Things That Annoy Me: Kids Shows

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These days there are so many kids shows out there. Some are good (Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street, heck, I even like Little Einsteins). Some are tolerable (Chuggington, Thomas the Train, Sponge Bob). And some are awful. And annoy me to no end.

Wonder Pets: I think the number one reason I hate the show is because of that stupid song they sing all of the time. “The phone, the phone is ringing. The phone, we’ll be right there.” OMG, I hate that song. It’s pretty much all I ever hear during the episodes. Do they ever say anything else? I think B and I both have this song in our heads 24-7. Every once in a while one of us will just start singing it. Why L likes this show, I have no clue. He did say that he doesn’t like “Tuck” (the turtle), because he is not soft. Umm, okay. I’m not sure how he can feel the animals through the screen, but he can. And until I googled it, I thought the Guinea Pig was named Winnie, not Linny. Whatever. I hope this phase is over quickly and we can stop watching this trash soon.

Max & Ruby: Yeah, where in the world are their parents? Hello, get home and take care of your kids! I know Grandma is around sometimes, but they even walk to Grandma’s house alone. So weird. And Ruby is the biggest bitch ever. Such a bossy big sister. No wonder Max doesn’t listen to her. I like when Max doesn’t listen to her and ends up outsmarting her. So funny. Ruby needs to set up some play dates for poor Max so he’s not stuck hanging out with Mr. Bossy Pants and her dumb friend Louise. Make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wiggles: Luckily we do not watch The Wiggles anymore, but I am pretty sure that one or two episodes is enough for a lifetime. If you have never seen the Wiggles, creepy is the best word to describe them. They also have super catchy annoying songs. And maybe I’m wrong, but their episodes don’t seem like they have a plot. I mean, even the Wonder Pets has a plot (to save the “animal in trouble”). But the Wiggles is just a mishmash of creepy people (sometimes in weird costumes) singing and dancing. I hope they go back to Australia and stay there.

Phew! I feel better just getting that out there. I should mention that we don’t watch some of the other traditionally annoying shows, including Barney, Teletubbies (is this even still on), Dora, etc. L somehow has never asked about that giant purple dinosaur and I’d like to keep it that way.

So, what kids shows annoy you the most?

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  1. Amanda

    This is why you are a better mom than me: shows that annoy the f*&k out of me, we just don’t watch. In my defense, there’s only two that I utterly cannot stand: Sid the Science Kid and Caillou. Caillou is a whiny brat and I want to slap him. I don’t listen to my own kids’ whining; I’m sure as hell not going to CHOOSE to listen to some imaginary kid whine. And Sid…I can’t say exactly what it is that annoys me about it, but I can’t handle it.

    I am also not a Dora fan (at.all.), but fortuantely, we don’t get that, so I’m spared saying no to that one.

  2. Kyra

    All we watch are Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, the occasional Blues Clues and Bob the Builder. Mainly though the first 2 alllll the time!

  3. Aimee Auchtung

    My sisters and I are constanly having the conversation about Max and Ruby!! lol Ruby is a B@*ch… and Max is always right!!

  4. Alysia George

    Caillou! I can’t stand that whiny kid either!

    As far as the Wonder Pets…what’s gonna work? Team work! It’s a mantra in my house. I agree on the Wiggles. Don’t get the appeal at all. And I’m sorry to say my kids have all been Barney fans at one time or another. One of my kids even had a Barney stuffed animal that she slept with for months. Not sure how that even happened.

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