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  • Okay, so I found L’s old boots (which I talked about here and here).  Only now I wish I wouldn’t have.  Why?  Well because it appears that this years boots and last years boots are the same size.  Umm yeah, I bought my kid two identical pairs of boots in two different years in the SAME SIZE.  And it’s not like I size his feet myself.  Nope.  We go to the kids shoe department at Nordstrom and have them size his feet every time we buy shoes.  But really, I should have known what size his old boots were.  And you know what, both pairs of boots fit great when he wore / wears them.  How I have no idea how since I know his feet have grown in the last year, but they do.  I wish I would have donated those boots to charity or never found them or something so I never would have realized this.  I am holding out hope that one pair is mislabeled or something.
  • I stumbled upon the Activity Gym I wanted for the new guy at Buy Buy Baby this weekend for less than 1/2 the regular price.  Sure the packaging was all screwed up and whoever bought and had returned it had cut the tags off, but do I care? Nope!  Always check those clearance areas!  You just never know what goodies you may score in there.
  • L and B went to the Auto Show downtown yesterday.  When they got there and started looking around at cars, L said to B “what time does the show start?”. BAHAHA!  He was obviously expecting the “show” to be more than just a roomful  of cars.  B and L have been going to the Auto Show every year since L was just a baby.  Clearly he doesn’t remember any of the past trips!
  • I get a lot of questions about where I got my apothecary jars at.  For the record, I got them a few years back at Costco, during the holidays.  I believe the set was $30 or $40?  I would like to find another set (because I would lose my shit if these broke), but I haven’t had any luck yet.  Although, I haven’t been to Costco in like a year either, so that might explain it.  And if you are wondering, no, I have not done this years Valentine’s Day jars yet.  Here are last years jars though.
  • What in the world was up with Madonna and Elton John at the Golden Globes?  I had no clue those two hated each other so much.  Every time the camera pointed at him, he looked pissed.  Sir, get over it!  Not that I like Madonna (hello, you are NOT British and neither are you Johnny Depp), but I was sure glad Elton’s nastiness didn’t win an award!
  • I am more than excited for the MSU-UM basketball game tonight.  We all know I want MSU to win and I am hoping it’s not a nail biter.  But, knowing the Spartans, I am sure it will be!

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