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As promised, I am mixing things up a little this month and doing a bunch of smaller, separate, giveaways over the month of August with individual winners instead of one big giveaway with one winner.  If you feel like maybe you have missed one, want to bookmark the page to track them all or check out and see if you won (although I would e-mail you) you can do so here.  I have tagged them all with “August Giveaways” so you don’t have to track them individually if you want to come back and enter everyday.

Today’s giveaway is for a few Zoku items I love:
~Zoku Quick Pop Maker ($49.95): I bought one last summer and we LOVE ours.  You can make your own popsicles, with whatever you want, in 7 minutes. It is the coolest invention ever and L and I always enjoy our creations!
~Zoku Slush & Shake Maker ($19.95): The idea is similar to the Quick Pop Maker, but instead of popsicles, you can make slushes and shakes in 7 minutes!  It’s like the As Seen on TV Slushy Magic, but better!

Want to win?  All you need to do is enter in Rafflecopter below!  The giveaway ends on 8.21.13 at 12:00am and I’ll randomly select one winner who will receive both prizes at that time.  As always, please make sure to read the entry requirements (specifically the blog comment one which it appears not everyone reads) and rules.  I should also mention that this giveaway is in no way related to, sponsored by or affiliated with Zoku.  I just love their stuff!!!  Happy entering and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. heather

    would love to win but rafflecopter never popped up hope my comment counts me in

    1. Jennifer

      I am having trouble with rafflecopter also…although it worked at the library, so I think it must be my firewall. I will look into it tonight, because I really want to win this!

  2. Kimberly

    I would make all types of fruit slushes and popsicles. My favorite fruits are mangos, strawberries, bananas, apples, pineapples… the list goes on and on!

  3. Elizabeth

    I knwo my girls would love to make strawberry popsicles.

  4. Toni

    I would make a chocolate peanut butter shake!

  5. Nichole Van Bruggen

    Oh for slushes, sobe life water slush, i love sobe and it would be so good in slush form!

  6. KC

    I would make all sorts of fun fruit popsicles and slushes. Living in Texas, I survive off cold drinks and treats!

  7. Gabrielle S

    I would make a mint, mango pop! It may sound weird but they are so refreshing!

  8. Alicia

    I want this so bad! I was hoping you’d do a giveaway for it :). I would definitely make milkshakes with all sorts of ice cream. I’m not too picky, cookies and cream is the first I can think of. As for slushies, it’d be a coke slush and for smoothies I’d make my strawberry oatmeal! Hope I win 🙂

  9. Mary Happymommy

    I would make cherry slushes and orange popsicles.

  10. shelley

    I love raspberry and mango so I would pdo something with that.

  11. Amy

    I always want to win your giveaways but I really want this one!

  12. Erin

    The kids would love Pineapple juice pops. I think I’d have to make me a batch of them w/ Coconut Rum and Pineapple juice =)

  13. Rose D.

    I would make coconut pops.

  14. Meg Mc

    Hi! I always thought that those pops looked so cute and artsy. Glad you are doing a giveaway for them 🙂

  15. Debbie

    I’d make strawberry popsicles and orange popsicles — delicious!

  16. Amanda Dukes

    the pop maker we would have fun with that

  17. Breann

    I love them both! I would put chocolate milk in the slush maker! Sounds delicious!!!

  18. Alice

    I ideally would make some elaborate flavored Zoku pops and slushy (love looking at those pinterest/blog recipes and pics) but in reality it’s going to be whatever is in the fridge….

  19. Alena

    I love anything strawberry/banana, so I’m going to go with I’d make strawberry banana shakes! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  20. Kelsey

    I love making peach nectar pops from the trader joes Peach juice. Yum!

  21. Riann

    Peanut butter banana!

  22. Kara

    I would totally be making orange peach mango popsicles and slushies all the time. I buy the Outshine ones in peach and mango but a combination would be great. And a little rum might make its way into them too…the road from slushie to daiquari is just too easy!

  23. Kim

    Watermelon or pineapple ,

  24. Samantha

    I would make strawberry banana shakes!

  25. Britney

    Tons of various fruit pops!! And maybe try turning my green monster shakes into pops…yum!

  26. Julie Meline

    Mmm I’d make some strawberry, blueberry, and watermelon slushies! This sounds perfect with this hot weather!

  27. Judy

    Love all your giveaways. Been meaning to buy a Popsicle maker for awhile now!

  28. Diana B

    We would probably try a bunch of different flavors- berries, grape, banana. I saw a cool rainbow pop recipe on pinterest that would be fun to try out.

  29. Shauna

    Blue raspberry vodka slushes and watermelon ice pop. I’d actually probably try to make watermelon pucker ice pops, but I don’t it would freeze so maybe the pucker would go into the slushes and the ice pops would be plain watermelon.

    These look super cool. Love the idea of separate giveaways!


  30. Jackie

    Something with tropical fruits, maybe pineapple mango coconut??!!

  31. Mrs. L

    I don’t know about the shakes and slushies but I think some Margarita Popsicles would be the first thing I’d make with the Quick Pop Maker! #allaboutthetequila

  32. Pilar

    I would love to make a good old chocolate milkshake with the Zoku maker

  33. Amy

    Maybe it’ll be safer for my figure if I don’t win this one…

  34. Amy Ballou

    I would make fruit pops! yummy.

  35. Tara

    My daughter is obsessed with making different kinds of Popsicles but hates waiting for them to be ready so she would love this!

  36. Sarah Q

    I’ve seen one made with real pieces of fruit that I have been dying to try!

  37. Dana

    Strawberry Peach Popsicles! Yum!

  38. Ariana

    This could be col for some crystal light pops or fruit pops for dieters!

  39. Jean

    Looks like an awesome product, my kiddos would love this one!!! I entered 🙂

  40. Deanna

    iced coffee! Or strawberry….oh, so many options!

  41. JT

    Coffee slushies!

  42. Libby Sawyer

    I love banana flavored popsicles! I would go get some banana extract and make myself some coconutty (is that even a word?) popsicles!

  43. jmd

    What wouldn’t I make? Fruit stuff, coffee stuff, chocolate stuff – I only have a small freezer so a free standing unit would be great!

  44. Shana

    I would do strawberry and mango popsicles and slushes. Yum……

  45. Melody

    watermelon slushes!

  46. Jamie

    I always love the traditional strawberry banana. Also, FYI idk what’s wrong with the raffle copter this time (every other giveaway it’s worked fine for me) but I had to do each entry like 5 times bc it kept saying “aw shucks we didn’t get your entry try again”. And, you should add an extra entries button for your IG followers too! 😉

  47. Kimberlee

    If I won I would be making mango, strawberry, coconut Popsicles every day likely…it is his favorite smoothie and it never occurred to make it into a Popsicle until just now.

  48. Jean

    My daughter loves blueberries. So we would definitely make blueberry slushies or Popsicles. Yum!

  49. Jenny

    Lemonade popsicles. I’d put fruit in some for me but the boys like theirs plain with no bites in it as they say. LOL I’d love to make dr pepper slushie. Can you make them with soda? I always used to put my diet dr pepper in the freezer when I worked for awhile so it was slushy cold when I went to drink it 😉

  50. Jessica E.

    I’m a big slushie fan, I would probably make a lot of fruity slushies.

  51. esmeralda

    My son and I would make ones we make the hard way with tiny cups and popsicle sticks. We put yogurt and fruit blends and some small fruit to give it more texture

  52. Stephanie

    I def need a Popsicle with all this summer heat.

  53. Kristen Maria

    I would make bourbon cherry shakes! 😉

  54. Melody C

    I hope I win.

  55. Brooke

    Probably some sort of pina colada popsicle

  56. brandy

    i would make frozen milk & juice for the kids… my husband found this all by himself and bought me one! i use it for medifast stuff. i bet it is great for your advocare too! have you tried it?

  57. Margot C

    Blueberry Yogurt pops, yum!

  58. Kels

    haha i’d pretty much attempt anything that would freeze… too bad booze doesn’t freeze well.. it’s been one of those days…

  59. Juli

    Pudding pops! Do you think it would work? I would totally live on them!!

  60. Ashley

    All sorts of fruit smoothies for breakfast and mojito popsicles

  61. Evelyn

    You know this really looks like a impulse buy item.lol I have an ice cream maker that I have never used. I know I had all these flavors/ideas when I got it and I still plan on doing……… but Mango popsicles sound like a great idea. 😀

  62. Sara

    Coke slush!!!! I never heard of this company and am super impressed that you can make Popsicles in 7 minutes.

  63. Kaitlin

    I want to say I’d be all healthy and make health-minded shakes but let’s be honest: mint chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate would own that shake maker!

  64. BB

    I would also make fruity slushies in this hot California weather. Great giveaway. Thanks!

  65. Suzanne

    Love this giveaway! I was just thinking that I needed to get a popsicle mold. I have been seeing so many great recipes! I would make pina colada popsicles & a coffee milkshake!

  66. Amanda

    I’d probably make shakes and Popsicles every single day…which may or may not be a good thing

  67. Jill

    I love raspberries so definitely something with them!

  68. Kim O

    I would make something with coconut and pineapple. Something very tropical!

  69. alison

    all types of fruit slushes and popsicles!

  70. Catherine Faulkenburg

    I would make all kinds of Popsicles.. Watermelon, blueberry, pineapple, cucumber, cantaloupe are just a few that come to mind.

  71. Hollie H

    Fresh fruit for the kiddo and strawberry champagne popsicles for me and the mister. Thank you for the chance.

  72. Amber

    I would love to make some Pudding popsicles!

  73. Lauren

    I want to make strawberry kiwi Popsicles and lemonade slushies (so its like frozen lemonade from the fair!). Thanks for this giveaway!

  74. Mimi

    I would make something fruity – strawberry, mango, kiwi sounds good!

  75. Stephanie Drost

    I would make banana ones 🙂

  76. Aimee A

    I think I would definitely want to make fruit bars!

  77. Simon L.

    I would make orange creamsicle

  78. Mary Q.

    I am just LOVING your “smaller” giveaways. So many great things that I sure hope I win! I just showed my fiance the Zoku products at the mall this weekend, telling him we’re getting it after we settle in to our new home. I think I’d have a lot of fun trying ones with different fruit pieces. 🙂

  79. Sara

    Orange creamsicles!

  80. Tiffany

    Lemonade slushies would be first on my list!

  81. nicole

    tigers blood popsicles!!!

  82. Erin Montgomery

    I think that a Strawberry and Basil or a Blueberry and Thyme pop would be FABULOUS!

  83. Vilanda

    I would make strawberry, cherries, blueberry slushies.

  84. Ruby Yoshi

    I’d make strawberry milkshake popsicle

  85. Rachel

    Lemonade with blueberries!

  86. Jennifer maddux

    We love homemade mango and vanilla custard made with homemade vanilla extract from beanilla. Amazing!

  87. Caitlin

    I would definitely be making orange juice popsicles first!

  88. Shannon

    I would make lemonade and limeade ones. And maybe use Doggie beer and make some for the pups.

  89. MurdocksMama

    I would make healthy popsicles for my kids and pomegranate margaritas for myself! 🙂

  90. Glenna

    I would make blueberry & greek yogurt popsicles first 🙂

  91. Bran

    I would make raspberry Popsicles and for slushies I would probably do strawberry and banana…definitely would get creative!

  92. Crystal G

    Blueberry banana first!

  93. Christine Fortes

    My kids would love this… They are always asking to put yogurt in the freezer to turn it into ice cream. 🙂

  94. Shannon

    Thanks for the giveaway! I have never heard of this brand before, but it sounds really cool. My step daughter has wanted a slushie magic forever, so this would be cool to win:)

  95. Shannon

    We would make watermelon pops! My daughter loves watermelon. I also think we would try a bunch of different things, my step daughter loves to make “masterpieces” so she would be trying many different flavors:)

  96. Sarah Z

    Pi?a colada Popsicle

  97. Mandy Hillman

    I would love to try out strawberry mango treats!

  98. Caroline P

    pina colada!

  99. Jean

    Cherry-white grape juice slushies!

  100. Lynsey

    Pink Lemonade!! My favorite flavor for Popsicle or icees!

  101. Val

    I’d use my last couple of hoarded bottles of POG juice (pineapple, orange, guava) and then after that I’d make something like fudge bars, if that’s even possible.

  102. Brandy Fisk

    Orange Julius.

  103. Maddy

    Fruit popsicles.

  104. Ericka

    I would probably stick with fruit juices for both. But I would make lemonade slushies right away!

  105. Tiffani

    The popsicles I would make would be strawberries and cream, pureed strawberries with yogurt.

  106. Kelly G.

    I’d love to make some mimosa popsicles or some other type of fun popsicle for the summer!

  107. Kathy

    Berry popsicles, and maybe a mojito flavored one to use up some of that mint in the garden!

  108. Jillian

    I would make a chocolate malt, and boozy Margarita pops!!

  109. Arlette

    WE all know that I have 30 nieces and nephews this will come in handy!!

  110. Lauren

    I would probably make a strawberry banana pop for my little one 😉

  111. Virginia C

    I absolutely ADORE frozen treats. These would be amazing!

  112. Kristin Lockwood

    I have a million ideas in my head but banana chocolate would be one!
    Pomme Pineapple, strawberry lemon, mmmm maybe a green & fruits. Maybe not! How about wine slushies. Yup. That’s it! 🙂

  113. Kara Cheek

    My kids would love the Popsicle maker!!

  114. Ashley C.

    I love love love all things zoku! I definitely think I would make some kind of coffee/java pop. Mama needs a treat sometimes, too!

  115. Beth

    creamsicle everything!

  116. Ashley H.

    First things first, I would totally make Dr. Pepper slushies! Then after that, go the Kool-Aid route and try a bunch of different flavored popsicles.

  117. Sarah

    We do smoothies and healthy Popsicles all the time so this would be perfect!!

  118. Victoria

    Peaches and cream popsicles or milkshakes made with Greek yogurt! Yummm

  119. Mackenzie

    That is awesome! My hubs would love making some chocolate-peanut butter-banana shakes all the time.

  120. Karen

    I’d make fresh fruit popsicles!

  121. Megan

    Ones to use up extra juice we have in our fridge 🙂

  122. Lauren M.

    Anything banana is my fave!

  123. Anne B.

    Anything chocolate or coffee-flavored!

  124. christina

    this would be so fantastic for my kids and I! we would make something healthy with whatever fruit we needed to use up : )

  125. thao le

    I would make a strawberry/watermelon limeade slush if I won this!

  126. Allison

    Lime popsicles and berry smoothies!

  127. Shelly

    Id love to make quick Popsicle’s for my little girl~ Fruit of any kind would be awesome

  128. lynn m.

    I have this on my Christmas list to buy my little guy. He LOVES popsicles! It would be nice to just stash it in the gift closet and be able to ex it off my list. 🙂

  129. Margaret Cordova

    I have admired these for a long time and would love to win one. My daughters and I have really enjoyed making different pops this summer we just need a cool set to do it in – we still use the ice cube tray!

  130. Grace

    Something healthy – fruit with teeny bit of veggie juice hidden. 🙂

  131. miranda

    I love making banana peanut butter smoothies

  132. gary

    strawberry banana popsicles

  133. D. Adams

    Breastmilk Popsicles for the little one! As crazy as that sounds.

  134. Melanee

    I love all things strawberry, so I’d definitely make strawberry pops

  135. Jennifer Alessi

    I’ve always wanted to try this! I am thinking dark chocolate sea salt!

  136. Bobbi

    Have wanted to try this but my hubby won’t let me spend the money on a “uni-tasker”

  137. Melissa

    I would make some mango coconut pops!

  138. courtney king

    Anything chocolate or pineapple

  139. Ashley

    Strawberry yogurt with a chocolate shell!

  140. Atrayee Sarkar

    I would love to make some with yoghurt and fruits and veggies for sure! as much natural, pure and organic as possible. for sweetening, if necessary then I will add honey, fresh sugar-cane juice, or any other fruit juiced 🙂 I love this giveaway! thank you so much.

  141. Tabitha

    I’m not a big wine drinker but at a local food festival, the hubby and I tried (and loved) some wine slushies. I don’t know if it would be possible to make with the Zoku products, but that’s what I would want to do with them.

  142. Greta

    My son would love this!

  143. Mary m

    Orange Julius!

  144. Brenda

    I have been wanting the popsicle maker forever. I never tried it because I wasn’t sure it really worked. I didn’t even know they made a slushie maker.

  145. Tami

    Fresh raspberry Popsicles would be so yummy!!

  146. wenz

    watermelon mint slushie.
    I know it sounds weird but somehow that’s what popped into my head LOL

  147. Brianna

    I would like to make a Diet Barq’s slushie!

    I also wonder if it would work with peanut butter, milk, and chocolate syrup!

  148. soon p

    Watermelon slushes!

  149. kristina olmedo

    I would make a mango passion fruit pop from fresh fruit and fruit juice. Even green tea pops sound really good.

  150. Jennifer

    raspberry margaritas and mango greek yogurt pops

  151. Lisa Davis

    these look fun!

  152. Christina T

    I would make some kind of chocolate and coconut shake to end the summer with! As far as popsicles go, it would be so much fun to play with this in the fall. Apple and pumpkin would be awesome popsicle flavors. I would even love to do mint chocolate shakes and slushies in the winter! Really the possibilities are endless

  153. Kobash

    I would make strawberry slushes, chocolate milkshakes, and a variety of fruit popsicles (mango, strawberry, banana…)

  154. Jaclyn Paskow

    Berry Popsicles!

  155. Lynn Morejon

    Anything with blueberry

  156. casiusher1018@yahoo.com

    The adult kind!!!!! Lol thanks for all the giveaways

  157. dori

    Kiwi! Strawberry! Anything with alcohol!

  158. Brin

    This may seem weird, but I love root beer popsicles!

  159. Nikki Berry

    Would love to have these for next summer!

  160. Scarlett

    I would love to make some slushies. Anything fruity. And I know my husband would love to make his own fruit Popsicles. I’m thinking something strawberry and “grapey” for me and lime and lemon for him.

  161. kara mishmash

    These would be perfect to use with the girls i nanny!

  162. Shannon

    I would make some root beer popsicles! Sounds weird but these are the best

  163. Debi B.

    I love Bananas, ice and Kahlua , may not be too healthy, but it is good,oh and milk too
    I wold also like to try orange cream pops
    But I will probley give them to Kendra and the kids.

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