IKEA Trip Review!

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Like I mentioned in my Weekend Wrap-Up post, we made a trip to IKEA over the weekend. I love IKEA and the arrival of the 2012 catalog pushed me over the edge. I had been looking for some storage pieces for L’s toys in the basement. And I wanted to get a mirror I had loved for years. As for B, he likes IKEA too. Plus, I need someone to haul around all the crap I buy.

It’s kind of a hike to our local IKEA, so I spent the ride playing around with my Hipstamatic iPhone app and basically just killing time. Have I ever mentioned I hate long car rides? Cause I do.


After what seemed like forever, we were greeted with the giant IKEA letters. And a crowded parking lot.  Is that place ever not crowded?  Probably not.  It’s not as bad as when it first opened a few years back, but I am still very glad I do not have the take the street IKEA is on very often.

Self-Service Area







We hit the showroom first and browsed around because we didn’t exactly know what we wanted. I think I wrote down 10 locations in the self-serve area and only ended up needing 4.  Things look different in person than they do in the catalog, so we needed to make some decisions on the spot about basement storage solutions.  I probably looked at 5 different types before making my last minute decision..  And of course, who can resist the fun accessories and kids stuff that they have?  Not me.  We probably spent about 1.5 hours in the store in all.  B has now decided that he is going to build us shelving,  drawers, etc. in the closet, so we spent some time looking at that stuff too.

Our Haul
Room to spare







I’ll be the first to admit that leaving IKEA with a flatbed full of stuff makes me a little nervous. I mean, who knows if it will all fit in the car? Luckily we had plenty of room to spare and made good time heading home.

So I bet you want to know what we got. Well, here was our haul (I may have forgotten some stuff):
-2 bookcases (Expedit), 1 mirror (Mongstad), a kids table and chairs set (Mammut), 3 lanterns (Borrby), 5 glass jars (Slom), a few kids cookware sets (Duktig), a cutlery caddy set (which I will not be using for cutlery) (Fintorp) and various other smaller items.  I’m pretty pleased with our haul and we are already plotting a return trip!

What’s your opinion on IKEA?  Do you love putting your own furniture together (B does) or do you get annoyed?  I for one love all the flat packaging.  Maybe that’s because I’m not the one assembling it??

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  1. Farra

    LOVE the mirror! I need to take a trip to Ikea……..haven’t been there in a million years but drive by one EVERYDAY to/from work…..

  2. Cindy

    This has been on my “Summer List” and we are hoping to go tomorrow (for the first time) since my mom will be at her “Senior Club”. Love your stuff!

  3. Stacey

    I was just there last week (it’s not that busy during the week)! I got a large painting for over the couch. I also got a lot of pieces to make a wrapping paper station in our laundry room (I don’t know how to upload photos for you to see!). Putting simple things on the wall required a trip to lowes for special screws, etc….annoying! I really like you mirror! I have a lot of their kids toys, rugs, chairs, etc in my K classroom. I have my eye on a dining table and chairs, but think I should hold off for better quality since that’s something that will get a lot of wear and tear. How do you feel about their product quality?

    1. Jennifer

      I NEED to see what you got to make a wrapping paper station!! Post on your blog or FB!!!

      I like the quality of the bookcase we got. It’s a lot sturdier than I expected. But yeah, I don’t know about a table? They have a desk I like there, but I am not 100% sold on it yet.

  4. Brian H.

    Do you know who else hates long car rides? People taking long car rides with you complaining about long car rides.

    1. Jennifer

      Does someone that rides in the car with you a lot complain too???

  5. Alysia

    I love IKEA! My husband hates it! My advice is don’t buy anything that has drawers. We’ve thrown out 2 IKEA dressers, they just don’t last. But that store is like heaven! There are so many great ideas!

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