April Favorite Things Giveaway!

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Favorite Things

Eeek! It’s time for the April Favorite Things Giveaway! For some reason I had trouble deciding what to do this month. You were all so excited about last month’s that I didn’t want to disappoint you know? I settled on a beach theme this month because summer is all I can think about these days! Here’s what’s up for grabs this month:

~Supergoop ‘City & Sand’ Sunscreen Set ($35): I LOVE Supergoop and, of course, you should always wear sunscreen when at the beach.  Also, that little tote?  Love it!
~MICHAEL Michael Kors 62mm Aviator Sunglasses ($115): I am dying for a pair of aviators and these are fabulous.  Nothing fancy.  Just a great pair of sunglasses.
~J.Crew Farmers Market Tote ($49.50): I am usually not into straw totes, but something about this one speaks to me.
~Apple iPod Nano ($149): I’m going to let you pick the color, but I’d go for the aqua!  I want one of these for B and I this summer on the patio so we can throw this in the sound dock and don’t have to reply on one of our phones for music (mine has two songs so we clearly won’t be using that).
~Pacific Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes ($6): Even if you plan in winning this giveaway, run to Target and get these so you have some for now.  They smell amazing.
~“Drinking & Tweeting” by Brandy Glanville ($14): Brandy is hysterical and so is this book.  That girl has no filter.  What’s not to love?
~Nordstrom Gift Card ($50): I can’t exactly pick out a swim suit for you or a pair of sandals, but I at least thought I’d help you a little but ;).  Get some nail polish too because I wanted to include some, but it’s a hassle to ship.
~TanTowel Self-Tanner Towelettes ($24): I love that summer glow and these are the safe answer!  If you haven’t tried them, you should!

All totaled, this giveaway has a value of $442.50!!!   And once again, I want to win it for myself.  And since people always ask why I do giveaways, I do it to say THANK YOU to you all for reading, using my affiliate links (which I am certain annoy some people and I am sorry), buying Tupperware, etc.  I am so thankful and want to make sure you know!  And I don’t even need to tell you to read the rules, you know that ;).  I feel like I should add this though:

This giveaway is in Rafflecopter. You should see the box below.  If not, try a different browser, your phone, a different computer, whatever.  It’s there.  You may enter once a day, but it MUST be 24 hours after you entered last.  Rafflecopter flat out won’t let you enter sooner than 24 hours.  This giveaway will end on 4/18/13 at 11:59pm (which also happens to be B’s birthday, but I assure you he won’t win this).


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  1. Alexia561

    My Summer must haves are a good pair of sunglasses and a hat, then I’m good to go!

  2. Shannon

    My Summer Must Haves Are My Nook For Sunbathing, Coconut Lotion From Bath And Body, And Summer Dresses.

  3. Angela

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! Summer must-haves are bright nail polish (we are covered with Julep on that one) and a great BB cream (I recommend Skin 79 Bright Pink) because foundation is just too heavy and it gives you protection from the sun.

  4. Kellie

    Summer Must Haves: Old Navy Flip Flops, you cannot go wrong with buying 10 different color combos for $2.50, and getting new ones every year esp when they do $1 flip flop day! <3, tons of Chapsticks, Green Aloe Vera gel for sunburn, and tons of trashy novels for the beach.

  5. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Must have fun bright colored nail polish!!

  6. Sandra

    The only thing that I absolutely must have is sunblock

  7. Norma

    Summer must haves are a cute bag, monogrammed towel, sunglasses (I need some new ones, mine are 4 years old), sunscreen, SPF lip balm, flip flops, & an insulated cup to keep the drink cool by the pool. Love this giveaway… I’m making my husband enter too!!!! Lol

  8. marie s

    OMGTHISISAMAZING! I am soooo loving the sunglasses! thanks for doing these drawings!

  9. Stephanie Bradshaw

    My summer must haves:

    * sunscreen
    * swimsuit
    * a good book on my Nook
    * comfy Capri pants and cute comfy tank tops
    * warm weather
    * flip flops
    * sunglasses
    * some good music on my iPod
    * lip balm
    * and a really cute summer purse/tote

  10. Melissa M

    Love the Michael Kors sunglasses AND the j.crew tote. so cute. my summer must haves include tanning oil, sun glasses, maxi dresses and whatever iced starbucks drink I am in the mood for that day

  11. Debi B

    Thanks for other great contest! All of the items are great ,I love the tote bag, sunglasses,oh heck, I love everything!
    I hope you get tons more followers , you have a great blog

  12. Claire H.

    Definitely sunscreen- I am extremely fair-skinned!

  13. Alena

    What an awesome give away! My summer must haves are flip flops,sunglasses and bugspray! Living in Upstate NY, that’s a must! 🙂

  14. Kim

    This is such a great giveaway!! My summer must haves are a fun novel, bubble tea, frozen yogurt, cute flip flops, sunscreen, and pretty floral sundresses!!

  15. Kristina Cruz

    summer must haves for me sunglasses, flip flops and lip gloss!

  16. Jill

    Sunglasses, sunblock, the beach (YEA JERSEY) and gossip mags 😉

  17. Riann

    Sunglasses, polished toe nails, footwear that doesn’t require sunblock – and casual, comfy dresses!

  18. Leah

    My summer must haves are a great pair of sunglasses and my kindle!

  19. Liz Allen

    Totally unrelated to this post, LOL, but seriously with that banana bar? It looks so DELICIOUS!!!

  20. Jenny

    Air conditioning 🙂 Really I can’t be in NC all summer without it. I might just melt. LOL

  21. Jen

    My summer must haves: new beach towels, kindle, beach bag, trashy mags, sunglasses and sunscreen!
    Another great giveaway — thanks!!

  22. Erin

    My summer must haves are flip flops and sundresses!

  23. Leigh

    hmmm… the must-have I’m hoping to NOT need this summer is swimmy diapers! Yay for potty training! The ones I still need are sunblock, a great book, and a big hat!

    And as always, gorgeous collage! I’m in awe!

  24. Lily S.

    My summer must haves are a good pair of cute, comfy sandals, and a nice, lightweight cardigan!

  25. kirstyn

    Sunblock, sunglasses, and lip balm

  26. Danni

    I love my sun smarties pop up kids tent. Sunscreen is such a pain for those impromptu backyard picnics.

  27. kellyann

    My summer must haves is my nook and beach chair! I also love that Tan Towels are in your April favorite things! I use the lotion everyday in the summer and the towels once a week! It really gives you an awesome glow!

  28. antoniapavone@gmail.com

    My summer must haves are sunglasses, sunscreen and a cool drink in my hand to help beat the heat when Im poolside : )

  29. Mary

    My summer must haves are bright nails, bright sunglasses and hiking shoes!

  30. Dawn

    Tons of flip flops, a variety of chapsticks, comfy sunglasses, Better Homes and Gardens magazine and something cool to drink!

  31. Kyla (The Box Bitch)

    My summer must-haves are Tom Petty music (always), Julep Ally bright blue nail polish, and some shades!

  32. Shelby

    My Summer Must-Haves: a great summer nail polish: thinking corals. Vera Bradley bag to use as a beach tote! A pair of comfy tevas! Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids : summer is perfect to rock that bold lip. And DRESSES!

  33. chelsea

    i love your blog!

  34. jessica

    A great pair of sunglasses!!

  35. Jocelyn Dunlop

    Air conditioning is my summer must have! MUST HAVE.

  36. Erin

    Flip Flops, good books and a trip to Nantucket.

  37. Jayme

    My summer must haves are:
    Sunscreen- I burn easily & look like a lobster!
    Lotion to keep legs looking nice & smooth
    Bright nail polish (thanks Julep for filling this one!)
    Cute flip-flops
    iPad/iPhone with books/music to read/listen to by the pool

  38. Ashley

    My Kindle! Always my Kindle. The only reason I have a large purse is so I can carry it with me everywhere I go. Chapstick is the other must have.

  39. Sara

    Wow! What a great giveaway – I love all of it but especially the nano, beach bag and sunglasses. Bring on summer!

  40. Sara

    Awesome giveaway! My must haves are sunglasses, sun screen and a babysitter, lol!

  41. melissa

    Must have sun glasses, good book, and lounge chair

  42. Nicole

    I need a new pair of sandals bad..nothing has caught my eye yet though.

  43. Sam L

    My must have for the summer is a getaway to the beach!

  44. Sara

    Oops…forgot to add my summer must-haves: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I lost my Mom last year to melanoma so I take protecting my skin very seriously! Flip-flops are an absolute must, too!

  45. Pilar Buford

    My summer must haves are: Sunscreen, a great book, lip balm, nice weather, and my doggie…

  46. Kelsey N.

    My summer must haves are flip flops and some bright painted toes. I also always cannot be without some lip balm.

  47. Heather

    Some of my summer must haves are some new ones I just got….some awesome 31 bags! A good maxi dress and lots and lots of flip flops!!!

  48. Kali

    Love, love, love this giveway!!! You have such good taste :)!

  49. Cayla

    So fun!- My summer must haves are sunglasses, comfy sandals for chasing the kiddos and sunscreen!

  50. Alice

    Supportive pair of flip flops (like made of leather and has a real sole and not so scary to drive in. Need to find a new pair since my Rockport ones had to be stitched back together) and Bright nail polish for the toes.

  51. Pattie

    This list for April is awesome. I love the tote and sunglasses – I may have to go buy that tote right now!

  52. Amanda

    Sunblock, because even though I live in Maine, my pasty white paleness ensures that I will end up with a major sunburn if I stp outside for 10 seconds in the summer without it.

  53. Brooke

    My summer must haves are a good book and some shade! 🙂

  54. Lauren Miller

    My summer must haves are for one, a tan! Which I need to get working on (I live in Arizona there really is no excuse to be as white as I am), a cute pair of flip-flops or two or ten pairs, and a vacation back home to the mid-west (Which I just bought plane tickets a week or so ago, yay)!!!!!

  55. Jessica Rabbit

    Good bright nail polish, and a great pair of sunglasses. Plus a TON of sunscreen for my pale, pale skin.

  56. ashlee frafjord

    Amazing giveaway!! My summer must haves are bright nail polish, a book on my kindle, and sunscreen.

  57. Nicole

    Love it! summer must haves: summer dresses and sunscreen!

  58. Viv

    My summer must haves include coral nail polish and sunglasses. Last year, they also included a skort from Target that really looked like a skirt.

    Those pacifica wipes are amazing! I just got a pack for my gym bag. They smell great and do a good job at cleaning without stinging my face!

  59. Kimberlee

    thank you so much for all the awesome giveaways!!!
    my summer must haves are a big floppy hat, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 100+, ice water infused with cucumber slices, my sunglasses, cute flip flops in every color of the rainbow, and my grill (for cooking outdoors, it gets HOT in Texas, sometimes too hot to use the stove or over)

  60. Carri

    The aviators are what I am here for! 🙂 Summer must-haves: maxi skirt/dress, windows down & music up, and sunglasses!!

  61. Monica

    Dear Jennifer – will you please get a job at PopSugar curating their boxes? I think you would be good at it. Thanks. xoxoxo, Monica

    PS – my summer must haves are sunscreen, a fresh pedi and a nice cold beer.

  62. Alice H

    My AC went out last summer, it was the worst so I would have to say AC.

  63. Lesley

    My summer must-haves are Topsiders (can’t stand flip flops!), my DHC lip creme, trashy romance novels and those frozen wine cooler pouches (or as I like to call them, adult juice boxes 🙂 )

    Soooo excited for this giveaway!

  64. Sarah H

    Summer must haves: books, sunscreen, cute sunglasses

  65. Lisa Uselman

    This is AMAZING!! What a wonderful giveaway! You are so awesome 🙂

  66. Rachel

    My summer must have is NARS Laguna Bronzer

  67. Kayla

    This is awesome!! Thanks for a great blog and the chance to win awesome giveaway items!! 🙂 You’re awesome and your boys are adorable!

  68. Noelle B.

    Sunscreen, flip flops, and I really need to invest in a giant floppy hat!

  69. Lauren

    Awesome must haves for April! This is perfect for Spring Break and summer!!! Thank you!

  70. Tuyet K

    What an amazing giveaway! Would love to win.

  71. Jamie

    Summer must haves flip flops, sundresses, self tanner (this should be first I am pasty Bella white), and a great book and when I say a great book I mean not Pulitzer great but fifty shades great

    I so want everything on here awesome April giveaway so excited

  72. Donia

    Great giveaway! My summer must haves are a good book, tanning oil, bright nail polish, sundresses, my havaianas, and popsicles- I eat at least one a day everyday during the summer.

  73. Lauren

    PS: Love this give away!!! I want it!!!

  74. Megan

    Sugar lipgloss and a tall glass of pink lemonade!

  75. Ashley

    My summer must have? SUNSCREEN. I burn in .2 seconds when out in the summer sun..

  76. Stephanie

    Summer must haves are flips flops, sun dresses, a tan, a book and ice coffee!

  77. ana

    My summer must have sunscreen good music and reef flip flops. A good pair of sunglasses.

  78. Suzanne

    I must have everything in this giveaway! LOL Actually, good friends, good frozen “adult” drinks, sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book & my toes in the sand!

  79. Melissa

    My Summer must haves: cute sunglasses & flip flops, sunscreen, a fun read, lip gloss, a floppy hat & lemonade/sweet tea/alcoholic beverage 🙂

  80. Inna M

    Love the sunglasses and of course I-pad with such a cute colors 🙂

  81. Sarah

    Amazing giveaway!! Great layout btw:) I love all of these items!!

  82. Lisa

    Another great contest Jen! My summer must have is MARGARITAS!!!

  83. Inna M

    My summer must have is deffinetly sunscreen and sunglasses

  84. Erin

    My summer must-haves are a cute tote, books, sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen and self-tanner (I’m pretty fair). Thanks for another great giveaway!!!

  85. Katie Petersen

    Bright nail polishes, fun sunglasses, sunless tanner and lots of moisturizer!

  86. Margo

    Thank you!! I would love the aviators!!!!

  87. Susan

    A crazy strong sunscreen, a good pair of sunglasses and a HUGE hat!
    Oh! and a strawberry daquiri. 😉

  88. Sonya M.

    Summer must haves: sunglasses, spray sunscreen, cute flip flops & beach vacations!

  89. Kirstin G.

    Summer nust haves:
    *A good book or two (Maybe three)
    *arts and crafts to do with the children
    *water toys for the kiddos
    *lots of water
    *patience for the next school year

  90. Anne Marie

    Summer must haves- books, hat, swimsuit iPod

  91. Joann

    Sunscreen for the day and Air conditioning for the night.

  92. jmd

    Sunscreen, cold water, air conditioning and a convertible!

  93. Brianna

    Have to agree on the sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, and a hat!
    Love to escape to a nice cold movie theatre when the weather gets to be too much here in Austin!

  94. Michelle R

    Great items – even though I live in Southern California I’m super pale so sunscreen is always a must! A good book, some ice tea, and a day of air conditioned shopping are my summer must haves.

  95. Chrissi

    Summer must haves are new fun sunglasses, flip flops (the slippers of summer) and some SPF Chapstick!

  96. Rebecca

    Awesome giveaway, thank you so much!!! You crack me up on a daily basis!!

  97. Jen K

    Summer Must Haves – A vacation!
    Flip Flops and a large stylish sun hat.

  98. Shannon

    This is awesome!!! I really like the tote and of course the ipod
    ..but the sun glasses are kinda cool too. I love maxi dresses for summer…:) I would get one with that gift card:)

  99. Elyse

    Summer must haves: sunglasses, sunscreen, and a pedicure!

  100. Sue

    What a great giveaway!!!! My summer must haves are reef flip flops, a great sundress, new sunglasses and a funny book for the beach!

  101. Abby

    Summer must haves: a cute bathing suit, a bunch of awesome books, a ton of apples, water, and cute nail polish!

  102. tiffany c

    sunscreen and cute dresses!!

  103. Brandy Fisk

    Sunscreen, sandals, capris, lemon ice, and a wagon for the kiddos!

  104. Kristen

    Wow, another awesome giveaway! My summer must haves are –
    Sunscreen, a pile of magazines, a cute tumbler to hold an ice cold beverage, sunglasses and a babysitter from time to time 🙂

  105. Liz

    I just moved to Arizona where it is already feeling like summer! Some of my must haves are a good book, friends, a cute suit, and a big floppy hat!

  106. Kyra

    My summer must haves are good beach reads, sunglasses, cute swimsuits, this year I totally bought one of those floppy hats, lots of flip flops, bright nail polish, colorful beach towels and a cute tote bag!

  107. Kira

    You are awesome! My must haves are air conditioning and flip flops.

  108. Dana A

    My summer must-haves are a great beach bag, sunscreen, flip-flops, summer make-up and a camera to capture the fun memories!

  109. Katy

    This is awesome! Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

    1. Katy

      Summer must haves: swim suit, good book, sand, waves, and sun!

  110. Michelle

    My summer must haves….

    A good book
    Comfy capris
    Manicures (can’t wait for my first one of the season)
    Yummy summer cocktails

    Thanks for another fun give away! 🙂

  111. Alicia

    You did a really great job with this giveaway!! In my opinion it is better than last months.

    My summer must haves are a big floppy hat (which I just got, yay!), dry oil tanning oil, and my nook to keep me entertained beach or poolside.

  112. Jamie

    My summer must have is a vacation!!!!!

  113. Sabre Pacheco

    My summer must haves are sunscreen, a giant hat, and a bikini body;) Wish me luck on that last one!

  114. Susan


  115. Susan

    Definitely flip flops

  116. Blaire

    Must Have: Sun Glasses, Sunscreen, Sandals, Swimsuit, Sun Hat

  117. Kayla


  118. Jennifer Frank-Lopez

    My flip flops, my iPad, my beach chair, something cold to drink and my feet in the sand. That definitely makes me one happy girl 🙂

  119. Desi

    Sunscreen, sunglasses, and some good beach reads

  120. Emily KG

    I must have nail polish, sunglasses, sunscreen, tank tops and bronzer.

    I wanna win!

  121. Carly

    Ooohhhhh….I need a good book, comfy beach chair, and sunglasses and I am good to go!

  122. Katie

    My summer must haves are sunglasses, sunscreen, some good music, bright colors, and wind in my hair!

  123. Jess

    Wow!!!! Another great giveaway!!

  124. Aimee

    Summer must haves are definately sun screen (I’m pasty as all hell and have had sun poisoning before!) Yoga capris and flip flops!

  125. Jill

    My summer must have: my Kindle Fire!

  126. Jodi

    My summer must haves are sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, cute flip flops and a pedicure to go with!

  127. Stephanie

    My summer must have shade…..I know it sounds silly, but I love to be outside but the sun is not my friend. I wear lots of sunblock and still get burnt. So a chair in the shade and a drink are my must haves.

    Great giveaway.

  128. Melody

    Loads of good books,my ipod, and lot’s of fun nights!

  129. Pam Lodge

    My Nook, pedicure and a spray tan

  130. Robyn

    My summer must-haves are sunscreen, a cold drink, good music and books!

  131. Lorns

    Summer must haves are definitely my sunglasses. (Some sun would also be nice, our last few summers have been pretty low on that!)

  132. Jennifer M

    My summer must-haves are sunglasses, cute sandals, and of course bright nail polish. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  133. Britt

    My summer must-haves are sunglasses, dresses and flip-flops!
    I also love to have a cool drink in my hand, while reading away at the beach. Summer, I sure miss you!

  134. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    You are so awesome! Those aviators are oh so pretty.

  135. Angie Petkoff

    Summer must haves: pretty toes, fun new flip flops/sandals, sunglasses, floppy hat, comfy sundress, and this summer….fun baby summer goodies!!!! So excited for a summer that I can enjoy with my little one. This giveaway would be icing on the cake!!!!

  136. Chrissy S

    My summer must have’s are music, ice tea, neon colored nails, sunglasses, and friends!

  137. Jenn

    How did you know exactly what I needed for summer? Awesome giveaway as always!

  138. Gina F.

    My Summer must haves are my hawaiian tropics sun screen…I love the smell so yummy and tons of good reads on my nook!!

  139. RMH

    My summer must haves:
    ballet flats
    lip balm
    tote bag

  140. Sara M

    My summer must haves are my flip flops, gloss, and my Clinique bronzer. Follow it up with an ice cold drink, pool and a good book.

  141. katrina

    I love sandals, toenail polish, beach bags and towels!

  142. Shannon Dew

    Summer must haves for me are sunscreen, good bronzer, blonde hair and a good book

  143. Brittany

    Pretty sure all of your must haves are on my list 🙂 great giveaway 🙂

  144. jacque

    This is such an amazing and generous giveaway! I love love love all these brands (especially Pacifica).

  145. Shelly

    My Summer Must Have is defiantly Sunglasses!!

  146. Lyuda

    New books! And fun summer activities.

  147. Erin

    My must haves are sunglasses, flipflops and a tall glass of sweet tea…or beer =)

  148. Mindi

    My summer must haves are sunscreen and big sunglasses! Trying to stave off those wrinkles!

  149. Kelly G.

    Summer must haves include a great pair of sunglasses, a cute bikini, bright colored nails and tropical drinks!!

  150. Lisa

    Summer must-haves are sunscreen, a good hat or scarf to keep my crazy frizzy hair out of my way, good tunes, cold beverages, sunglasses and swim diapers/rash guard for my little boy. It is still freezing here in NYC, come on spring!

  151. Debbie F.

    My summer must haves are my favorite RayBan sunnies, a lightweight sundress from Anthropologie, my comfy sandals and a floppy hat. Oh yeah and some good sunscreen and a good read!

  152. Rose D.

    My Summer must haves are sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Gotta protect your skin!

  153. Laura

    My summer must have is Aveeno sunscreen-every day!

  154. Courtney

    I read some of the Brandi book on my Kindle (didn’t buy it just the preview) it was hilarious. She doesn’t hold back at all.

    I need new sunglasses. Bad.

  155. clarisse

    another great giveaway!!!! looks amazing for summer. I love a nice pair of aviators and a good book. Fingers crossed again!

  156. terri s

    must haves; I love cheap sunglasses so I can have many pairs also crazy in love with yellow-box and havianas flip-flops. I wanna win this stuff bad it’s awesome 🙂

  157. Jessica B

    A pair of Keens, and some spray on Zinc

  158. Lauren S

    My summer go to’s are those Tan Towels!

  159. rachel

    Sunscreen, iced coffee, a juicy novel and ice cream!!

  160. christine h.

    Summer must haves:
    lip balm w/ spf
    tank tops
    and a light cardigan because every store/restaurant/ basically everywhere is blasting their ac.

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks 🙂

  161. Kate!

    These are all awesome, I would use every single item!

  162. Abby

    Flip Flops are my summer must have!

  163. melanie

    Sunscreen! my favorites are blue lizard, epionce, and i am loving honest’s new reformulated sunscreen!

  164. gabby

    My summer must haves are cute sandals, a swimsuit coverup, sunscreen, and tinted chapstick.

  165. Sarah

    I live in the south and we have warm summer weather at least 8 months out of the year which is GLORIOUS compared to upstate NY… the things I couldn’t live without:
    -Breathable cotton sundresses so I can be covered & cute, but not miserable and sweaty
    -Big sunglasses.. I generally get them from Target.
    -A good book, either paper or on my Nook
    -A big water bottle to stay hydrated
    -Good sunscreen.. I am terrified of skin cancer and I’m fairly pale with lots of moles
    -Flip-flops… I detest real shoes, and only wear them when it rains or drops below 50F.. summer requires multiple pairs, a pair for the beach, a pair for going out to dinner, one for bumming around the house on a lazy Saturday.

    If I don’t win this contest I’ll definitely b

  166. Avery Germaine

    I have to have my Ray-Ban’s and VS swimsuit.

  167. Kathy

    Sunscreen, SPF chapstick, and flip flops! Summer can’t come soon enough here!

  168. Tori

    My summer must-haves are:

    -a nice tan
    -a good pedicure
    -a comfy sundress

  169. Kristin Lockwood

    My summer must haves…
    Good Sunglasses. I normally get a Coach pair every year and have had a pair of Maui Jim’s for years (until Nathan used them and lost them last year- no more unisex/non RX glasses for me). 2 weeks ago I got my first pair of RX RayBan Aviators. Love them!

    Flip flops- old navy is just fine! I buy a ton of them and wear them out! I still like cute sandals, but I live in flip flops.

    Blonde Hair! Lol. Does that count???

    I usually buy some new OPI nail polish but, I just got the free Julep Maven box from your links and I’m loving the colors that I got in “BombShell”.

    Bottled Water
    Hair Clip/hairbands
    Sunscreen and after sun lotion
    The Pool (saltwater) @ Bob & Judy’s House
    A vacation- even if its a weekend family trip

  170. Nia

    My summer must is a manicure.

  171. Sarah

    Sunglasses, a good book, and a vacation!

  172. Courtney

    Summer must have: warm weather, comfy porch chair, and lots of outside activities for the little guy all day!

  173. Erica Logan

    My summer must haves include a swimsuit, beach chair, sprinkler, and a margarita! The beach is not even a must have!

  174. Caroline P

    summer must haves: kindle, burberry sunglasses, good sunscreen, a great hat & a beach chair!

  175. Lily

    awesome that you keep doing these 🙂

  176. Val

    Awesome giveaway! My summer must-haves are sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat, sun shirt, swimsuit, coverup dress, flip flops and a pedicure! I don’t wear them all at once, lol. They all have their time and place (I have fair skin).

  177. aleece

    great giveaway

  178. Valentina

    Love those sunglasses!

  179. Danielle

    Seriously, some of these subscription box companies need to hire you as a consultant! I love your custom giveaways and how in-tune with the styles of today and fresh for the season. You’re like the little fairy box-mother who guides us girls to all things fabulous! Thanks for these amazing giveaways!!!

  180. Crystal

    Sunglasses & skirts!

  181. Ashley Hardman

    My summer must haves are a good pair of *huge* sunglasses, tons of tank tops, a good pair of ripped up…well-worn jeans, fresh air, and some sunscreen!

  182. Jenni C.

    My summer must haves are a comfortable suit, a great cover up, and lots of sunscreen.

  183. Kelly D

    My must haves are a comfortable pair of sandals, a wide brim hat, SPF lotion and sunglasses.

  184. Tia

    My summer must haves are flip flops, capris, and tank tops!!

  185. shannon w

    Summer musthaves are Sunscreen, sunglasses and iced tea.

  186. melissa g

    OMG Ive been dying to read that book!

  187. Janaya

    Summer Must haves.. hmm.. fro yo, bright polish (on my toes) the beach, and lots of lemonade!!

  188. Katelyn B.

    This would be great thank you!! 🙂

  189. Katelyn B.

    My Summer must haves are flip flops, a maxi dress, sunglasses, and a big tote.

  190. Breanne

    Nail polish and smoothies!

  191. amanda

    sunglasses, sunscreen and a pool are my necessities. Now with the baby, I’m assuming that a baby hat will also be a must!

  192. Jackie

    My summer haves always include my flip flips, a floppy hat and a beach chair. Oh and a swimsuit!

  193. Kelly D

    I have wanted those sunglasses forever! Love

  194. L Ryan

    My summer Must Haves are:
    flip flops

    Chevy Stevens new book Always Watching

    Kate Karyus Quinn new book Another Little Piece

    sweet pair of sunglasses

    cute sun dress

    and of coarse an endless supply of margaritas 😀

    Can’t wait for summer!!!!

  195. jeanine

    must have is an awesome book

  196. Kate

    What a great giveaway! Bright nailpolish is my summer must-have.

  197. Angela Yeremenko

    Flip flops, sunglasses, and chapstick.

  198. Jennifer

    My summer essentials include cute sandals, sunnies, sun hat, and SPF, both for myself and my daughters. And in Oregon, some sun would be nice too!

  199. casiusher1018@yahoo.com

    My summer must have is a new beach tote, even if I don’t plan on going to the beach, I have a thing for bags totes and luggage summer is just an excuse for another cute bag… Thanks for the giveaway…

    Xoxo your pretty

  200. Caitlin

    Must haves for summer have got to be sunglasses, flip flops, wedge sandals, Neon nail polish, pink lip products and fruity cocktails 🙂 xoxo


  201. Mackenzie

    My summer must-haves are bare feet, maxi skirts, sunglasses, and sweet iced tea!

  202. Laura DeRosa

    Hi love!

    Just discovered this blog and completely in love!! Actually saved your Blog page to my iphone main page (lol). My Spring Must Haves are AMAZING Sunglasses, Pink Pedicures, cute hats, scarves and a great SPF! Thanks for all of your GREAT insight! I look forward to reading all your posts in the future!

  203. Ashley

    Flip flops!!

  204. Laura C.

    Sunglasses, flip-flops, a floppy hat, and sunscreen!

  205. Advocarerunner

    I wanna win!! Mine is new Sperry’s, margaritas, bright nail polish, tank tops, new running shorts, the list goes on…

  206. Annette

    my must haves are the Japanese Biore sunscreen (great spf with a light moisturizer texture you cant detect in seconds), cute sandals (always!), and bronzer for that non pasty glow

  207. Maddy

    SPF for hitting the beach!

  208. Tara

    You have the best giveaways! My summer must haves are a good book, time to relax, some anti frizz stuff 4 my hair and cute sunglasses!

  209. Elisabeth

    Anything to do with lemons is my summer must have… lemonade, lemon scented candles 🙂

  210. Shannon

    My summer must haves are: a good sunscreen, worn in flip flops and a cold beer. 😉

  211. Angela

    Hmmmmm, my summer must haves would be Sunglasses, My Camera (duh) and I am thinking about trying out one of those Keratin treatments. My Anne Hathaway short hair may have serious issues with the summer humidity. Supposedly the Keratin treatment will help me have perfectly straight hair despite the MI humidity. hmmmm Thanks for giveaways and all you do! Truly awesomeness!

  212. Olga

    My summer must-haves are lots of fun dresses.

  213. Rebecca

    Flip flops, a few good books, lots of hair ties to keep my hair up, sunglasses, facial wipes and lots of body spray (totally a paranoid girl about body odor!) 🙂 Ohhhh and chapstick with SPF for sure.

  214. Abby

    A comfy pair of sandals and sunglasses!

  215. kia Thomas

    Summer must have are definitely bright nail polishes and holographic ones too!!

  216. Catherine C

    summer must-haves: sunglasses, sunscreen, sandals, hair clip, swimsuit, ice cream! 🙂

    thank you!

  217. Tiffany

    My summer must haves are flip flips, bright nail polish, sunglasses and lots of my Skin Trip coconut lotion!

  218. Mary Q.

    Woo hoo! What a fun giveaway. 🙂

    My summer must-haves include a sturdy pair of sunglasses, something with SPF that absorbs well, bright nail polish, fun flip flops, and a good razor! I’m totally ready to work from my front porch again, whenever the weather decides to cooperate.

  219. michele

    summer must haves: sunscreen, glamour magazine and a bright pedi!!!

  220. Erica G.

    I always have to have a pair of sunglasses sitting on my head during the summer! I almost feel naked without them.

  221. Tangy

    My must-haves are a nice pair of sandals, bright lipstick and some great reading material.

  222. Erika

    Booze and sunscreen 😉

  223. mell

    My summer must haves are a great pair of shades, a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen.

  224. Sakinah

    my summer must have is sunscreen 🙂

  225. kate w

    My summer must haves are sunscreen, sunglasses, and a good book!

  226. Lynn in MD

    Lots of sunscreen, swim trunks, & swim shirts. The boys & I live at the pool in the summer 🙂

  227. Lexi

    Must haves? Good sun dress and a pair of sun glasses!

  228. Hannah

    Those sunglasses are gorgeous!

  229. Kristen

    Sunglasses, white sandals, iced tea, lemonade, tickets to a baseball game.

  230. Vicki S

    Sunscreen, waterproof mascara, natural foundation/concealer that doesn’t cause breakouts and I can use sparingly for touch-ups (I hate cake-face), bathing-suit, flip-flops, bright nailpolish 🙂

  231. Greta

    Sunglasses, a book and a pool!

  232. lisa

    my summer must haves include sunscreen, sunglasses and salt (for margaritas)

  233. sunchicka

    Sandals and a bikini!

  234. Jennifer Cochran

    My summer must haves are a nanny and… oh wait. 🙂 For us summer is about driving, so I’m glad I have a comfortable vehicle to drive in and money for gas!

    PS. I’m going on a 4 generation cruise this summer, so clearly I *need* to win your giveaway this month. Also, I signed up for Blogloving just to get the points!

  235. Judy Louie

    This is another great giveaway! My summer musts are a beach vacation, sunscreen, a good book, and oversized sunglasses.

  236. Charlotte Conway-Lusted

    Sunglasses, Bright colored nail polish, Flipflops, BB Cream and so many more things 🙂

  237. Brianne

    Hmmm…sunglasses, air conditioner and fan on full blast and popsicles! As always, thank you so much for the awesome giveaway!! 😀

  238. Farida

    Maxi dresses and flip flops!

  239. Krystal

    Sunscreen is my friend! 🙂 sunglasses, my water bottle, and watermelon!!

  240. Arrie

    New flip flops and tons of summer books!

  241. Stefanie Gladden

    sunless tanning lotion, shick intuition razor, urban decay’s naked palette, neon colored shorts, and tons of dresses!

  242. Whitney

    Yay for summer giveaways!! I’m on SoCal and I must admit that it’d getting pretty warm here! Can’t wait for that little breeze to go away so I can bring my little love outside for some Vitamin D more often!!

  243. Janine

    My summer must haves are large black sunglasses, a light non-greasy sunscreen, Bumble&Bumble surf spray, Old Navy flip flops, an over-sized purse, a white sundress, Vitamin Water Zero in Lemonade, PINK boyshorts from Victoria’s Secret, and a light fruity body spray.

  244. Alyssa

    My summer must haves:
    Suntan lotion
    Funky looking flip flops
    Big sun glasses
    Cute summer dresses
    And some great summer reads!

  245. Suzanne

    My summer must haves are Burt’s Bees chapstick, sunscreen and a new pair of Old Navy flip flops!

  246. Cass

    Ok Summer must haves are….. Ray Bans, Eos Lip Balm, fancy bottled waer, and Iced coffee from Starbucks ofcourse!!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!!

  247. Simone

    My must haves are sunblock, lip gloss, the perfect flip flops and a bathing suit that hides my extra baby weight 🙂

  248. Jessica R.

    My summer must haves are sunscreen, pretty nail polish for a pedicure, and a great book. Also some trashy celebrity gossip magazines.

  249. Alison

    You’re the oprah of giveaways

  250. Samantha

    My summer must haves include a good book, sunglasses, flip flops, and maybe a cool glass of white wine. Also, fresh fruit & cookouts!

  251. Jennifer Alessi

    My summer must haves are flip flops and pretty toes! I also love maxi dresses!

  252. Amber

    Oooh, such an AWESOME giveaway, so many super fun prizes. My summer must-haves include plenty of water for dehydration, sunscreen, new books, sandals, coral lipstick, and sand between my toes! 😉 Thanks!

  253. Jessica K

    Would be such a great way to start the summer!!

  254. Alexandria

    Summer must haves definitely include a good pair of flip flops, a cute dress, and sunglasses! This would be such an amazing thing to win!!!

  255. Brooke

    My summer must haves are a pair of flip-flops and some cute summery nail polishes!! =)

  256. Noor Unnahar

    Flip flops and hats <3
    Again , it is an extravagant giveaway . Amazing & thanks 😉

  257. Jenny

    My summer must have is SUN SCREEN SUN SCREEN SUN SCREEN!

    I don’t burn. And i tan beautifully, but I have a lot of tattoos that stand to be ruined by the sun. So i stay pale and preserve my art.

  258. Deena

    My summer must haves are highlights, a pedicure and flip flops.

  259. Kristin t

    A pool, good book, sunscreen, and sunglasses 🙂

  260. Renee Richardson

    I love sandals. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  261. Kaitlin

    Summer must-haves: pedi/jack rogers/portable fan! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  262. Rachel

    Love these things – especially the MK sunglasses!

  263. Lindsey H

    sunglasses and a book are definitely a must have once we start getting into warmer weather. Thanks for the giveaway.

  264. julie

    my havaiinas

  265. Gail Williams

    One of my summer must haves is a good sunscreen because I have fair skin and burn easily!

  266. Evelyn

    Floral dresses, lip gloss, sundress, sunscreen and tote bags and some sandals

  267. Lola

    My summer must have are cute sandals, a beach dress, sunglasses, and lip balm with SPF built in.


  268. McKim

    Birkenstocks, lounge chair, iced tea and a good book or two.

  269. Tina

    My summer must haves are a good book, sunglasses and a big fluffy beach towel.

  270. Margaret Smith

    Sunglasses, hat, tote bag, good sun screen and a great book

  271. Katherine

    Comfy sandals capris and cute top

  272. Jayden H.

    Sunglasses and sun screen!

  273. ky2here

    Crocs, sunscreen and shorts that fit.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  274. Toni

    Summer must haves = cute tote, great book, lip gloss, sunglasses and jewel colored nail polish

  275. Ann Fantom

    My sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses iPod and a book

  276. angie

    Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and comfortable sandals

  277. Nancy

    My summer must have is comfy sandals.

  278. Roxann

    Flip flops, sunscreen, sun glasses.

  279. Gaye M

    Sunglasses and new sandals.

  280. Katie Roch

    My summer must haves are sunglasses, a stylish hat, cute and comfortable shoes, a great swimsuit and sunscreen.

  281. Tari Lawson

    I must have sunscreen with zinc oxide and flip flops.

  282. ROSE O.

    My summer must haves are my flip flops and my floppy hat!



  284. Diane F

    sunglasses, suncreen and flip flops

  285. Kimberly W

    A good book and a comfy beach chair

  286. Rebecca Peters

    Flip flops!

  287. Lynne T.

    Sunscreen and bug spray.

  288. miranda

    My summer must-haves are sunscreen, good novels and a bright tote.

  289. Alfred Reyes

    Every summer starts with a new pair of Sanuks!

  290. Deb C

    My summer must-haves are comfy sandals, chilled glasses and very chilled Cheerwine soda and occasionally Lichi liqueur in Sierra Mist.

  291. Adrienne Bireley

    My must have are pedicures with cute polish. New sandals. And new sunglasses.

  292. Sonya

    Lots and lots of sunblock, good flip flops and a floppy hat!

  293. Leslie L. Stanziani

    Lots of sunscreen and thin long sleeves since I break out when exposed to the sun for more than a couple minutes.

  294. Michelle W

    Sunscreen, sunglasses and some comfy sandals

  295. JoAnn F.

    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  296. joni

    I must have a pair of laceless Converse—love them!

  297. Angela Wilson

    sunblock and chick lit

  298. Robin

    Shorts and sunglasses

  299. Suzanne Lewis

    My summer must haves are sunglasses and pedicured toes.

  300. joseph gersch jr

    i must have grilling supplies

  301. Denise Donaldson

    good strong deodorant is a must have lol

  302. Chris Noe

    Bright nail polish and sandals.

  303. Crystal F

    I have to have a nice pedicure, flip flops and my kindle. Thank you!

  304. Sonya

    Sandals/Flip Flops
    Books LOTS of books

  305. lynn m

    Living in Florida I need a good (all natural) sunscreen and bugspray! Beyond that sunglasses and iced tea. 🙂

  306. Heather S

    capris and sandals

  307. Susan Smith

    Sandals, sunglasses and sunblock.

  308. Jennifer Dysart

    In the summer I have to have a good sunless tanner, sunblock, shades and a smile!

  309. Starr Greenwell

    New sandals and summer tops.

  310. Jennifer M

    Sunscreen, pretty swimsuit, and fun towel.

  311. Samii Meyer

    cute sandals!

  312. Sophie

    My poor pale child could totally familiar with Supergoop! Great stuff!

  313. Rachel C.

    I just stumbled upon your site today and have been hooked. I love all your reviews of the monthly subscription boxes (I have just started subscribing and love your reviews!). Keep up the great work! And as for summer must-haves: sunglasses, sunscreen, and lots of time outdoors!

  314. Tara Woods

    My Summer must haves are lip balm, my water bottle and my kindle.

  315. Vikki Billings

    Air conditioning, sun glasses and sun screen!

  316. Sherry Conrad

    Sunglasses, sunscreen, Kindle.

  317. Breanne

    flip flops

  318. Beverly Metcalf

    My summer must haves is a good pair of sandals and lots of sunscreen. I would love the J.Crew Farmers Market Tote bag, too. Thanks for this contest.

  319. Lynde F.

    Sandals, swimsuit, Slurpees, & sunglasses!

  320. AEKZ2

    Sunglasses and flipflops are my must haves

  321. Jenny Marie

    suntan lotion!

  322. Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway… KEEN waterproof sandals

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