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  • I am glad Ashley picked JP last night on the Bachelorette.  He was much hotter in my opinion.  Although, the thought of getting all the wine you can drink is very appealing to me.
  • It annoy me that people don’t comment on my blog (I know you are reading), but I find it totally acceptable when I read someone’s blog and do not comment.
  • It seems I am now allergic to neosporin.  Good for future reference.  Not so good that I used some the other day.
  • I love a good thunderstorm.  I am hoping for some crazy weather tonight.  Nothing too crazy.  Just crazy enough.
  • Are the storage locker auctions on “Storage Wars” and “Storage Hunters” staged?  Please tell me no!  I really want to believe that you can find a $10,000 item in a storage unit you bought for $200!
  • I haven’t won a “big” contest in a LONG time.  I am so due.  B says it all the time. I am hoping for a fabulous trip, a patio / deck or a motorcycle.  Of course, cash would be amazing too.
  • It’s my cousin’s 100th blog post today!  Go congratulate her!

What’s on your mind today???

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  1. Simone

    I read all the time but never comment, I don’t really have a good excuse I am just lazy 🙂 But thanks for posting so frequently and I really do enjoy your blog!

  2. karen

    I’m all for you winning a big prize, just not a motorcycle.

  3. Shannon

    oh you would love a thunderstorm at our house…NOT! Casey has decided it’s cool to run through our {awful} vertical blinds and bark. Yeah she did that at 3 and 4 this morning. ugh.

  4. melanee

    i’m glad she picked j.p. too, but honestly this was about the worst bachelor/bachelorette ever. i take that back, this was the 2nd worst. that one with the prince was pretty bad.

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