Babycakes Cake Pops Maker ~ A Product Review

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We have a family Christmas party this weekend and I was assigned the task of bringing Christmas goodies / cookies and a hot appetizer.  I am leaving the appetizer up to Bryan, but I so can handle the fun stuff. I decided that, in addition to, cookies, I want to make something fun.

That’s where the cake pop maker comes in! I put one on my Christmas list and thankfully one of Santa’s elves brought it to me early (when they were having a sale at Kohl’s).  I knew I would never have the patience to make cake pops myself, so I knew I would need a cake pop maker.

With the help of my trusty assistant, we got to work.  We followed the one of the recipes that was included included in the instruction booklet, which it was recommended that we do.  Since my assistant refused to go to the store, we had to work only with the materials we had on hand.  Which meant that we followed the vanilla recipe.

For some reason, we were supposed to mix the dry ingredients in one bowl and the other stuff (including the sugar) in other bowl.  And them slowly combine them.  I usually never do this, but it specifically stated that I follow the instructions exactly.  So I did. Whatever.

All mixed together.  Looks just like cake batter.  Tastes just like it too.  Not that we tried it or anything ;).

The instructions said to put tablespoon sized portions into the cake pop maker.  I think I overestimated the size of a tablespoon.

Yep, I sure did!  But I will say that the extra pieces were easy to cut off.  So it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  And I will also say that nothing sticks to the cake pop maker.  It is better than non-stick!  I think it took them about 4-5 minutes to bake.  The machine gets HOT, so keep the kiddies away!  I took the balls out with the tool provided in the box and them cool for a few minutes before putting the sticks in (which are also included in the box).

For our “topping” we had to again work with only what we had on hand, so we picked the recipe that called for canned frosting and chocolate chips.  I had L get the sprinkles ready while I melted / mixed the frosting and chocolate chips.  There was so way I could get a picture of me dipping the cake pops in the frosting mix, but the trick appears to be to keep the mixture hot (and thin), which makes it way easier to dip.    Then we rolled the pops in the sprinkles (and whatever other stuff we had around) and put them in the cake pop stand to dry (also included in the box).

I have to say, I think we did pretty well for our first attempt.  Next time I would for sure use a lighter glaze / frosting since I think the heavy mixture I used weighed the pops down and made them unsteady.  I also think that it’s probably better not to use heavy sprinkles, etc. because that will weigh them down too.

I think for the party we will attempt to make something fancier.  Something like these reindeer ones or these snowman / oreo ones.  We’ll see!

So far I give the Cake Pops maker a thumbs up!  It works fast and does exactly what it is supposed to do!  Now, if I could just get a device that would decorate them all fancy for me!

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  1. Shannon Dew

    WHOA! This looks WAY easier than making them the Pinterest way! Perfect!!!!

    1. Jennifer

      It is WAY easier!! No way will I will rolling cake and frosting together. So hard!!!!

  2. Cindy

    Wow — I am so geeked now for the party and — I got my girls the same cakepop maker from Kohls for Christmas!! Shhhh… (Did you score that like $2 deal from “Hip to Save”??) They look so fun and pretty!

  3. Farra

    I bought this from the Kohls sale too..did u do the rebate? I haven’t tried making them yet..but I’m planning on it for Xmas Ece.

  4. Stacey

    I’ve been wanting to try making cake pops, I think I need one of these cake pop makers, it looks so easy!

  5. karen

    They look yummy and I bet Lucas had fun making them. May have to get Kelsey one when she gets into her own house.

  6. Brian H.

    “The machine gets HOT, so keep the kiddies away!”

    I won’t say that I was hoping for the next picture to be one of a burn on Lucas’s arm but I thought it was 50/50 that it would be.

  7. Brian H.

    “I had L get the sprinkles ready while I melted / mixed the frosting and chocolate chips.”

    You sure did a lot in the time it took him to dump those in a bowl….errrr…..”get them ready”

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