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So in addition to taking my weekly Yoga class, I have also done a few classes On Demand. I like the in person classes better, but On Demand is much more convenient!  I tried one of the “level 2” classes and was like yeah right.  Back to the beginners one for me!  I can only hope that one day I can be as balanced as the true yogis (as that even a word). Although I only taken a few classes, there is something about yoga I really like.  You leave class calm and get to wear super cute clothes.  And while you are at class, it doesn’t seem like you are working that hard.  And then the next day when you are on your cruise ship, your arms turn to jello when you are trying to carry your plate from the buffet to your table and you wish you would have picked a closer table!

Back to On Demand.  I set up my little studio in the basement (aka the theatre room) and pick my class out on the screen.  I like the YogaWorks ones in case you were wondering. The Yoga Fitness Plus one makes me tip over.

Have you ever taken a class On Demand?  Which one(s)?  My husband did one the other night and liked it.  No clue what it was.  How is that for providing good info???

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  1. Jessica

    I know we already covered this on my facebook post the other night, but in case your readers wanna know, I love the in demand workouts too, specifically the pilates classes by Tandy Guttierrez. My personal favorite so far is pilates fit 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I need to check this Tandy character out. I wonder if that’s her real name. “Hi, I’m Tandy. Want some candy?”

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