It’s celeb gossip time!

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Like I mentioned yesterday, I got a chance to catch up on my celebrity gossip over the weekend. And man, there is a lot going on! Let’s discuss.


I was not too thrilled that ABC picked Ashley to be the next Bachelorette, but let’s face it, I will watch the show no matter who is on.  I did feel bad for Ashley last season because it seemed like she really did like Brad, but she certainly did dodge a bullet with that one huh? Anyways, I cannot wait for next week to see what goes down with that dog Bentley. He’s an idiot and I have to believe the producers planted him in there to stir up some drama.  Plant or not, I love a good train wreck on reality tv, and I will be watching!


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Oh, Kim. I am giving your marriage less than a year because that is how long I think it will take him to realize what he has gotten himself into. And sadly for Kris whats his name, I am guessing she won’t give her 20.5 carat engagement ring back. I wouldn’t either, but we are not talking about me here. I think Kris broke the 3 month salary rule on that ring. Can he really afford her? I mean really? And did he really get some bible verse about the perfectly godly woman on the ring? Come on. I believe they are in Monaco right now (why do I know this kind of stuff???) and are planning a wedding bigger than Prince William and Kate. Umm, okay. It’s not that I don’t think that Kim is a nice girl, I actually do. I just think maybe he’s gotten himself in over his head.


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Wow. Leann Rimes, what has happened to you?  She used to be in the news because she was a talented singer.  And now she is in the news because she has a crazy personal life and tweets all about it, which makes people talk even more.  I cannot believe that she responded to someone on twitter who called her “scary skinny” by saying that “those are called abs not bones love..”.  At first thought she looked awful in the picture, but now all I can think about is how annoyed I am that she calls people “love”.  I bet she calls waitresses “love”.  Hey love, can you get me more lettuce. Thanks love.  Oh, and I cannot wait to watch her husband’s ex-wife on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Angry ex-wives always make for good tv.  On that note, is it true that Camille Grammer is no longer on the show?  That makes me sad.


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This isn’t exactly Hollywood gossip, but it is a scandal!  So Jim Tressel (the Ohio State coach – now ex-coach) knew all along that his players were selling their rings and whatever else in exchange for cash and tattoos (which violates NCAA rules).  And what about all the players with their fancy cars.  Did he know about that too?  Of course he knew.  I bet half the school knew too.  And I bet that this goes on all across the country (to a certain extent at least).  Should he have lied about it?  No.  But should we act like he’s the only one doing it?  Umm, no.  The NCAA needs to get current with the times and start to compensate student athletes (not just in money sports, but all varsity athletes).  They earn money for the school and cannot hold down a job since they are always busy with sports.

What are your thoughts?  Heard any good celebrity gossip lately?  I really want to know more about Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa.  Have those two made up yet???


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  1. Karissa

    Ugh. The whole Kardashian clan just can’t get enough attention. 20.5 carats! Was that really necessary?

    And I totally agree about the college athletes and them getting paid. But not anything crazy. These kids can’t work so they sell their stuff for money. Can’t blame them but at the same time it doesn’t make this whole OSU thing okay.

  2. Amanda

    My thought on the Bible verses: really? Pretty sure the Proverbs 31 woman did not make a sex tape.

  3. Kyra

    Do you watch the Biggest Loser? I am disappointed that the tennis star Anna Kournikova is replacing Jillian. My old trainer was competing for the position and hearing about the tryouts and interviews are very interesting. I think they chose her for her looks, not her training talents.

  4. Dani

    I just read on some celebrity site yesterday that it is suspected Kim’s ring is actually the ring she bought herself when she was previously engaged to whomeverwheneverIcantbebotheredtokeeptrack. Scandalous!

  5. shannon dew

    OMG Love that you included Tressel in this post! C-Bus is in an uproar about this whole thing, I’m like whatever about it. Not that important in my life.

    I think LeAnne is disgusting, those pics are N-A-S-T-Y. She tweeted that it’s “abs”, she’s muy loco!

    Kim and her Fi {what’s his name again?} make me sick. I agree w/you, less than a year

  6. Lauren

    I watch the Bachelor too! I can’t stand surprises so I know who she picks already, but that Bently guy? What a lunatic!

  7. melanee

    i hope kim and kris do make it. he’s pretty hot. what in god’s name is going on with leanne rimes? at first i thought that picture was of a girl i once saw on dr. phil who was highly anorexic. it’s just disgusting leanne. eww.
    ashley as the bachelorette is so wack. and the guys are kinda wack too. but still i watch. i just can’t help myself.

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