into other than my closet door!

  149. Joann

    I love to share some of my subscription box goodies with my nieces.

  150. Alysia

    Selfish little ‘ol me would keep all of them to herself 😉

  151. Brianna

    The Citrus Lane box I would give to my parents – they adopted a toddler, and now I have a much younger little brother!

    Pawalla I would give to my pups, Murray and Gigi, and share with their new puppy friend, a shiba inu named Yurei.

    PopSugar I would share as a gift to myself (because I am worth it!) and my hardworking friends and sister.

  152. Riann

    I’d use the wonderful Citrus Lane sub for my son. Ps – go green!

  153. Riann

    Popsugar would have to be a combination of some goodies for me, some for friends 🙂

  154. terri s

    I would share all between myself, sister and sister-in-law; I love being able to share and give things 🙂

  155. Leigh

    I would be all over the Pop Sugar box! I’ve had my eye on it for months, but just couldn’t justify buying it! I’d probably give the Citrus Lane box to my cousin who has a baby. Don’t have a puppy so didn’t enter the Pawalla!

  156. Melissa

    I would love love loooove the popsugar box or citrus lane!!!! I would give one to my mother in law and one to my sis in law annnnd then one for myself 😉 I’d be sure to review them or course!

  157. Sophie

    Ooo! Just in the nick of time. Citrus Lane subscription is up after April. My little two year old Kiera would be the lucky recipient of the Citrus Lane box, and the PopSugar box would go to my mom. She’s been wanting to try it out for a couple months now, and this would be perfect!

  158. Cayla

    I would probably give the pop sugar box to my secret sister through my moms group, the citrus lane would be for my youngest since his older brother gets one, and the pawalla would be for our gracie girl who just had surgery.

  159. Melissa

    I’d give the citrus lane box to my SIL expecting her first! I’d keep the popsugar for my self! And I’d use the last one to help in persuading the hubby on getting a dog!!!

  160. chelsea

    i’d keep the citrus lane for myself and my LO! EDD may 01 2013 🙂

  161. Brianne

    You know whats funny is that I have been lurking..(or stalking) your blog for months now and this is the first time I have ever signed up for one of your giveaways! Anyhoo…I would keep the popsugar or pawalla for myself..and perhaps give things away that I dont want on my blog! 🙂

  162. Ariana

    I just love this blog. Lol

  163. michele

    what an amaaaazing and generous giveaway… thank you sooo much. reading your blog (daily!!!) is such a pleasure in and of itself, this is just icing on an already delcious cake. well… what can i say — i signed up for the pop sugar & citrus lane boxes. i’d be greedy and keep it for myself! hehehehee

  164. Jan T.

    Pop Sugar for my daughter and I, I have been lusting after this one for a while. Pawalla goes to Gabby and Gorby both cats, Gorby is a Russian Blue and he is 19 years old! Great kitties!

  165. Jillian

    I’d love to give CitrusLane to my sister. She now has her first baby who just turned 7 weeks yesterday. Her dad left to train with the Marines across the country when baby Autumn was 6 days old. Mom and baby are in California and dad is in Washington, D.C. It has been a rough time for her but I think the surprise box will put a smile on both of their faces.

  166. katrina

    I would keep it as i love subscription boxes and havnt tried any of these ones yet 🙂

  167. Jaclyn

    First off, GO GREEN! Second, if I won the Citrus Lane subscription I would give it to one of my 3 friends that just had a baby, as for the PopSugar subscription I would give it to one of my closet friends who is always doing things for others.


    I would share them with my BFF and we would just pick back and forth on what we liked thanks for the giveaway

  169. Nicole

    I would give the popsugar sub to myself!

  170. Lauren

    I entered all three of course! If I won the Citrus Land, I would give it to my friend whom is prego right now! (I was already planning on gifting her a 6 month subscription to Stork Sack for her baby shower… the gift that keeps on giving!) The Pop-Sugar I would keep for myself! I’ve been considering trying it so it would help me make that final decision! And of course Pawalla would go to my fuzzy four legged best friend!!! Thanks for having such an awesome blog and great give-a-ways! Love it!

  171. Janaya

    I would of course keep the PopSugar for myself 🙂 and I would give the mini Pawalla box to my dog Fudge! (he was named that before we got him lol) he’s a miniature pinscher an he’s super spoiled! It would only make sense for him to have his on subscription box! 🙂

  172. Kari Ayers

    I would love to win the Pawalla subscription and give it to my cute little 5 month old lab puppy!

  173. Casey

    My little sato dog would love the pawella box!

  174. Mary Q.

    Oh my gosh! Citrus Lane I’d share with my lovely friend who just had a baby about a week ago. PopSugar I’d probably send to myself, cherry-pick a few items, and share the makeup with someone who’d actually use it. And Pawalla! My cats would definitely enjoy some pampering. 🙂

  175. Blaire

    Box distribution:
    Citrus Lane – My Kiddo, it will help with entertainment!
    Pawalla – Our 5 yr old Australian Shepherd
    PopSugar – This Momma – I deserve a gift too!!

  176. Mary m

    Citrus lane: my pregnant coworker

    Pop sugar: ME!!

    Pawalla: my brother’s cat, princess kitty

  177. Lisa Michalczuk

    I would keep citrus for my littles and the one on way. Popsugar to the teacher in my hall who has been busting her butt to get in shape. Pawalla to my sister for her animals! GO WHITE! MSU alum here!

  178. Andy

    Citrus Lane goes to my brother.
    Pawalla goes to my future dog.
    Popsugar goes to my girlfriend.

  179. brandy

    can’t i just be selfish and keep everything for myself? srsly i have friends that would love to have any of these.

  180. Viv

    Lilee wants that Pawalla box and I’m sure she’d share with her dog buddies too.

  181. Gyps

    If I won Citrus Lane I’d give it to one of my new friends (possibly as bribery to keep her around). She has a 15 month old and I think she’d be thrilled/surprised to get it.

    I’d probably give her the Popsugar box too because I already have a subscription and since we live nearby we could potentially swap out things from our boxes.

    I’d keep the Pawella because I have two semi-spoiled dogs that love anything I give them.

  182. Rose D.

    Citrus Lane would go to my younger sister who just had a baby. Pop sugar would go to my baby sister, who is going through a rough patch and deserves something nice. Pawalla I would keep for my kitty cat.

  183. Patti

    I would keep Citrus Lane for my son because I love it. We received a 3 month subscription for his birthday from a friend and it just ran out, nooooooooooo!

  184. ana

    I love your giveaways! They are so fun. I have yet to win but it’s so much fun just to play. I love reading your blog in the morning while drinking my coffee. It’s my new morning thing. I am now hooked on boxes. Which my kids ,dogs and hubby are thankful for.

  185. Kristie

    I would keep the one for dogs, PopSugar would go to my sister in law, and I would keep the kid one. 🙂

  186. ana

    I am sorry I forgot to tell you what I would do with the boxes if I won. I would honestly keep them for myself. If I won the popsugar and I have gotten that box I would give to my sister Rosie.

  187. Marisa X

    The CL I would give it to my son Aiden. We love Citrus Lane! The others I would give it to my cousin who is pregnant. Thanks for the opportunity!

  188. Julianne Leffler

    PopSugar….not gonna lie, I’d keep it for myself and possibly share with my sister!

  189. Julianne Leffler

    Citrus Lane…..I would gift it to my 15 month old daughter of course!

  190. Julianne Leffler

    Pawella I would give to my doggy niece Molly! She’d love it!

  191. Kyra

    The Citrus Lane box for my 4 yr old son and Popsugar for ME!


    Would love to win PopSugar. They are THE BEST!

  193. Misty Martin

    I would give Pawalla to my dog Cow. Citrus lane to my great sister-in-law who is due in Aug. Pop sugar ME ME ME I want to try it!! Thanks

  194. Erin

    Would love to give the PopSugar box to my beautiful sister – she needs a treat!

  195. wendi

    I would keep the pop sugar for myself, no doubt.

    The citrus Lane I would give to a coworker and the Pawella to my dog niece Daisy.

  196. Norma

    Citrus Lane to my friend & her baby!!
    Popsugar…. Ummm for myself!!!! 🙂
    Pawella to my Boston Terriers, Artie & Gracie Mae!!

  197. Travis

    My doggie Zoe is hoping I win. 😀

  198. Kelly D

    Popsugar for ME!!

  199. caitlin

    My son, me, and my dogs

  200. Inna M

    Would love to win

  201. Kathy

    I have wanted to try popsugar and would love the 3 month subscription.

  202. Sara N

    I would love to give citrus lane to my brother and sister in law who are finally pregnant with their second! She is due the first week in April! (so soon!!)

  203. Sara N

    If I won popsugar or pawalla, I would have to be honest and admit I would selfishly keep them for myself because I have never had a box before! Plus April 1 is my birthday so I could consider it a gift, right?! I know my yorkie or cats would love it!

  204. Sara

    Just cancelled my popsugar subscription due to budgeting…. this would be such great timing!! 🙂

  205. Brittany

    I would love to win any of the three giveaways! I just started my subscription to Citrus Lane so if I won that one I would divide up the products for each of my pregnant friends (I have at least 5 pregnant friends right now… there must be something in the water) as baby shower gifts. The other boxes I would probably keep (and not even feel bad about it!) I’ve been wanting to try PopSugar and this is the first time I’ve heard of Pawalla. Also, I love that you are doing these huge giveaways because you’re in a good mood. I’m the same way. One of my best friends and I will do that too but instead of awesome give aways like yours we will like something of each others and then say “Oh, you like that shirt? You can have it!” or “You can borrow that for a really long time!” Giving things to people is such a great feeling. And winning isnt so bad either 😉

  206. Kelly

    Would love to win pop sugar!! been dying to try it

  207. Valentina

    These giveaways are amazing!

  208. Sara D

    I would love to win Citrus Lane. I would keep Pop Sugar for myself cause I’m greedy!

  209. Jennifer Cochran

    Citrus Lane would be tough – I have FOUR siblings are siblings in law with babies that are less than 18 months old.

    Pawalla would go to our poor dog. The cats are 10x as spoiled as he is, so Dusty would get the treats. 🙂

    Popsugar? Probably me! I’d share though, a little, since I already get one!

  210. Dani

    I would love the Pawalla box for my dogs/cats and the Popsugar box for myself.

  211. Stephanie S.

    I’d be super excited to win any sort of subscription box. Eek!!

  212. Samantha L

    Wow, this is a great giveaway! I would especially like the PopSugar Must Have subscription!

  213. Jayme

    I would most likely keep the PopSugar Must Have Box and the Pawalla Box for myself/my cats. They would love sime treats/toys. The Citrus Lane Box, though, I’d send it to a friend/coworker who is actually due to have her first baby, a boy, this Thursday.

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