If I Ran the World (*)

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If I ran the world:

  • Truck drivers (with the exception of UPS & FedEx who bring me packages) would only be allowed on the roads on non-peak times. Overnight hours would work best for me. We need to find a way to solve all the congestion on the road
  • I would never break into prime time television to give my speeches. I mean come on, after a long day most people just want to sit down and watch Modern Family, not listen to someone blow smoke you know where.
  • I’d lower the drinking age to 18. You can go to war for our country at 18, but you can’t have a beer? Please. Newsflash, everyone is drinking anyways!
  • When airlines leave your plane sitting on the runway for 8 hours with no food and overflowing bathrooms, the fine they are assessed should be split between the people on the plane, not given to the government. And for the record, if I ever stuck sitting on a plane at a US airport for more than like 4 hours for no good reason, I’m pulling the handle on the exit row door.
  • I would require that people who say they would move to Canada if I got elected, actually move to Canada.
  • I would fine people who complained about the election results, but didn’t even vote themselves. Really you are complaining about the results but could get your own butt to the polls? Then be quiet! All monies collected would go towards voter education!
  • That’s just a sample of some of the things I would do. What about you? What would you do if you were in charge?

    (*) This is not a political blog, so I will refrain from telling you all what “real” issues I would fix. But of course, I would implement world peace, make sure there was a rainbow everyday and give everyone a puppy.
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  1. Brian

    ….my hilarious post wouldn’t get deleted.

    1. Jennifer

      Too bad you are not President.

  2. karen

    You have another vote for Pres.

  3. Shannon

    I would vote for you if I could be your vice president!!!

  4. Dani

    Maybe Brian should start a reblogging ramblings blog so his hilarious posts don’t get deleted.

    As for your list, I hate President speeches. In my opinion, they are much ado about nothing. Further, in this digital age they are being trumped by social media. I knew they killed Bin Laden about an hour before the President announced, so why would I bother watching him?

    As for the airplane thing, that is insane. However, you would probably be arrested if you pulled the exit door. That might not be a bad thing, though. At least you would be able to eat and pee.

    1. Jennifer

      I agree. I think everyone on twitter and Facebook knew before the President started talking.

      Exactly. At least I would be able to pee! And that flight attendant didn’t go to jail, so maybe I’d just get some community service or something?

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