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So I follow a few blogs who were talking about “keeping it real” as a mom today. I think it’s called “Messy Mom Mondays”. And it got me thinking, am I messy? Or do I totally have it all together? I guess the answer is a little of both. Let’s compare:

Super Mom (aka have it all together):
-I would never dare leave the house, or the bedroom for that matter, with my bed unmade. I know no one really sees the bed. But who cares? I’d know if it wasn’t made and it would drive me insane.
-Chances that you would trip over a toy in my living room, kitchen, L’s bedroom, the hallway, etc. is slim to none. None actually. I cannot stand clutter and there is no way I could walk by a crap all over my floor and just be okay with it. No way.
-On that note, my counters are typically (98% off the time) uncluttered. If something needs to go upstairs or be filed away, then I put it away my next trip in that direction. I keep business cards, important flyers for L’s school etc. on my Pottery Barn wall organization system. That way, no clutter is on my counter!
-My house is cleaned, top to bottom, every two weeks. Since I hire someone to do this, I guess I can’t really say it is very Super Mom of me. Let me tell you, nothing beats days that K comes over and cleans. She rules. She’ll organize shoes in the laundry room. Clean the explosions in the microwave and she even folds the toilet paper into triangles.

Messy Mom:
-I have laundry in the dryer which I do not want to fold. So I just leave it in the dryer so the mess is contained and I do not have to look at it.
-Sheets. I have mentioned it before, but I find washing sheets to be a pain in the butt. But in all fairness, it’s not like we go running and them climb into bed. And L’s sheets get changed on a regular basis, so it’s not like I force him to live with unwashed sheets.
-On rare occasions, I will leave dirty dishes in the sink. It is often a game to see who will wash them first (B or I). I end up getting annoyed and wash them first. But on K days, she’ll wash whatever is in the sink. Although, I try not to leave anything in there when she comes because I don’t really think it’s her job to do my dishes.

In what ways are you a Super Mom? How are you a Messy Mom? I think pretty much everyone falls in between the two catagories. No one is a complete super mom. Or are they??

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  1. Karen

    I am a super mom to my kids when they ask if I have, or where is something, that I can almost alway find what they want from tools to dishes to spices or paperwork they left here and some even stranger items that I wasn’t even sure what it was until they described it. Otherwise since the first kids were born I became a messy mom because after 8 hours of work I would have to switch baby sitter, milk cows , take baby sitter home then get ready for next day so my house has been a mess ever since but I can alway find what I need in the piles so it must actually be organized.

  2. Stacey

    OMG…we are clearly related. I’m the exact same with super mom and messy mom. I cannot stand toys all over the floor, and I do NOT put dishes in the dishwasher (I leave them in the sink for Jon to complete when he gets home)!

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