A Poll: When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Decorations?

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So the Christmas gifts are put away (except for that 6ft. cardboard train in your living room). Things have calmed down (maybe). But there’s still one thing left to do. Take down all those Christmas decorations. I totally dread this project. I keep staring at mine, thinking I am going to get a jump start on it this year. Yet I still haven’t taken down a thing. I know, I know. Christmas was only two days ago! In reality, I am going to probably taken them down right around New Year’s. Unless I get into some crazy cleaning frenzy this weekend of course.

The tree will likely be gone around that time too. It’s not dying (yet), but once I start taking away the Christmas stuff, I want it ALL gone! And I’ll pester B until it’s done, which will drive him crazy and he’ll take it down for me.

But I want to know, when do you take down your tree / decorations? Are they already gone? Do you wait till around New Years? Or do you stretch it out even longer?

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  1. Ellen

    Christmas is 12 days and doesn’t actually end until January 6th… so I keep my decorations up until then 🙂

  2. Alice

    I treat them as holiday decorations, so I wait until after New Years. I figure if that method works for Disney and the malls, works for me too.

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