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I’m linking up again with this kind of love for What I’m Loving Wednesday.

I’m Loving…..

image credit: happyspeedy.com
image credit: happyspeedy.com

Sabra Hummus with Pretzels: I’d never seem these before they started selling them at my local Target, but they have quickly become a new obsession.  I am sure I could replicate this with some pretzel crisps and hummus, but these are just better.

I’m Loving…..


My Little Boys: Ahh, these boys!  Could they be any sweeter?  I couldn’t have been prouder of L yesterday when he climbed the ladder to the playset and swung across the monkey bars ALL on his own.  I know he can do it alone, but he usually at least likes us close, just in case.  Not yesterday though.  OMG was I proud!  And WB just continues to be WB.  He’s a fiesty one that WB, but he gives the best baby hugs ;).

I’m Loving…..

image credit: The Hair & Makeup - Tumblr
image credit: The Hair & Makeup – Tumblr

Fancy Manis:  I need me a fancy mani like this!  I am 100% sure that I will never master nail art so I need to go somewhere to get this done, but it’s happening.  And soon.  That chevron is a nail wrap right?  No one really painted that they did??

I’m Loving…..

Guac Minis!

Guacamole Mini Cups / Pouches: These are genius.  I always want guacamole, but end up wasting some because I don’t need that much guac at a time.   Not only are these pre-portioned, but they only have 100 calories each!

I’m Loving…..

Pinterest. Does it ever get old? I mean seriously. I spent way too long on it last night looking at pretty pictures of things I will never do / make / buy / decorate. I didn’t even both pinning anything, but I had a great time and consider it time well spent ;).

I’m Loving…..

Sperry Top-Siders
Sperry Top-Siders

Sperry Top-Siders. I picked these up for the boys the other day at the #nsale and I am thrilled with them.  I have trouble finding casual (non-sneakers) boys shoes and these are perfect.  L wasn’t into them at first, but he’s turned a corner and actually wanted to wear them yesterday.  Oh and since WB has suck tiny feet, I was able to get his in an infant size, which meant they were even cheaper.  Score!

I’m Loving…..

image credit: Southern Charm Quits - Etsy
image credit: Southern Charm Quits – Etsy

Memory Quilts.  I have decided what I want my first sewing machine project to be!  I memory quilt.  I don’t need it to be all fancy, but I want to put a bunch of the kids old baby clothes together into a quilt.  How hard is this going to be?  If I start now will I be done by the time they leave for college?

That’s it from here.  What are you loving this week?

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  1. vilanda

    Love the Sperry shoes. I want to get one for my 11 month old. What size did you get for WB? My son is 11 month old. Not sure which size to get him.

  2. Diana Garza

    Great post! I have to try those pretzels and hummus!

  3. Erin

    I am now loving that quilt!! There is no need in trying to fool myself…I’ll NEVER do that, but would gladly pay someone to do it. I have so many things from my boys that I don’t want to part with, but they are just sitting in a box. This idea is genius. Did you find the pic from a site for someone will make and sell them?

  4. Shannon Dew

    The pool sells those Sabra pretzel things and I LOVE them!!!!

  5. alison

    where do you find the Guacamole Mini Cups like where in the grocery store… near the refrigerated salad dressings? Cheese? pickles? I haven’t looked that hard, but I never happen to see it.

  6. Jen K

    I love memory Quilts and have begun collecting clothes I want to use. When I looked it, there was so much of info and tasks to do that I was almost giving up.. and along came something to push me over the edge. A groupon for memory quilt makers. There are so many out there… you send them your clothes and for $150 or so, they will make you a quilt. Now I am dithering…
    Maybe I will wait till my girls are old enough to help and then put them to task. 😀

  7. Rebecca Doud

    OMG I totally need those humus cups! I love humus. These would be great for my lunch when I start back at work. So I have two weeks to find them.

  8. Mrs. L

    I’m loving the new Popeye’s Chicken Waffle Tenders. Doesn’t taste like waffles (they do come with a maple syrup dipping sauce which gives the flavor I guess) but I do like the coating on the tenders. Will I order it again? Nah, I give these crazy bad for you fast foods a try and then move on to the next one. Except for Twinkies. Might have more than one of those a year.

    Funny you are talking about a Memory Quilt as a few of my friends have been discussing these for days. I do plan on making one with all my and my Moms hockey t-shirts, but I think I’m going to sell all my old concert t’s instead of making a quilt with them. A) people seem to buy old concert tickets (and I’m talking Genesis, Pink Floyd old) and B) I think one memory quilt in the family will be enough.

  9. Laura

    Not a nail wrap- you use nail tape to do it. Paint a color then use tape to make a design and paint over it. It’s still a skill. I suck at it.

  10. Patty

    I totally recommend picking up sewing! It is the most gratifying hobby – I love it and wish I had more time for it (too busy watching trashy reality tv (I still hate you, Aaryn -never forget)). Every friend I’ve taught to sew on my machine has gone out and bought one of her own (although I think some of them haven’t seen the light of day in a long time). Memory quilts are a little tricky, because knits (stretchy fabrics like t-shirts) are harder to sew than more stable fabrics like quilting cotton.

  11. Mary Q.

    Have you tried Incoco’s appliques? I’ve heard they work really well and they have some cute designs. Apparently they won’t chip for at least 2 weeks! They’re pricey though, so it’s probably more for a special occasion.

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