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  • I started working on (and finished) L’s quiet time bins.  I am super excited about them and I think L will totally love them!  I filled them with toys, books, crafts, etc. that he hasn’t seen in a while or has never seen.  I’ll let you know how they end up working out.
  • Last weekend we bought some roman shades for L’s room.  Only they didn’t fit. So I got everything together, including the receipt and set it aside so I could return them.  Only when I went to leave the house to return them, the receipt was gone.  WTF?  I searched my bag, the kitchen drawers, everywhere.  Finally I just said screw it and went to BB&B (Bed, Bath and Beyond) without my receipt. They were able to look up my purchase with my credit card, but the system would only let me return one set of shades (I had bought two).  The manager came over and did an override and I was on my way.  While I was gone the receipt had been located (on the playroom floor – WTF) and it turns out they had only originally charged me for one set.  Which is why the system was only allowing me to return one set.  So pretty much I paid for one set and returned two.  Do I feel guilty?  Sort of.  Did I do it on purpose?  No.  Am I going to go back and try to explain to the people at BB&B what happened and “pay” for the other set of blinds?  No way.  I can’t even imagine that headache.  No, I will just not use coupons the next few times I go and it will all even out ;).
  •  L and I (well really me) want to make homemade Valentine’s for his friends at school.  Only I haven’t found anything I love on Pinterest.  Well, I really can’t figure out how to search for Valentines.  Not much is coming up.  So does anyone have any cute super Valentine’s ideas??
  • Why is everyone so freaked out about the new Facebook timeline?  I have been reading about people working to clean-up their posts so “things” won’t be so easy to find.  What are all these “things” people are posting on Facebook anyways?  I’ve got an idea, if you don’t want people to know something, DON’T post it on the internet.
  • We still haven’t settled on a name for the new kid.  I like Jackson, Jack and William (the choices in my poll), but I don’t love them.  I am also liking Grant, Andrew and Liam, but your guess is as good as mine as to what this kids name will be.

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  1. karen

    Lucas and Liam sound good together but I like Jackson also. Check at Hobby Lobby they sometimes have idea sheets by the stamping and craft supplies or check familyfun.com there might be some ideas there as they always have crafts in the magazine. Good Luck.

  2. Alysia George

    LOL with the BB&B. I placed a big order from Land’s End before Christmas and they sent me an extra pair of boots that they didn’t charge me for. Turns out my mom wanted them, but they were the wrong size. So I called & explained what happened & said I wanted to buy the boots in a different size, etc. etc. This has caused so much confusion, I swear she should have just gone to Sears and bought the damn boots!! They then sent me the wrong boots in the wrong size & those had to be sent back also. Finally we got the right ones. Then the other day I get a gift card in the mail with a note telling me this is my refund from my recent return. I am done talking to people at Land’s End! I’m fairly certain they didn’t owe me any money for any return, and if they did then why wouldn’t they just credit my card? So I gave the gift card to my mom, but she feels “guilty” and said she’s going to call them and try to straighten it out. Good luck mom! I feel I have jumped through enough hoops to try to rectify what was their mistake in the first place!

    You should try to get in with Tiny Prints…I did a Christmas card post and got free Christmas cards, and I just did a Valentine post & I’m getting free Valentine cards. Just for future reference… If you’re interested I’ll email you the contact info.

  3. GU

    check out Family Fun’s website. We have made the heart shape crayon Valentines the cell phone ones and the iPod ones. They have some cute ideas.

  4. Dani

    I agree. If you don’t want someone to see something you post on facebook, don’t post it. Then again, it would be a lot less interesting to read.

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