Warrior Dash

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Months and months ago, B signed up for the Warrior Dash, which if you don’t know, is a 5K, with obstacles (think jumping over fire, scaling walls, rope nets, etc.). Oh and a big party after! B and a few of his friends all discussed running the race together and made big plans for it. Fast forward a few months later and it turns out B is the only one who actually signed up. Everyone else sort of forgot and then it was too late once it was discussed again. Whatever. I wasn’t even sure if L and I were going to go, but since there wasn’t going to be any partying going on after, we went to keep B company.  I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

We arrived at 10am and the place was already packed. The first heat started at 8am and then went every 1/2 hour until 6:30pm and then all over again on Sunday. Each heat had up to 600 people in them and I believe approx. 24,000 ran in the event.
Turn in your chip after the race and get a free beer.
My boys before the race.
B wasn't sure if he should wear a shirt or not. I told him he shouldn't. Makes for better blog pictures ;).
Looking good #44836. Looking good.
In this picture, B is thinking "no big deal, I got this in the bag."
"Maybe this isn't as easy as I thought at the start. At least I am not dirty..." Side note: I have no idea how far into the course this is as it was taken by the race photographers. It was all through a wooded trail and L and I only saw the start and the end.
"Look how high I can jump!" Side note, I wanted to watch people run over the fire, but L denied me because he didn't want to get near "the steam".
"Am I on fire????"
L and I finally saw B again and I couldn't help but wonder why he was so dirty and why no one else was.
L wanted B to do a "candyball" (aka a cannonball) into the mud pit, but B didn't hear him yelling.
B and I were cracking up when we looked at the race photographer pictures, including this one. He claims he didn't even see any photographers. I am not sure how he missed them......
Finished in 40 minutes and some change, which was in the top 20% for the day. Not bad at all! Too bad he couldn't have ditched those girls so they weren't blocking his pictures.
They had a giant water truck constantly spraying water so you could rinse off.
B got as clean as he could, but it's hard to get mud out of you know where in public....
We may not have stayed long after the race, but you bet B turned in his chip for a free beer! No one passes up free beer.

It turns out that B was so muddy because he opted to wade through some nasty mud / water filled bog instead of walking across various logs to get to the other side. I guess everyone else was using the logs for fear of losing a shoe. He informed me that he knows how to walk in mud without losing a shoe since he grew up on a farm. Good to know. I grew up in the burbs and do not like mud or getting dirty in general. Although, I will admit that this race did look fun and I will probably try and do it with B next year. As for B, he now wants to do more Warrior Dash type races, including the Tough Mudder. I think he gets bored with regular running, so this kind of stuff is perfect for him. Maybe he should have just stayed in the Army…. He has also informed me that he will be wearing “less clothes” for the next Warrior Dash. He said his shorts “weighed him down” as soon as they got wet. I for one am looking forward to seeing this next year. Maybe he’ll wear a speedo???

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  1. Cindy

    I think that Warrior Dash thing is so cool (in a weird way)!! Reminds me of many of the rugby games G used to play in the mud…this woulda been right up his alley (20 years ago!!) LOL!! Tell B congrats on the top 20%!!

  2. karen

    Maybe he should ask his brothers to race with him as they all have experience with mud and flames and they all look good shirtless.

  3. Brian H.

    It looks like #49960 and a bunch of other girls kicked his butt.

  4. Jess

    I think B & Joel need to meet so they can do these crazy races together!

  5. Stacey

    Wow! So cool. Congrats, B! Have you two registered for 2012??!! Save lots of money if you register by August 16, 2011. Hmmmmmmm

    1. Jennifer

      Are you going to do it?? Let’s all do it together!!

  6. Amanda

    I would just like to mention that I am completely supportive of B running a race in a Speedo.

    1. Jennifer

      I was wondering why you hadn’t commented on this yet!

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