So What Wednesday

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So What Wednesday

This week I am saying So What If….

~I tried to find spoilers for a few Fancy boxes last night even though I am getting them today.  And sadly I found nothing ;(.
~I think it’s funny that WB calls every animals he sees a “doggie”. It’s all he knows. To him cows and sheep just look like funny dogs!
~We have a huge hole in our doorwall screen door and I could care less about getting it fixed. Baxter uses it as a doggie door ;).
~I hope Brooks comes back next week on the Bachelorette and proposes. I was so sad when I watched the other night ;(.
~I get annoyed when the Graze chains slows down! Comes on people, use those codes so the train can move on!
~The amount of peanut butter in my pantry could last me for years.
~I use way too many exclamation points in my blogs!  What can I say?  I get excited easily!!!!
~I get sad when the dogs snuggle with B instead of with me at night.
~I still can’t seem to provide L a reasonable explanation as to why striped tops don’t match striped shirts. I think I’m just going to start letting it happen.
~I am excited for all things fall. Pumpkin candles, the cider mill, Halloween parties, college football, everything. I’m ready.
~I feel bad when I miss someone’s birthday on Facebook. I need that thing to sound alarms on people’s bdays!

That’s it from here. What are you saying so what to this week?

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  1. Nia

    Facebook sends me an email with all the birthdays for the week. I’m sure it is somewhere on the alert settings.

  2. Ashley

    I live in Atlanta now, from Rochester Hills originally, and I’m so over summer, I’m such a fall person. I love basically everything about fall. And I need football in my life. GO BLUE!!! 🙂

  3. Jackie

    It’s WAY too soon for fall. I can’t do it yet. Not just because I don’t want Winter to come (ha) but my birthday is in October. I’m usually excited about my birthday but this year I’m not. (I’ve mentioned before that I am turning 29 and I haven’t come to terms with it yet). Time seems to be going too fast :/

  4. Royal

    I’m with you on the peanut butter! I have no clue how 3 jars ended up in my cabinet.

  5. Nicole

    I’m so ready for fall mainly because its my favorite season although the weather here has been amazing. it hasn’t been above 80 in the past 2 weeks. Hendrix used to call every single animal a dog also and he still calls very large cats dog even though he knows what cats are.

  6. sara

    I got an email about pumpkin candles at Bath and Body Works yesterday and almost bought some. I love fall candles!
    Mackenzie, still calls doggies, kitties. Thankfully she has finally stopped calling every other animal kitties. Expect all animals still meow unless you ask multiple times….then she will do the correct sound.

  7. Griffin

    I am so with you on the exclamation mark usage…I constantly use them and I find that if I get a text without them, I worry the person might be upset haha. I am also so excited for fall – especially all things pumpkin! My daughter wanted to go buy her Halloween costume yesterday, I think she is ready too!

  8. Judy

    I’m the same way with those Fancy boxes! Should be getting one tomorrow, but usually you get it before me, so I’ll just wait for your spoiler. 🙂

    Can’t wait for fall either! It’s my favorite season of the year. I was actually OK with the cool weather we had last Saturday, even if it is too early.

  9. JT

    I say – so what that I rolled my ankle last night and woke up with a huge cankle this morning. At least its not so hot that I can’t hide it with pants!

  10. Jenny

    I’m ready for fall. I love jeans and tshirt weather it makes getting dressed so easy. I have the clothing issue with C. He is learning his colors so if there is at least one “same” color in both pieces he wants to wear it. Most days I just let it go its so not worth the hassle. Luckily N was always a good dresser and I never had this issue he also will pretty much wear whatever I get out for the day so that is good. I ordered one of those days of the week hangy things the other day and it should be here today. I’m hoping that on Sunday we will load it up with clothes for the week and that he will have one less thing to worry about before we head out in the morning.

  11. Kindra

    Lol, I look for fancy spoilers even while mine is out for delivery! I just HAVE to know!! Luckily for me, you seem to get your fancy food box and popsugar must have the day before me 🙂

  12. Andrea

    What farm did you go to? I have been looking for some place close in the area to take my son who is 15 months. We are in Clinton Twp.

  13. Ashley

    If you are already thinking about fall you need to go to Bath & Body Works for the pumpkin sale !! Super cute fall candles in a pumpkin jar. And they smell amazing (:

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