5 Things I’m Loving For Fall…..

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Labor day can only mean one thing. Fall is just around the corner. In fact, I think 99% of America considers Labor Day to be the last day of summer, so let’s get started on fall okay? Here are five things I am loving this fall:

Image Credit: The Detroit Foodie

Ahh, the cider mill. I cannot wait for that first chilly morning of fall where you need a jacket and boots and jeans and head out to the cider mill for some apple cider and warm donuts. I’ve talked about it a million times before, but there is something about cider mill donuts that make them amazing. Krispy Creme? No thanks. But a powdered donut from the cider mill? Yes please!

Image Credit: beerstreetjournal

At the recommendation of a friend (who lives on the East Coast – I think), I picked up some Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale the other day. I happened to stumble upon it and recalled her recommendation, so how could I not grab it? B knows beer isn’t my thing, so he doesn’t really trust my recommendations, but tried it anyways. And feel in love.  He remarked we should “fill the fridge full of this stuff”. He tried to grab more while out today (a 6-pack doesn’t last long around here), but no stores he went to carried it. Never fear, I’ll get him more.  And even I like it!  Isn’t the packaging cute??

Image Credit: Yankee Candle

For some reason, I don’t burn candles often in the summer. It’s not like candles warm up my house or anything, but I just don’t do it. I am guessing I am not alone in this. Am I? Anyways, I love fall because that means I get to break out all my yummy candle scents. I love love love Yankee Candle’s Halloween collection. Sure they are pricey, but they always have coupons / coupon codes. Go get some now before it’s too late and they are all sold out. This happens I swear.

Image Credit: Pinterest. I cannot find the original source ;(.

While I don’t get too many chances to look stylish (I am not one of those moms who “dresses up” to stay home all day), I am going to try my hardest this fall to rock a few cute outfits. If this doesn’t happen, I will at least throw a cute scarf on with my lulu gear. That’s fall’ish right?

Image Credit: beautygeeks

Unless it’s hot pink or sparkly or something crazy, I prefer dark nail polish. And something about dark polish just looks out of place in June. So when fall comes around, I am all over the dark polish. All over it!

What are some of your favorite fall things?  What are you looking forward to this fall?

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  1. Alysia George

    I recently found out that we can’t pick apples this year during our annual preschool field trip to the orchard…the apple crop was too small! And cider is going to be $9 a gallon! This was at Westview, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a similar story at all of the cider mills.

  2. Julie

    I had my first fall beer the other day, Schlafly Pumpkin, right before my first college football game of the year – although I could have done without the rain and heat, and rather have fall weather. But it was still enjoyable!

  3. Erin

    Yum I need those donuts and apple cider now! I am in LOVE with the Chanel nail polish!

  4. Kristin

    Love Fall! My favorite season by far. These 90 degree days need to get out of town and fast! We don’t have Cider Mills here but we do have Apple Hill and we go every year more than once. Warm apple fritters…mmmmmmmmmm.

    I think I’m going to try a dark nail polish this year…been wanting to and not sure why I haven’t. It is removeable after all.

  5. Jackie

    Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. I’m glad you were able to find Pumpkinhead, and that both you & B like it! You should try with a caramel, cinnamon & sugar rim on your glass too. That is how most bars here serve it.

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