Outside Fall Decorations

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When I saw this picture on Pottery Barn’s website, I instantly fell in love and I knew that I wanted to do something similar. However, I thought that $24 for a strand of garland was a bit crazy. I also loved the lighted pumpkins they used, but again, the price was not budget friendly.

So I set out to Michaels in search of something a bit for affordable. I actually found garland I liked better than the PB stuff and it was only $6 a strand (on sale from $9.99 – it’s now $5 a strand). I bought 5 strands and had 1.5 left over (which was perfect for my wreath). I attached them using these fabulous clips and used a hanger I already had for the wreath. I stumbled upon some rattan pumpkins in Target near the vase filler aisle and knew they would look great! I finished the porch design off with two potted mums from the local greenhouse. The cornstalks and the pumpkins topped off the look and brought it all together. I love this look even more than I loved my inspiration.

A cost breakdown:
-Garland (4 strands @ $6/each): $24
-Wreath: $10
-Rattan / Grapevine Pumpkins: Ranged from $9.99 to $19.99. I would guess my total was just under $100
-Mums (2 @ $8/each): $16
-Cornstalks: $3.50/each
-Pumpkins: $42 (we will be carving these too!)
Total Cost: $199.
This seems like a lot when I list it all out, but it’s a fraction of the cost the PB original would have been. In addition, I will have the wreath, garland and rattan pumpkins for next year

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  1. J

    It looks great! I love the cornstalks and the pumpkin idea too!

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks J!!

  3. *~Dani~*

    Well, I see we have similar taste in outside decorations. Looks great!

  4. MrsKBJ

    It all looks so pretty!! I love it all! What is the style of your type of home? I fall in love with it each time I see it. If we ever build a house, I'd love to design something like yours. I wish I lived near you, I'd love to get a home tour :O)

  5. Jennifer

    Kelly I think it's just called a colonial? Maybe not? It might look taller because we have higher ceilings on the main floor.

  6. MrsKBJ

    I love big open floors with high ceilings. Your garage door are so pretty, I haven't seen anything like that where we live. It really adds a great touch.

  7. Jennifer

    Thanks! I think we have 10 ft. ceiling? And I love the g. door too. It is a nice touch!

  8. Karen

    Your house is so beautiful Jen. I think yours turned out better than the inspiration too — I prefer the cleaner lines of your garland. It looks great.

  9. Jennifer

    Thanks Karen. I also think PB's looks a little cluttered.

  10. Buffy

    Looks great–I love pottery barn and copy some of their ideas for less also! Love your house!

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