Who Knew……

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~Who knew that being B’s personal assistant was a full time job. Seriously. That man has a lot going on.

~Who knew that, twenty years after the first Real World aired on MTV, I would still be watching. Did anyone else catch the Challenge last night? I wish they mixed up the seasons a little better (like included some of the normal crazies – you know, Evan, Kenny, Johnny, etc.), but you know I will still watch. I do like the Danny / Melinda dynamic.

~Who knew that there was a monthly subscription box for everything. No seriously, there is one for everything. I am trying to post together a blog post about them all and it is taking FOREVER. Don’t hold your breathe while you are waiting. But if you want (fishing) baits delivered to your door every month and really really cannot wait for my post, go check out Mystery Tackle Box.

~Who knew that L would be such a good big brother. I swear he is the best. Never is mean, never complains, always wants the WB near him, plays with him, etc. Last night L insisted that I read them both a story at the same time. L climbed in WB’s crib and they both laid there while I read it to them. So sweet. And the WB adores him. Watches his every move. He knows his big brother is the coolest guy around.

~Who knew that I would come to love the shady a** ice-cream man that comes through my hood. So cares that this truck is oh so dumpy. He is such a nice man. And a war veteran. And the look on L’s face when he sees the truck coming? OMG. Priceless. So have that ice-cream while you can L, we have all winter to eat veggies ;).

~Who knew that some babies (I’m looking at you WB) only like to eat when they are half asleep. On the bright side, we should have NO problem getting rid of the bottle when the time comes. No problem at all.

~Who knew that I’d actually start using all the product samples that I get.  No really.  I am slowing working through all the shampoo samples and plan to use everything.  It’ll be fun and save some money.  I will not have to buy stuff for a long long time!

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