A Pantry Project

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Just looking at it makes me happy.
My only regret is not getting this sooner.
I refuse to allow you to see my entire pantry. It’s a mess. I need more Tupperware containers asap.
L wanted to be in one. Who could resist that face??

This may come as a shock (LOL), but there are places in my house that I have no gotten around to organizing yet. I know, I know. It’s awful. Our seasonings / spices were all jumbled up in the cupboards like you wouldn’t believe. I should have taken a before picture. Just imagine a Hoarders episode located in my cupboard and you will get the idea. It was so bad in there that we would end up buying stuff we already had because we had no clue it was in there!

When I ordered my office stuff (which hasn’t even all arrived yet), I knew I had to take action. I ordered the elfa Door & Wall Rack System (the spice rack baskets and the mounting bar).  Looking back it appears that you are able to have them custom cut the bar.  I did not select this option, but if you are using it over a door clearly you will need to.

I have eight baskets in total, all in the spice rack size since that is all we are going to use it for.  I probably should have purchased a few of the larger baskets as we do have some larger jars, but they fit (tightly) so whatever.  You can space the baskets out however you want.  The only thing that is attached to the wall is that long bar.  I also did not know it at the time (possibly because I do not read product descriptions), but the bar doesn’t come with any stuff to hang it up with.  You have to buy it separately.  Weird.  Luckily B had some so he was able to hang it fast.

I could not be any more pleased.  I totally love it and our cupboards look way better.  And once I actually get a chance to organize them, they will look amazing!  I would recommend this system to anyone looking to organize a little more.  It wasn’t cheap (I believe it was about $100 all combined), but it’s something we will have forever and now we won’t own four of the same seasoning salts ;).

How do you organize your pantry?  Does everyone already have something like this and no one ever bothered to clue me in??

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