Melted Crayon Art Take #2

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I had so much fun making the first Melted Crayon Art Projectthat I decided I needed to do it again. Except this time I used a bigger canvas and a different heat source.

This time I used a 16 x 20 canvas and a box of 96 crayons. Again I took out the icky colors and also took out the metallics and gels that come in the 96 pack.
The crayons don't fit as perfect on the 16 x 20 canvas as they do on the 11 x 14 canvas.
My heat source this time was our garage heater (B uses it in the winter when he is doing "stuff" out there).
Just starting to melt and drip. The heat is cleared center in the middle of the unit.
It melted the crayons in the middle in perfect lines. Except I didn't want perfect lines, so I titled the canvas this way and that and let the colors spread together.
Almost done. I just needed to heat the sides a little more.
The final product! I am totally thrilled with how it turned out.

I am now even more excited about making more. I love the way the heater melted the crayons. I may try to leave one outside one day, just to see how the sun would melt the crayons. I think I spent $8 on the box of crayons and maybe $5 on the canvas, so this is a super cheap project. Way less than the ones on Etsy go for!!

Have you done any melted crayon art projects yet? What’s your opinion? Yay or nay?

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  1. Stacey

    Adorable! So that glue is just elmers? I would of been nervous that the crayons would slip with the heat. I’ve GOT to try this. Oh, and will you (aka B) PLEASE make that adorable storage container on your pinterest with buckets tied together. I REALLY want to do that soon, but want you to do it first (lol)…I want to know where to buy the buckets, and step-by-step directions. Thanks! 😉

    1. Jennifer

      Yes, it’s just plain old white Elmers glue. And I love that bucket thing!! I think you and Jon should make it!!!!

  2. Farra

    I love it..but what are you doing with it after it’s done? Hanging it up in the playroom?

  3. Amy Pelletier

    I haven’t tried it yet but I will!! I bought thd crayons and just have to run out for the canvas. I’m going to start with the 11×14 size. I’m thinking of using a heat tool that is used for embossing. It makes heated air like a blow dryer but without the actual blowing. I love how it turned our with a space heater and since I don’t have one (living in NC and all) I’ll try something else. If it turns out I’ll post it on FB! 🙂

  4. Dani

    This is very cool. I like this one better than the last. As for heating in the sun, I would be concerned it wouldn’t run but just melt into a clump. I would be curious to see what would really happen.

  5. melanee

    i’m totally doing this for our new playroom

  6. Dia Brandt

    I have done 6 different variations so far, trying this and that, but nothing beats the original! I found a 5 pack of the bigger canvases for $20 at Michaels and I bought (no joke) 27 boxes of the 24-count Crayola crayons for $1.17 each at Walmart…I didn’t need all the colors the larger count boxes had and figured all the colors I wanted were in the 24 count anyway. If you do stock up on crayons, I highly suggest grouping to colors together and separating them into the empty boxes…instead of what I did and just had a shambles in every box. 🙂

  7. alexis

    the blue part reminds me of a waterfall. we are also doing melted crayon art in belle chasse high school, except instead of gluing the crayons on the canvas we actually melt the crayons until it forms a picture…i am doing the Mona lisa painting in crayon form it will be hard, but i wil learn as i go along…lol lovely project by the way 😉

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