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If you guessed Vegas in my last post, you were right! Yep, I took my 3 year old to Vegas. And you know what? He loved it. Actually, love isn’t a strong enough word for how he felt about Vegas. He had a blast.  My whole family went (well, my parents, us and my brother and SIL anyways), so while we all gambled (*), L spent lots of time hanging out with his Papa (who does not gamble) doing pretty much whatever he wanted. That included spending lots of time seeing the lions at MGM (where we stayed), visiting the alligator at Rainforest Cafe (also at MGM) and playing choo-choos in Nana & Papa’s room, which was way cooler than our room, for whatever reason.

What else do you do with a 3 year old in Vegas you ask?  Other than get up at 4:30 / 5:00am you mean?  Yeah, kids and time zone changes don’t mix well, but that was to be expected.  Well, we ate at a few buffets (Bellagio and Cosmopolitan), went to the Tournament of Kings show, checked out the Forum Shops at Caesars,  kiddie gambled at the Arcade in Excalibur (check out all the prizes L won!),  and L went to the Secret Garden at the Mirage and to the Eiffel Tower at Paris (**).  And we all ate at In N’ Out Burger (of course).  Oh, and we rode the “choo-choo train” (i.e. the monorail).  And like I posted yesterday, he got to get his picture taken with a baby lion!  Seriously, he was one busy kid.  We had plenty more things planned (including the Bellagio fountains, the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay and the M&M store), but we just didn’t have time!  I can’t think of any parts of Vegas he didn’t like.  I don’t think he was too thrilled that he wasn’t old enough to gamble (***), but he handled it way better than I would have.  Way better.

We totally had a great time and I already cannot wait to go back.  L has big plans to go there when he is 6 (his idea, not mine) and I have big plans to go there with him when he is 21!!  This was my 8th trip there and I still have not seen all that Vegas has to offer! I hope you see again real soon Las Vegas.  A hotel review to come soon!

(*) Some of us won, some of us lost and others just broke even. I won’t name names, but I was NOT a winner. Probably because even after I win money, I continue gambling. Those $5 spins on the slot machine were not such a good idea after all ;). But thank you MGM for all the comps.  That free cup of fro-yo was by far better than winning thousands ;).
(**) Unlike Disney World, kids in Vegas get into most things free.  That included the buffets we ate at, the show we went to and the Secret Garden at the Mirage and the Eiffel Tower at Paris.
(***)  He saw some slot machines when we got off the plane in Vegas.  He headed right towards them and said “I want to DO THAT”.  I felt SO bad for him.  For the record, I would have allowed him to gamble if the laws allowed it.  I would have had to get him a space suit or something so he didn’t have to breathe in that nasty smoke, but I would have let him play. 
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  1. Cindy

    Sounds fun! G says he will not go to Vegas with our kids…I think he’s afraid Jacob will be “exposed” to things he might like too much…and I’m not talking about the slot machines!

    1. Jennifer

      Yeah Lucas didn’t see any of the “baseball cards” they were handing out ;).

      1. Hilary

        HA! The baseball cards…totally!

      2. Cindy

        LOL — bring L while you can…!! 😉

  2. Hilary

    Looks like much fun!! I went when I was young with my parents…and loved it. I remember we saw some grand pirate show, did the 3d movies w/ seats that move (no idea what they’re called!), and tons of stuff at Excalibur – but I specifically recall walking near the slots and security running up to my mom: ‘Ma’am she cannot be in here!’ – I’ve never been a fan of slots since then 🙂

  3. Stacey

    I grew up going to vegas! I can’t wait to take maddy! Lucky L!

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