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  • B and I had a date night last night.  Dinner at P.F. Changs and then we wandered around the very empty (outdoor) mall where B scored some new shoes and I went wild at Baby Gap.  I swear, the entire store was 40% off.  40% off clearance stuff = cheap clothes.  I think I scored a few things for $2!  And I was able to get some of the one piece outfits First Favorites line (I love this line) for $6/each!  I think regular price was $14.50?  Not too bad.  The computers were down though, so they had to manually calculate my huge order.  I wasn’t about to leave.  I’ll spend an extra 20 minutes in the store if it means I save more money!  And I am so going back.  Totally going back.
  • I am beyond thrilled with the job the painters did at our house on Monday.  I think they did in 3 hours what would have taken me 3 days.  And they saved me many grey hairs.  What was I thinking all those years when I was doing it myself. Never again.  And maybe now when we get a mark on the wall, we will actually be able to clean it instead of just having to stare at it.  Builders use the flattest (cheapest) paint known to man.  It looks great, just as long as you NEVER touch the walls.  😉
  • After not going to Wendy’s for years and years, I have found myself there twice in the last month or so.  I forgot how yummy those Frosty’s are!  So I’ll get a Frosty and a baked potato.  All I want is a potato with a bit of cheese and some sour cream.  How flippin hard is that?  Pretty hard I guess.  First trip: potato with no sour cream and no cheese.  Just chives.  Second trip: potato swimming in cheese (it was so nasty) with no sour cream.  Looks like I will just need to make my own baked potato.
  • I cannot believe people are so upset about the Facebook timeline change that is happening soon.  Umm, hello, Facebook is free.  No one is making you use it.  And really, what are you posting on Facebook that you are so worried about people being able to go back and see??  It’s the internet people.  If you don’t want it out there, I have an idea, NEVER POST IT!
  • I hear Teen Mom was crazy last night.  I am sad I missed it, but cannot wait to see it on DVR.  I am going to Florida and kicking Janelle’s butt.  And after that, I will fly to wherever it is that Chelsea lives and dye her hair dark again.  And then cut Kailynn (sp?) hair while she sleeps.  I heard this morning that Leah lost her current pregnancy (which turned out to be only one baby). Sorry Leah :(.
  • I am so excited about my Spartans.  Is it March Madness yet??  And this summer is going to be amazing.  The Tigers signed Prince Fielder so that will make for some great baseball and the Games are happening.  Oh my!  How will I ever get anything done??

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  1. Lizzy

    I love BabyGap sales! Its crazy to pay full price for their baby clothes since they usually go on sale a week later. I’ve found tons of stuff for my son online too.

    Also, I’m from Boston but have been cheering on the Spartans this season too. My cousin made the team as a walk-on and has made it into a few games. So exciting!

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