A Poll: Do You Like to Wrap Presents?

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I have spent hours and hours wrapping presents the last few days and it got me thinking, does anyone really like wrapping gifts? I mean really like it? Like do you find it enjoyable?

I’ve always thought I liked wrapping presents and then the last few years, I’ve realized that nope, this isn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, it starts out sort of fun. And then you get to like the billionth present and you’re like, wow, this sucks. I wised up and moved my wrapping from the storage room in the basement (concrete floor, no space to spread out) to the theatre room (carpet, lots of space, a tv, a door that LOCKS), so that did help, but it also hindered me. Because instead of just wrapping, I texted. And watched The Jersey Shore reunion. And then Catfish came on. Wow, that is a mess of a show and I love it. But I finally finished yesterday and am pretty pleased with myself! I did a different color wrapping paper for each person, so no one gets confused about gifts!

Oh and I also want to know, does your husband (or wife for my like two male readers) help wrap? Mine does NOT. For all he knows, Santa does it all and doesn’t need moms to help one bit ;). He HATES wrapping! I dislike it, but he cannot stand it! Plus, it takes him forever.

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  1. Mom

    You’re so funny – does your husband help wrap? You dad rarely even helped shop for presents!!

  2. Kelsey N

    I love wrapping presents! If I lived closer I would’ve helped you.

    1. Jennifer

      I wish Kelsey!!!

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