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I read lots of blogs everyday, but I am guilty (like most other people) of not commenting often enough. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite’s here:

Kelly’s Korner: Who doesn’t like Kelly?? She is the sweetest thing and when I read her blog, I can pretty much hear her Southern accent. To me, she is everything I imagined a southern girl to be. I’d love to live next door to Kelly!!
Skinny Runner: I think Sarah is hysterical. I love the self-portaits she takes and her ability to always laugh at herself. And although I am neither skinny, nor a runner, I can totally relate to her. Her fishing job fascinates me and for some reason I am not jealous she has like 10 months a year to do whatever she wants, which is alot of traveling to fun places.
The Undomesticated Mama: Taylor is always so positive and so happy that sometimes it’s easy to forget what she is going thru. She’s stylish and I’d like to think we’d be friends if I knew her in real life.
My Charming Kids: I wouldn’t exactly call “MckMama” one of my favorite blogs, but I do read it. I cannot stand her use of italics and how she likes to leave people hanging on by posting teasers and then making people wait days for the answers or posting misleading titles. Yet I still read because well, we all like to have something to complain about now don’t we?
It’s Hip 2 Save: That’s right, it is Hip 2 Save! I love the deals Colin finds / shares and this has pretty much become my go to deal blog. Although, it’s getting so popular that you know as soon as an amazing deal / freebie is posted, it will be gone quickly!

I have lots more that I want to share, but I’ll stop here for today. Next time I will share my links to my friends (both online and IRL)!

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  1. hiplip

    I never knew SR's name was Sarah!!! I never comment enough either … Thanks for some new blog recs!

  2. Jennifer

    I am going to make it a point to comment on peoples blogs more! And I would like to hear some of your blog recs too!!

  3. Amanda

    Oh, ick! Not MckMama! She drives me up the wall. Add her to my list of bloggers I just don’t understand the appeal of.

    1. Jennifer

      I know. I do not understand either. Yet I read. And get annoyed. It’s been getting worse over the last year too. I make it a point never to actually go to her blog. I only read it in google reader so I am not a “hit” on her blog.

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