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Once again, I’m totally stealing Jen’s Sunday Sentiments button (actually I made the button too) and idea and making it mine tonight. I’m pretty sure she’s posting tonight so go check her out!

~We’ve had a super busy weekend around here and it’s going to be a crazy week too.  I have a million boxes coming, trips to Costco, IKEA and The Cheesecake Factory planned and I need to get garage sale ready.  Oh, and did I mention B starts school tomorrow?

~Okay, so Sephora is offering probably their best VIB gift every.  It’s free with a $35 purchase – just enter “WELOVEVIBS” at checkout and it’s yours.  Plus through tonight you get trip Beauty Insider points and umm, 8% cash back through ebates.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  I’m trying to resist ordering while at the same time finding things I “need” to order.

sephora VIB GWP

~Awhile back I did a comparison between ebates, ShopAtHome and Mr. Rebates (you can check it out here but remember cash back %’s change often so they probably aren’t the same as they were then).  Up until last week I thought they were the only cash back sites out there.  WRONG.   There is also topcashback which I have yet to use, but will be soon (assuming it has the highest cash back of the 4 of course).

A new (to me) cash back site.

~Umm, why didn’t I know about the new Fresh Picked soaps from B&BW?? I was planning on just reusing the jars I got this summer, but now……  Oh, as a side note did anyone get the Fresh Picked Tangerine Mason Jar one from this summer?  Did you think it smelled, umm, different?

Love these!

~In my efforts to declutter / organize / clean up, I have bags here (or on the way) from Moxie Jean, thredUP and Twice.  I am SO flippin excited to send them all back in and get rid of some of this STUFF.  I have finally realized that while those pants I don’t like in my closet did cost $40 and they still have the tags on them, no one is every going to pay $40 and umm, they aren’t doing anything in my closet but take up space.  Off they go!  #operationcleanout

~OMG and finally, L has a loose tooth!  It’s a big deal around here and I have the Tooth Fairy’s assistant (aka my Dad) working on getting some $2 bills and gold coins.  BUT, I do need to know what we should put the tooth in?  Do we need some special pillow?  A case?  Help quick!

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  1. JT

    I had a special tooth fairy pillow that had a little pocket for the tooth. I love mine! Check etsy, I bet they have really cute ones!

  2. Lauren

    I am resisting that VIB bag and I’m proud of myself, haha. I REALLY want some more MJ makeup (I got the eyeliner and it’s amazing) or some Urban Decay lipstick but nooooo. I already have most of those samples and no use for the others but man… The urge… The urge…

  3. Karen

    How many $2.00 bill are you thinking cause Bryan’s dad has some?

  4. Aimee A

    We had a pillow growing up. Just a pillow with a little pocket, and we didn’t sleep with it. It had to stay on the kitchen counter, the tooth fairy didn’t want to get smooshed! Our tooth fairy was way cool too. We would write her letters and she would write them back in teeny tiny little hand writing. We stay connected with all our seasonal friends also!

  5. Krystal

    Foolishly, I downloaded the Etsy App to my phone and I think I saw a “tooth fairy” pillow.

  6. Katie L

    *Groan* I need them to run out of those sample bags online or I’m going to end up ordering. But I don’t NEED anything…I just want it all.

  7. Ashley C.

    I always just used a plastic sandwich baggie and slid it under my pillow as a kid. But I’m thinking of having my mom [who’s a ton craftier than me!] make our kids little pillows that hang on their bed post for teeth. Much easier to sneak in and take a tooth out than having to reach under their pillow. Our kids sleep pretty lite and the gig would be up!

  8. Mackenzie

    I am obsessed with the Mason Jar BBW soaps! I got the tangerine and agree that it smelled a little “different” than usual. During their last sale, I went in to several locations and asked if they had any new scents in the jars (knowing that they didn’t) and told them the company would be crazy not to capitalize on this trend. I like to think I influenced the new scents somehow. 😉

  9. Erin

    FYI…..The crab cakes at The Cheesecake Factory or AMAZING!!!

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