Things That Annoy Me: A Random Mix

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I really could write a book about all the little things that annoy me. If I could just fix all these little things, the world would be a better place……

“Retweeting”: I have a twitter account (doesn’t everyone), but I rarely use it because I am so annoyed by all the retweeting that goes on. C list celebrities who retweet at the request of their fans are the worst. I am not sure who is more to blame, the “celeb” or the loser who wants a retweet from the Teen Mom cast or Taylor on the RHOBH. I know, I know. Why do I even follow these people in the first place?? I suppose it’s my own fault. But if I ever see a tweet from someone I know that says “It’s my birthday, how about a retweet” to Khloe Kardashian, I doubt we’ll ever be friends again!

Wet Shopping Carts: If someone can drag the carts in from the parking lot, the least they could do is get a towel and attempt to dry them off. Nothing like putting brand new things I am buying into a soaking wet shopping cart. Or forget the stuff, what about my kid? He doesn’t want to ride in a wet cart!

Check Writers: So last Saturday I am at Jo-Ann Fabrics picking up supplies for my DIY curtains.  It was about 100 degrees in the store, which was filled with, well, the type of people who cried when Oprah went off the air.  I grab what I need (which took all of two minutes) and head off to check out.  There were probably 10 of us in line and two ladies working.  After 20 minutes in line, I was about at my limit.  And then, a spy a lady at the register digging thru her purse only to pull out a CHECKBOOK.  And then she proceeds to write the check at the counter after all of her stuff was totally rung up.  Hey B*TCH, maybe you could have gotten that check ready during the 20 minutes we just spent in line?  Or at least looked thru your purse to locate the checkbook in that time.  Nothing like wasting everyone’s time.

Errand Runners:  One of the (many) things that drives me totally insane is when people ask you to go to lunch or whatever and then proceed to pick you up and make 8 million stops on the way to lunch.  And they ask if you mind.  Listen, I don’t even want to run my own errands much less yours, so of course I mind.  Go to the bank and get gas on your own time.  Not mine.

Name Droppers: I’m not talking about about people who drop famous people’s names in conversation.  I am talking about people who drop names of people you don’t know in conversation.  As in “Matt says there is a good deal going on at Target”.  Or whatever. Who the eff is Matt?  Your brother?  Your boyfriend?  Your boss?  Who?  I don’t know every single person you know, so you are going  to need to be a bit more specific!!

Whew, I feel better getting all that out there!!  What has been annoying you lately??

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  1. Cindy

    Lol…you are too funny! I was at Jo-Anns today in the middle of the day…long line!!(and…..I resent the “people who cried when Oprah went off the air remark”!? since that would be ME!! Your generation just doesn’t understand my generation LOL!!!)

  2. Dani

    I agree with everything you say. However, there is something worse than a name dropper dropping a name of someone you don’t know. That is the person who drops the name of someone you do not know and then spends 10 minutes explaining who that person is and how they are connected to everyone else on Earth.

    Yeah. That gets me.

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