Friday Night Fun – Places I’d Want To Live!

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So this morning I wake up to an e-mail from B that says something along the lines of “do you want to move to germany” (*). Umm, that’d be no. So it got me thinking, where would I want to live? I did a similar question like this a few years ago on the blog, but I thought it’d be fun to revisit. Here’s my short list:

~San Diego: SD is tops on my list. The weather is beautiful. The people are nice and everything seems so laid back.
~Las Vegas: Yes, I would want to live in Las Vegas.  It’s my happy place.  Who wouldn’t want to live in their happy place?
~The Beach: I’m not really set on a specific place, but I know that opening my door in the morning and seeing the beach wouldn’t be a bad thing.
~London:  I know B wants to live in Europe (maybe when we are retired, but before our kids have kids), but I’m not sure I’d want to live somewhere I didn’t speak the language, so I am going with London as my pick.
~Chicago: I always enjoy visiting Chicago and have always thought about how much fun it would be to live there.  Plus, well, they have a Target downtown.

Where would you want to live if you could live anywhere (and obviously didn’t have to worry about finding a job in that city, etc.)?  Would you stay in the same spot or would you venture elsewhere?

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(*) There are always crazy job postings popping up at overseas bases and I think he secretly (or not so secretly) wants to eventually live in Europe for a while..

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  1. Suzanne

    I would love to live at the beach! Maybe Sarasota. If I was going with another country maybe France or Australia!

  2. Katy

    I love the beach! In a few weeks, I might be calling the middle of the ocean my home. I have an interview in Miami next week to work on a cruise ship!

  3. Jenny whiskey

    It’s funny you mentioned Germany because its my number one place I’d love to live! I live Berlin. I’ve been to Germany twice and both times made me fall madly in love. It doesn’t hurt that I speak a bit of the language and my boyfriend had to live there for 9 months for work before we met so he has friends out there. I’m dying to go back and I would kill to live there!

    My number two: Portland, OR. Beautiful nature surrounding the city, cheap organic locally grown food everywhere, great thrift and vintage shops, friendly folks and so many quirky places to buy handmade goods. I love it there. It’s where young people go to retire!

  4. Alicia

    I would choose London or Paris!

  5. Ashley C.

    A few years ago, I would have had moving back to Maine on the very top of my list. Now, I’ll save that as my “if we ever are rich enough to have a summer home on the lake somewhere”.

    I’d say either: A/ Stay here in NC, but move to Onslow County [Camp Lejeune area] – its my happy place. Close to the beach, enough for the kids, quiet, and still access to base for our benefits. B/ Puerto Rico or Grand Turk C/ The beaches of Brazil or D/ Hawaii — clearly I have an affinity for the beaches … regardless of where they are!

  6. lisa

    I’ll love to live in DC, Sydney or Hong Kong!

  7. Jacqueline

    I live in San Diego (downtown) and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. 🙂

  8. Diana Garza

    I currently love in Las Vegas (my husband is in the Air Force) and it’s amazing! Besides the heat – it’s a great place to raise a family. My husband signed up for a deployment to Germany for next summer – I’m hoping he gets it so, the kids and I could go visit him and explore Europe!! 😉

  9. Scarlett

    I think about this topic all the time because I am a NJ lifer and I can’t say I am fond of it. Just stuck here for now. I would love to live in central Florida. I have family there and my husband and I go at least twice a year. Came THIS close to buying a house about 12 years ago. I still think about that beautiful model home. Next up, Georgia. Again, lots of family and seems about as laid back as FL. Big plus is warmer weather in both of those places. Speaking of nicer weather, we went to San Diego for the first time two years ago and that is definitely in my top five too. It was just so beautiful there. And again, laid back atmosphere. We haven’t traveled overseas much, so those are the only places I can think of right off the bat, except maybe Hawaii. Never been, but if money was no object, I would most definitely want to live there. The landscape sure seems like something I would love to see every single day if photos and movies do the place any justice at all!

  10. Shelby

    Boston! Looooooove Boston! Or Santa Barbara.

  11. Lessie

    San Diego born and raised! The weather is beautiful 99% of the time and we’re much nicer than people from LA 😉 Plus we’ve got the best Mexican food.

    You all should definitely move here if you were ever to relocate.

  12. I know a lot of people who work at the Frankfurt army base because I have a friend in Frankfurt. I used to spend a lot of time in the city with her in the summer and it is such a beautiful place! I highly recommend going there for vacation one day at least! It is the place I want to live when I retire. As for the question at hand, I think I would like to live anywhere in Europe or Kuwait.

  13. Ashley

    I’m from Rochester, MI originally, and live in Atlanta now, and can’t wait to leave. it’s just so warm all the time! I have an option currently to live in Italy when I graduate, and I’m totally considering taking it, Italy is my happy place!

  14. Deena

    We want to go back to Europe so our kids can experience it now that they are older. I lived in Germany for six years and yes, you do miss the States and some of the conveniences (24 hour stores), but there are other things like the food, sites, shopping and history that more than make up for it. Oh my gosh, there were so many festivals. It was a lot of fun! You get over the language thing real quick and many schools actually teach English. And typically mothers and children are treated way better. Oh, and I had my first baby in a German hospital and it was FANTASTIC! The best experience. And best of all??? Plenty of Starbucks! I hope you have to chance some day to experience it. Vacation?

  15. Nicole

    You should totally live over seas for a little bit. A year or two would be just right and you could do sooo much traveling while you are over there.

  16. Shauna

    1) Orange County, California; If money is no object, Newport Beach or Huntington Beach. Villa Park would be fab also.
    2) San Diego. We LOVE it there. The people are super friendly, the weather is fab, the food is incredible and there are a billion things to do. Plus, it’s still close to Disneyland.

    Basically, we live in Central Florida now and hate it with a passion. We moved out from Northern California to be near family and are now miserable. I’m doing everything in my power to position myself well with my degrees so I can easily get a job in SoCal. As much as we miss our friends, I can’t be away from a Disney park after working at Walt Disney World. We’re planning to move as soon as I graduate…16 months and counting!!!


  17. Jaime

    If money were no object, I would love to live in Sydney Australia, it’s such a beautiful city! London is also a strong contender, I would love to live in a city that is rich in history. We live in Phoenix Arizona now but are preparing for a move to the Portland, Oregon area by next summer.

  18. Jamie

    Everybody from Michigan ends up in San Diego! Like us!
    And if you move here we’d show you guys around 🙂

  19. Mary Q.

    I used the exact same rationale when I decided to study abroad in the UK for my third year of college. I loved it and I’m going back next week! I certainly wouldn’t mind living out there as well. I think I’d also like Hong Kong, Thailand, and somewhere in France.

    As for stateside I really want to live in Colorado for a bit, as well as Texas. And I expect we’ll end up back in SoCal again at some point.

  20. Charli

    San Diego born and raised so I have to say that it Rocks. And yes San Diego peeps are super duper friendly and cool 🙂 The weather is amazing but it’s very expensive and getting crowded. I would love to live in Kentucky on a huge horse farm or in a nice Republican state where my kids could go to private school and we could have horses in a stable, so where can I afford all this and still have decent weather, I don’t know. For now we scrap by in Sunny San Diego on a little golf course in a old fashioned horse town tucked within the city.

  21. Mrs. L

    I’d like to stay here, in Silicon Valley, maybe move up the peninsula a bit. If I had to move, I’d try to stay on the west coast, San Diego, Portland, even Sacramento. I’m so spoiled where I am…beach, snow, hockey, San Francisco and all its wonders…I really don’t want to move (but the high price of stuff may make us move sometime soon 🙁

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