Poll Time: What is Your Favorite Social Media Site?

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This poll has no real point and I really don’t care one way or another what your favorite social media site it, but I am curious.  Is it Facebook?  Twitter?  Foursqaure?  Do tell.

My favorite is Facebook.  With Instagram a close second.  I like Facebook because how else would I know about Betty from high school’s latest medical drama?  Or that my friend Kay broke up with her a**hole boyfriend for the 896,798th time?  In addition to the personal details of my “friends” that I do NOT need to know but will willingly read, I also like to check out all the pictures posted.  I really really love seeing everyone’s kids and family pictures.  And vacation photos.  Everything.  No seriously, I do.

And Instagram is just so, well instant.  I like glimpsing into people’s daily lives and seeing what they are doing via picture.  Now some people don’t follow this rule and post eight billion pictures in a row from their vacation or whatever that happens a while back.  Umm, that’s NOT what Instagram is for.  Follow the rules people.

As for twitter, I mean, I like it okay, but never seem to get around to actually posting on it.  I do like reading other people’s tweets though when I am feeding the WB or whatever, so keep tweeting!

Now it’s your turn, what’s your favorite site and why??

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  1. Brian h

    Those are fake names. You love Facebook because you need to know about Zyng!!!!! It’s like traffic and weather updates on the 8’s all……day…….long….

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