A Traveling Man

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As I have mentioned, my husband (aka B) travels. Alot. If he’s home for more than like 2-3 weeks straight, it’s odd and I start to ask him when it’s time to go again. Usually when I tell people about this, they think it sounds so crazy.  It’s not, I swear.  It may be a little wild at times, but wild is better than boring any day!  B has been traveling since long before L came along and actually had to go out of town for a few weeks shortly after L was born.  While it may not be normal to others, it’s normal to L and I and we don’t even bat an eye anymore. ” Oh, you’re going to insert place tomorrow? That sounds nice.” I think it helps that L is super used to it, which makes it easier for me. The fact that he has no concept of time totally works in my favor.

B usually travels for a few days to a week at a time.  I think the longest he’s been gone recently was when he was overseas for 3.5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   But he made it home by Christmas, so that’s all that matters.  Sure some days it sucks. But at the end of the day, good or bad, who am I to complain?  There are plenty of single mom and moms who have lost their husbands out there who don’t have someone coming home in a few days / weeks to help out.  So many people would be thankful to even have a job, so how can I sit here and whine??

Here are my tips if your husband travels and you have little ones at home (or even if you don’t):

  • Keep your routine the same.  No changing things up or it will be hard to get back in the groove when he gets back.
  • Talk about where Daddy is and when he is coming back.  L always knows where B is, always.  He knows why he’s there and when he’ll be home.
  • Skype!  Or in our case, iChat!  We love iChatting / FaceTiming with B when he’s out of town. Sometimes it’s just not possible due to the time change or because of the crazy location he’s in, but we do it whenever we can.
  • Use the time after your kids go to bed as some me time.  You can’t leave the house obviously, but you can watch some trash tv, pop in those old Newlywed dvds or give yourself a pedicure.  Heck, you can even organize the closet if that’s what you like to do.
  • Don’t try to do it all.  Remember, you are only one person.  So what if the house isn’t spotless when he comes home or you didn’t get a chance to weed the garden?
  • Think of this as a chance to do a little redecorating.  I had been eyeing some pillows at Target for ages, but B didn’t like them.  So when he was away in Afghanistan last year, I bought them and put them on the couch.  And you know what, he loved them!
Sure things will not always go according to plan when your husband is gone.  I know many unplanned things have happened when B is gone.  I never planned on walking in to find my 10ft Christmas tree laying on the floor in my entry way, surrounded by water and broken ornaments.  Sh*t happens.  Deal with it and move on!  Trust me, B and I always get a lot of good laughs about the stuff that happens when he’s gone!!

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