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  • I got my Benefit House Party pack in the mail the other day.  I tore right into into and was thrilled with all the goodies it included.  I am even more excited for my party now!!  I am so lucky I got picked for this!

  • I saw a commercial the other day for a Craftsman garage door opener that has an iPhone app that tells you if you from wherever you are at if your garage door is open or closed.  Can I just tell you how excited I was when I saw this was possible.  I have a horrible habit of forgetting (or thinking I forgot) to close the garage door.   So this morning I ordered it online and we went and picked it up at Sears.  I should mention that I told B the price and asked him if he thought this was an insane price for a garage door opener.  He was like oh no, that’s not bad at all.  I suspect he wanted this just as much as I did because he wanted to go pick it up ASAP and he is currently working on installing it.
  • We went to our local rec center last night so L could get a little swimming in.  He acted like we were torturing him when we suggested we go there.   He finally agreed to go and then we had to drag him out of there  because he was having so much fun.  And this morning, he wanted to go there again.  I think we’ll be signing him up for swimming lessons again as soon as possible.

  • I got the poms I ordered for L’s room this week.  L was super crabby and didn’t like the idea of me putting them in his room.  I talked him into it (do you sense a trend here) and now he’s in love. I am still waiting on the red and white chevron curtains I ordered from Etsy (hello Etsy seller, respond where are they??), but I am super happy with how his room is coming along.  He’s been in his big boy room for two years now, so it’s about time I finished it up!  I bought the fire truck painting years ago when we moved him in there and am pretty much working around that.

  • I am planning to get started on my Easter decorating this weekend, but thought I would share last years Easter Apothecary Jars. I am sure I will do something similar again this year, but I don’t think I want to do candy again.  Any ideas??

  • And speaking of Easter, my mom and I are planning on making this wreath. How cute is that??  Hopefully it is not as hard as it looks.  Although, I do have a new glue gun that I am excited to test out!

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