Christmas Day Activities

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Let’s face it, sometimes it gets boring staying home all day on Christmas.  I mean, it’s a lot of fun when you have kids and you get to watch them open their gifts from Santa and then go crazy playing with them the rest of the day. But pre-kids, B and I (or pre-B, just I) were often bored and looking for things to do (my family doesn’t do any party on Christmas Day or anything). Here are five ideas if you find yourself getting cabin fever tomorrow or if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

1). Go To The Casino. If you are lucky enough to live in a town with a casino, go straight there. B and I spent Christmas night at the casino once and it was packed. It was like a giant party there! Lots of groups of people, families, couples, everyone. I can only hope that when L and WB are old enough, and before they have children of their own, we can make Christmas day trips to the casino!

2) Go To The Movies. Another fun Christmas Day activity is to go to the movies.  It’s open and it’s packed.  B and I have also been to the movies on Christmas Day and my parents used to always go too.  And again, you’ll see entire families there too.

3) Order Chinese Food.  Or heck, go out for chinese food.  Unlike most other restaurants, you can always count on chinese restaurants to be open.  I’m not sure I have never had chinese food for Christmas dinner, but I am sure I eventually will.

4) Go Outside.  If you live somewhere that is having great weather, get outside and enjoy it!  Go to the beach, go on a walk, whatever.  And if you live somewhere cold, who cares, you can still go outside and play in the snow or maybe even go ice-skating (some places are open).

5) Check out an NBA Game: If you live in a big(ger) city, why not to go an NBA game?  There are about a half dozen games tomorrow and I am guessing it’s not too late to score some tickets on StubHub!

And if you have any Christmas Day activity ideas , please share!  What do you do on Christmas Day?  Stay home with the family?  Travel to see family?  Or let it ride at the casino??

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