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Dear Taco Bell, That breakfast taco? No, just no. I cannot even. My stomach hurt just looking at it.

Dear U-verse, Thanks. For nothing. You were supposed to be out between 8am-12pm yesterday. So I stayed home from 8am – 12pm. Then you call and say ohh, we might not make it till 2pm. But wait, it could take 2-3 hours at your house once we do finally get to you. Sorry, I can’t swing nine hours of my day to get my internet fixed. Why does this have to be so difficult?  AHHHHHHHH!

Dear WB’s Teeth, Please just come in already.  He’s miserable.  Which makes everyone else miserable as well.

Dear My Mail Carrier, I dislike that you are arriving past 5pm every day.  I know it’s not your fault, but still.  I don’t like it.  I want to be one of those people who get their mail at 8am!

Dear L, I so want to go on your next field trip.  Please, please, please let me get picked!  Seussical the Musical has my name written all over it.

Dear Winter, Enough. I am so over you it’s not even funny.  It’s just too cold.  Snow is fine.  But this cold?  Enough already.  When 30 degrees feels balmy, you know you are in trouble.

Dear Jeopardy Guy, I am not a fan of, well you, on Jeopardy, however, I do think you are a complete genius and are playing this game very very well.  Not that I would ever be invited to be on this show, but if I were, I wouldn’t want to play against you.

Dear WB, Do not tell your brother that I have been letting you nap with one of his favorite stuffed animals.  You love it so much and settle down so nicely with him that I just can’t help it.

Dear B, Okay fine, so I lost that remote for the Apple TV again.  Actually wait, it’s not my fault.  I think someone broke in the house, stole it and then left without taking anything else.  Yep, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Dear February, For a short month, you sure were a wild one.  Good riddance.

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  1. Jenny

    Ok I admit I came over and stole the remote 😉
    You don’t all get to go on the field trips? I haven’t had that happen yet as we’ve all been able to go if we want so far. N always wants me to go so not sure how he’ll do if I’m not there. I know it will come but not looking forward to that day.

    1. Jennifer

      No, they only let a certain number of parents go. It’s a random draw. I totally want to do this one though and L wants me to go too, so I hope I get it.

  2. Kimberly

    I lose my Apple TV remote constantly too! As a matter of fact I don’t even bother to look for it anymore I just use the controller app on my iPhone 😉

    1. Jennifer

      I have one on there and couldn’t get it to load! It was a rough few days. I have located the remote!

  3. Brianna

    We have to keep our remotes in a little art supply box because my toddler was constantly running off with them. It’s annoying, but we never lose them.

    I gave my kiddo a cold pickle to chew for teething. He loved it, but smelled like pickle all day. :/

    1. Jennifer

      I could lose mine if it were attached to my body!

  4. cindy

    ok jen sounds more like tues troubles to me, remote ? youve got 2 kids,toy box? or why do i pick it up and carry it anywhere like the fridge etc. mine is giganntic and always stuck in my couch somewhere, like my rear end LOL , also gigantic thanx to this winter. Now im doing it . When I get to work I always have either the remote or a cordless phone in my purse and i dont even have kids. and im alll over that suessical musical as well, heard its fab. oh and 32 on sat 54 by end of the month so they say. I cant beleive jimmy fallon hasnt had you on his show yet, your hilarious, so signing you up.

    1. Jennifer

      I located it! It was under the couch!

  5. Cheryl

    Our mail used to come around 5pm or later too. Like I would run out to our box and it would be dark out. Now we have a new carrier who comes around 9am. Much better!

    1. Jennifer

      I want that!

  6. Pilar

    I like the Jeopardy guy, most people just don’t like him because he is smarter then they are. Lol

    1. Jennifer

      Oh he is clearly smarter than I am. No doubt. Everyone on Jeopardy is!

  7. jill

    I hear you with the mail delivery! We are a rural route and I kid you not, our doorbell rang at 9:00pm on Saturday night and there was our mailman delivering a package! He delivers in his personal vehicle and I think he forgets he has packages in the back – yesterday my hubby was tracking a package that was “on vehicle for delivery” but it wasn’t delivered. My hubby will be stalking the mailman today to get his muffler tips delivered. LOL

    1. Jennifer

      OMG that is crazy!!!

  8. Alexia561

    The crazy Taco Bell breakfast taco reminds me of the KFC chicken sandwich that used chicken instead of bread…they’re going after the twenty-something males who eat like madmen! Everyone else is repulsed. *shudder*

    Are you sure that the lost remote is your fault? With two small boys and two furbabies, any of them could be the culprit! I know I always used to blame one of the dogs whenever something went missing. Just saying…. *L*

    1. Jennifer

      I’m sure it was me. Although I did end up finding it under the couch. I don’t normally throw things on the floor so maybe??

  9. Beth

    I can totally sympathize with you about the cold. Last night we were talking about how on Wednesday it’s supposed to be really warm. It might get up to 20 degrees that day! That’s warm for us this winter.

    1. Jennifer

      Seriously that is where we are these days. They said next week might get up to 54. I swear no one would even have a coat on. That’s hot!!

  10. Mrs. L

    Well, that breakfast waffle from Taco Bell has my name written all over it! But then I LOVED the KFC sandwich that had the chicken as the bun (as an FYI, I usually only order these things once to try them and that sandwich had nor more calories than a quarter pounder at McD’s – okay I have been known to eat my fare share of Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell but they are my nemesis and it’s okay since I never eat regular Doritos chips).

    Did you watch Mondays Jeopardy? The girl Sofi was someone I know! She was sooo nervous, you could just tell by the look on her face. I felt so bad that she made the one gaff on the Daily Double because it completely threw her off and she said lost some confidence after that. She is whip smart and actually quite funny. What’s his name did say that she made him sweat and that he was afraid of her. So cool to know someone on the show! And her hockey talk with Alex and such were so her LOL (there are a group of about ten of us girls who found each other back in 93 on the old AOL hockey message boards that still keep in touch, meet when we travel etc. and Sofi is one of them). I truly believe that if that guy wasn’t there, she could have won the day.

    1. Jennifer

      Ohhh, I did see her! She seemed super sweet and yes, super nervous!

  11. Jean Marmion

    I swear we are sisters split at birth (except you are younger, cuter and skinnier, I’m sure)LOL. Everyday I read something that is EXACTLY how I’m feeling and I have to laugh how much we have in common! Today: The Taco Bell breakfast stuff – NO thank you, and the guy on Jeopardy – what is it about him? I completely agree with you, he’s smart and I wouldn’t want to play against him, but he just rubs me the wrong way . . . So funny . . . keep it up . . . 99% of the time we are on the same wave-length (oh, and BTW, when my kids were young, I was totally at Target 4 out of 7 days – knew all the cashiers by name – so funny!) Have a great weekend!!!

    1. Jennifer

      LOL, maybe younger (only because your kids are older), but certainly not skinnier or cuter I am sure!!!!

      I think I only went to Target once this week. Of course, I need to go back though, because I totally didn’t even get what I went there for.

  12. Nicole

    We r supposed to get another foot of snow on Sunday…seriously it’s March…which is supposed to be spring. I’ve also been watching the Asian jeopardy guy and it makes me mad he’s so smug about kicking everyone’s but.

    1. Jennifer

      A foot!!!!!! OMG!!!!

      I think it’s the smugness that gets me too. He just KNOWS he will win.

  13. Do you have an iphone? They have an Apple TV remote app. It works lovely when we can’t find our remote! We seriously have 3 Apple TVs and still can’t find remotes sometimes! (I didn’t read all you comments so someone else may have already suggested it)

    1. Jennifer

      I have the remote on my iPhone. My wireless sucks so that doesn’t connect a lot of of the time. So.many.problems.

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