Random Ramblings (A Middle of the Night Edition)

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Why am I awake at 4am? Who knows. I already wasted all the time I could playing Words with Friends with strangers on my iPhone, so I thought I’d blog. Maybe it will make me sleepy enough to go back to bed? Probably not.

  • So we decided to go out to dinner last night and headed to P.F. Changs to get our special Chinese New Years discount envelopes opened.  Umm, turns out there was an hour and a half wait.  I think not P.F. Changs.  So we headed to BRIO instead.  They give kids dough to play with, which L loves.  And I love a well behaved toddler in a restaurant, so we were all happy.  On the way to Nordstrom to ride the escalator (yeah, for real), I snuck into BabyGap and scored some final sale items.  Hello sweaters for $2.97!!!!

  • I cannot wait for our post-Valentine’s Day trip to the casino / spa.  I need a mani / pedi in the worst way.   Something about painted nails makes me feel so fancy.  Please tell me I am not the only one who thinks like this.
  • B was totally fascinated when he came back from Germany the other night and saw the baby dancing around my belly.  “It’s like an earthquake in there”.  Yes, indeed!
  • Speaking of Mr. International Travel, a notice for a registered letter from “PISA” arrived at our house while he was gone.  He picked it up from the post office yesterday and it turns out to be a nasty nasty fine for some driving violation (driving in a ZTL) back in July when he was in Italy.  They even have a picture of his rental car on their violation website ;).  So now I need to figure out how exactly to pay his fine (to the tune of 120 Euros ~ I’ll let you do the conversion but I am pretty pleased that the Euro has just fallen in value).
  • We are headed out in search of blinds this weekend.  Priority #1 is the new kids room since those no-sew curtains I made won’t be blocking any light.  Then I need to get something for L’s room.  He still has temporary blinds (we have them in every room), but he needs some room darkening blinds before summer. As he gets older, it gets harder and harder to explain to him why he should be sleeping / going to bed while it’s light out.  I hope I am not too overwhelmed by all the choices.  I need to go in, make a decision.  And leave.  No debating!!
  • Someone (a few people actually) did a google search for “why does it seem that jessica simpson has been pregnant forever” and ended up on my blog.  Good question.  I was just wondering this.  Usually I feel like other people’s pregnancies go so fast.  But not hers!
  • Okay, I am going to try to go back to bed.  I for sure see a nap in my future today!

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