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I’m back with a while new list of things I want to try!

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Body Pump Classes: I hear the food blogger world talk about Body Pump classes all the time. They love them and can’t say enough good things! So why not give it a try?? I must admit that I am bit worried about these classes, but they do look fun. And loud. Maybe intense is a better word? We will see!! There is a local gym that offers classes and the new session starts in a few weeks. This gives me some mental preparation time!


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Red Velvet Candle: Kelly from Kellys’ Korner posted this picture on twitter and I have been lusting after the candle ever since. Will it really smell as good as the cupcakes?? I can’t wait to find out. And if it doesn’t, I would be forced to actually make (and consume) some red velvet cupcakes to get the actual smell in the house. What a shame that would be. 😉


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Blue Bunny Chef Duff Goldman ice cream: I can across these in my local Sunday paper and I need to get my hands on them! All of them. I really want to try the Red Velvet and the I Do I Do Wedding Cake. While it’s true that I find Duff mildly annoying on his Ace of Cakes show (is that even still on?) I have no doubt that he makes a delicious cake. Hopefully I can actually find these at the store! Has anyone seen them???


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Get up Earlier: While not a product, this is something I want to try. I have never been much of a morning person and want to make myself one. I really want to make myself one of those people that need only like 3 hours of sleep a night, but I doubt that is possible. So I am going to try and get up earlier so I can get some stuff done. Wish me luck! This one has me just as worried as the Body Pump classes.


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Clairol Natural Instincts: My roots are totally showing (I would totally be a “Don’t” in Glamour magazine right now) and I need to get them fixed asap. I don’t feel like spending 3 hours in the salon, so I am going to do it myself. With B’s help of course. Dying my own hair does not make me nervous at all because I know pretty much any hair disaster is fixable and / or, it will grow out. I’m going for a nice dark brown color. I will be sure to take before and after pictures!!

Have you tried anything lately?  Do you want to try something in the near future.  Let’s hear!

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  1. Amanda

    I’m a huge fan of DIY haircolor! Even my stylist has told me I do a good job (and one would assume she’d be dying to tell me if it looked like shit, so I’d come to her to have it colored….and I’m too cheap to spend $75 once a month to have my hair colored).

  2. HIP LIP

    Body pump is great! I take it once a week. Just start out with low weight…like 10lbs for warm-up and 5-7.5lbs for the rest. You will love it!

  3. Brian H.

    L. has been trying to make you a morning person for 3 years!!!

  4. stacey pawlak

    Les Mills rocks. You’ll have a blast with it all set to music. I’m terrified of DIY hair coloring. Nothing scares me more.

  5. Jess

    Yum! I cant wait to try the ice cream and smell the candle! I love everything red velvet!

  6. Dani

    Oddly enough, B has been trying to make me a morning person for about six years. Ask him how that is going…

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