Two Question Tuesday:

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Two Questions Today:

~What is your favorite iPhone / Other Phone App? I pretty much had to delete all my apps (that was before I realized that my 2 years of texts were the issue) to make room for that iOS upgrade, so I am in need of some new recommendations. I still have stupid Candy Crush of course, but what else? I finally discovered TimeHop (where have I been – for real) and love that, but I am pretty lame and just stick with Facebook and Instagram. I love checking hashtags for spoilers on boxes, people’s TJ Maxx finds (no seriously I do this) and that sort of thing.  Playing games that annoy me is fun too.

What do you normally eat for breakfast? Do you always do breakfast foods? Do you think it’s weird to have non-breakfast stuff at breakfast? I fed the kids breakfast for dinner last night and it got me thinking, why don’t we ever do dinner for breakfast? Does anyone do it?  We may have to try it this week and see what the kids think!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s answers!

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  1. HeatherP

    Non breakfast is perfectly fine!! My son had tacos for breakfast yesterday. When I make them he loves them that much!! I just give him strawberries too. Or smoothie.

  2. jt

    My neice used to ask for mac n’ cheese for breakfast when she was little. lol

  3. Christine

    What a timely question as I am eating a leftover veggie burger for breakfast! I love non-breakfast food in the morning, it fills me up better than oatmeal or yogurt w/granola.

  4. Stacie

    I’m obsessed with this really stupid game called Odd Socks. It’s really addicting, especially if you have friends that play. It moves a little slow if you don’t, but is still fun. It’s pretty pointless, you just match socks. But I can’t stop playing.
    My dad will eat whatever is in the fridge for breakfast: chinese food, pizza, whatever! I usually just have coffee for breakfast though. Once I start eating, I can’t seem to think about anything else, so I prolong it as long as possible in the morning!

  5. Sneaky Burrito

    I am very boring when it comes to breakfast these days. I make my own yogurt from leftover skim milk (dark chocolate cherry flavored) and I eat that and oatmeal (I mix old-fashioned extra thick rolled oats with hemp seeds, walnuts, dried cranberries, and cinnamon) along with hot tea. I do this at my desk at work. It’s convenient to eat that at work (scrambled eggs or pancakes would be a little difficult), plus it’s a good mix of fiber, protein, and healthy fats with very little sugar.

    The reason I stick to this is that, when I was in grad school, I ate all manner of bizarre breakfasts. Cookies and fudge? Yeah. Macaroni and cheese and veggie “chicken” nuggets? Yeah. And so on. And I gained 40 pounds. Because I was in my 30s by that point and my metabolism was not what it once was.

    1. Jennifer

      My metabolism is shot! Ugh.

  6. Sher

    Breakfast for dinner is a brilliant idea, I don’t know why people don’t do it more. Also, I sometimes have a heavy protein breakfast and then seem to be less hungry for the rest of the day.

  7. Kelsey

    I love breakfast for dinner and dinner stuff for breakfast. I always figured if it sounds good to you (like cold pizza in the morning…mmmm) then why not make it the meal? Minus things like cake and ice cream, cuz then I’d have cake and ice cream for every meal! I’m a fan of a PBJ in the morning or when I was little I’d always ask for chicken nuggets in the morning.

  8. Kristin

    Breakfast on work days is oatmeal from Tim Hortons. It’s real long cooking oats and the maple sugar is just enough flavoring. If I’m home I’ll have yogurt or eggs with cheese. But I have to have a least two teas as part of my mornings.

    I have an iphone and use:
    Shift Worker (my schedule is in there and well worth the $1.99)
    Messenger (grumbles)
    Two Dots
    3 news apps
    iTV – gives alerts on shows I have an alarm set for
    FIND my iPHONE – enable location services is a must for this and if your phone is lost or stolen you can find it’s location.

  9. Sheena

    1. I’ve had these two games almost as long as I’ve had my iPhone. Gardens of Time is a timed seek and find and Castle Story (by TeamLava) is a laid back kingdom building game.

    2. I really like breakfast foods, so I enjoy getting to eat them. Eggs, oatmeal, bagels…It’s all good.

  10. tiffany

    Im obessed with HILL CLIMB… its a game its addictive.. L would probably love it too.. Netflix, Timehop, pintrest, all my bank apps, cartwheel, POCKET ( allows you to store articles you want to read later, FINish, its a new app that allows yout o make checklists and they have a widget for your today field, thats about it, im boring too so im excited to see what answers you get!

    1. Jennifer

      FINish sounds like a good one!!

      1. tiffany

        Oops.. its suppose to just be Finish, lol but i typo’d wrong.. 🙂

  11. mary m

    1.) I mainly use facebook, messenger, the kindle app, twitter, pinterest, google maps, and play farm hero saga, two dots, words with friends, dots, and threes.

    2.) Almost every work day I eat either PBJ or PB toast. On weekends I like to have bacon and eggs with pancakes or French toast. But that’s usually brunch because we sleep in. My sister used to make a bean and cheese burrito everyday for breakfast….she probably still does! LOL

    1. Jennifer

      What is this Two Dots???? I think I need this!

  12. Aly

    I can only imagine you already know about this app, but I didn’t see it mentioned…
    SLICE! It pulls from your email and tracks all your purchase tracking and gives you push notifications whenever your items are out for delivery. It’s awesome. Plus I can go into it and see how many days away each item is without having to find each tracking in my email. Do you already use something similar?

    1. Sophie

      I had no idea this existed. Thank you!!

    2. Jennifer

      Ahhh, I had Slice and I should reload it! I used to use Posted which I love, but you have to manually add everything.

      1. Aly

        Yeah slice is great-it pulls from your email every time a new tracking number gets sent and just adds it itself! It’s really helpful! Plus it sends a notification if something is out for delivery which is great!

  13. Laura R

    I have an android phone but I’m sure the apps are available to iPhones too. My favorites are QuizUp, Farm Heroes, Words with Friends, Yelp, a period tracker app because I’m paranoid about getting pregnant even though my iud is 99.2% effective. Oh, and Target’s Cartwheel!

    For breakfast I usually have an egg and a piece of toast. Most often, poached egg on marble rye. If I’m lazy, yogurt. And coffee. Though I have had ice cream or chocolate for breakfast on certain days..

    1. Jennifer

      Oh Quiz Up! I need to re-add that one!

      The period tracker made me laugh! wouldn’t to just figure it you were in that 0.8%??

  14. Elizabeth

    1. I really don’y have many fun apps. I use the Fitbit one all the time and of course Facebook and Pinterest. The girls LOVE the Sid the Science Kid app and it comes in really handy when we have long waits somewhere and I’m not prepared with other diversions.
    2. I usually eat oatmeal or an english muffin at work. We love breakfast dinner in our house, too. Sometimes the girls will ask for crackers in the morning, so I’ll give them that with fruit and milk. I figure if they are eating, why not?

  15. Meg Mc

    Haha, we have breakfast for dinner all of the time! I call it Brinner 🙂 I am addicted to my Audible and Kindle apps, and Us Weekly for the guilty pleasure…

  16. karen

    I don’t have an iPhone but I am obsessed with 7 Little Words on my tablet. I have leftover pizza for breakfast sometimes.

  17. Melissa T.

    Since you like going to Las Vegas, do you play MyVegas? It is an app and a facebook game and you play online slots (free! if you don’t buy chips extra) and you earn gold chips you can use on comps in (real) Las Vegas at MGM resorts. Between the two versions of the game we have gotten some really great deals on free hotel rooms, free buffets and free Cirque shows. It takes some time to get going, but totally worth it! There is a fb group “MyVegas friends rocks” for adice on playing the game as well.

  18. Ashley C.

    As a kid, I HATED breakfast food. I’d complain when we had pancakes or french toast for dinner. So in the mornings, occasionally I’d have toast or cereal, but most mornings I was eating dinner leftovers. Showing my REALLY WEIRD side — but one of my favorite things was re-heated tuna helper. :/ Glad things change — now I could eat pancakes three meals a day … and I don’t do Tuna Helper anymore!

    1. Jennifer

      Ha! That’s not too too weird!

  19. carolyn

    my favorite game is My singing monsters i love it favorite app is I heart radio

    yes we do breakfast for supper a lot and i still like hamburger and fries for breakfast I remember when my brother took us out for a nice breakfast eggs bacon , ect and hubby and i both ordered hamburger and fries brother was amazed that we wanted that for breakfast .

    1. Jennifer

      I have ordered lunch food at breakfast before too. Sometimes I just want a grilled cheese!

  20. Rita Morgan

    I have Walmart app, scan your receipt, within 72 hours they compare prices in your area within 30-50 different competitors , if they find a lower price you’ll get the difference back. Also have Anycodes app, you can find daily coupons from different shops , department store, food and beverage stores. Viber app is a free wifi text and phone calls within Viber users, I’m using it for my friends and family whom living abroad. OurGroceries app, is a grocery list. my hubby and I have the same account therefore anyone of us write on the list , it shows on the others phone. Who ever does the grocery shopping , got the list. Starbucks app, because wherever we are on the road shows the nearest Starbucks , but also can use it for loyalty program etc. Waze app, good GPS . Flashlight app, just a flashlight but I use it a million times! Waterin app, I’m crap drinking water, so this app reminds me to drink.

    1. Jennifer

      That is cool about the WalMart app! I want to try that!

  21. Mrs. L

    Pizza for breakfast…nothing better. But yeah, pretty much anything for breakfast works…even dessert.

    As for apps…I rarely play games on my iPhone so most of my apps are functional, like Grocery IQ, USA Today News, Lose It, Google Maps, Shazam, Amazon, Jawbone Up…I also keep my Goodreads, Sharks etc apps on the first couple pages too. Then there are the gazillion photo apps I have that I never use because I’m lazy and just post stuff on Instagram with their settings.

    1. Jennifer

      What is Grocery IQ?

      1. Mrs. L

        Grocery IQ is a grocery list app. I like that you can have many stores (like a list for Target, a list for Costco), you can put your list into isles and then make those isles in order for what store you are in. Makes it much easier to shop. Lots of other options too.

        1. Jennifer

          Oh, that is cool! I do need that!

  22. Alyssa

    I rarely eat breakfast but in the past I’ve eaten anything from typical breakfast foods to leftover pizza or Chinese. I mainly eat whatever I feel like if I’m eating breakfast.

    Apps I love on my phone:
    Line (messaging and chat app with super cute stickers and I recently won a $5 amazon gift card from a promo they did)
    Legend of the cryptids (a card game with really great artwork but some of the artwork may be too sexy for work or around kids)
    Sims freeplay (free phone version of sims)
    Disney Tsum Tsums (a really cute Disney app exclusively through line that you match lines of 3 or more tsums)

  23. Mallory B

    1. My favorite apps are Instagram, Two Dots – seriously, most addicting game, find my iPhone because I lose it sitting right next to me, DuoLingo – I’m in the process of learning French! And the Xfinity remote app because my dog has chewed every single remote we’ve owned and it’s just easier to use my phone.

    2. I just have whatever I’m hungry for in the morning. I never typically get that hungry before lunch time anyway, so I usually just stick with toast or a granola bar or something. I’m not above having chicken and broccoli for lunch if that’s what I’m hungry for, though.

    1. Jennifer

      Clearly I need this two dots game.

  24. Hannah

    1. I guess I’m pretty normal when it comes to breakfast. I eat cereal, bagels, pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc. I like it all. I like it for dinner too. I hate leftovers, especially for breakfast.
    2. I love my Timehop, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram apps! I just got Slice too haha, but of course it’s not pulling any of the tracking numbers in my email, just the orders. I have to manually add the tracking numbers 🙁

    1. Jennifer

      Ugh. That sucks about slice!

  25. Jenny

    I don’t really like breakfast food so I will eat whatever we have around the house. This morning I had a hamburger leftover from last night. LOL my boys are the same way but they do like gogurt and since thats easy they have it most mornings before school with some fruit or something. I don’t even know the last time we’ve bought any cereal. None of us like it so I just don’t buy it.

    1. Jennifer

      I am not a cereal lover either. I like a few kinds, but none are overly healthy or breakfast specific!

  26. Kimm Jones Furlotte

    We love scrambled egg tacos for breakfast! You can either use the same toppings you would for regular tacos (lettuce, onion, tomato, cheese, olives, jalapenos, salsa)..or try them with bacon, hash browns, cheese, & salsa 🙂 Both ways delicious and fun!

    1. Jennifer


  27. mirta

    I eat quakers harvest honey and nut granola for breakfast, I add a bit of starbucks cocoa powder, shredded coconut and almonds, sometimes also ground chia.

    1. Jennifer

      That sounds pretty good!

  28. Jen K

    A little to add to this but the old (some old) saying goes – Eat like a King for Bfast, like a Subject for lunch and like a pauper for dinner. Just a fancy way of saying that your biggest and heartiest meal must be the Bfast, a little lighter for lunch and very little (or very healthy) for dinner.

    Now, who is for kale salad first thing in the morning, eh? Hahaha!

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