Things I Love About Christmas Time

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Ahh, yes, there are so many things I love about this time of year. Let’s begin!


B was out of town this week (visiting his other family*), so one night after dinner, L and I (and Baxter and Buddy) headed out to look at Christmas lights! It’s not one of B’s favorite activities, but L and I love it. He yells out whenever he sees lights he likes. He’s a big fan of multi-colored lights. And the tackier the house, the better!!  And I couldn’t agree more.

What a nice surprise!

Real Christmas trees.  Last winter, B spent almost the entire month of December in the middle east.  His trip home got delayed so many times that I thought he might just end up spending the holidays there.  This led L and I to pick out our tree by ourselves.  No fake tree for us.  We have to get a real one every year.  It’s the law.  Of course, without B to tell me no, I selected a giant tree.  One of the ones they keep in the special section of the tree lots.  What I failed to realize was that I would also be needing a bigger tree stand. In my defense, I asked someone about this and they told me mine would be fine.  WRONG.  L and I got home one night, walked in the house and found the above mess. What else can you do but laugh?  Don’t worry though, I will still try and select the biggest tree I can find this year.  I have an anti-tipping over system in place now….


I can’t exactly explain why, but I flippin love me some Hershey Kiss Cookies.   I don’t love peanut butter cookies that much, but paired with a Kiss?  Yes please!  And no, I do not use premade cookie dough for these.  No way.  Baking cookies from scratch is the only way to do it.  The only way.  I believe that is also a law?

Remember these?

Over the weekend, L and I (and B) were at Krogers and I spotted these yummy treats. I don’t think I have eaten one of these in over 20 years. They had the Santa ones and some mini Christmas themed ice cream cups in the same display, so I let L pick out a special treat. I was sending him subliminal messages to pick the trees, and sure enough he did! We rushed right home from Krogers and both had one as a snack. They are way smaller than I remember, but just as delicious!!

What do you love about Christmas?

*He goes to a certain city in Texas very often and has been traveling there for years. We like to joke that he has another family down there. I don’t think he really does though. But stranger things have happened. 😉

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  1. Cindy

    Oh my gosh…I remember that sad tree falling incident from last year! When I see those cookies I immediately think they are your moms (and now, apparently, yours!). Wow, that one house with the lights has some “razzle dazzle”…lol !!

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