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Birchbox Finds
Birchbox Finds

I can’t seem to resist a limited edition box of any kind and this Birchbox Finds box was no exception!  I thought *maybe* I would be able to bypass it, but for $18 I knew I just had to go for it!

Birchbox Finds
The Box

All Birchbox shop orders ship USPS and my box took only a few days to arrive once I ordered it.  It came packed in a regular sized Birchbox box with a Finds wrap on it.  It much heavier than a regular Birchbox and was packed to the brim!

Birchbox Finds
Limited Edition

Look at how full it was!  I was seriously impressed by the packing skills happening with this one.  The contents of the Limited Edition Box are announced at the time the box goes on sale, but I couldn’t recall exactly what was in it, so going through everything was fun.

Birchbox Finds
The Information Card

The Birchbox Finds box consists of some of the greatest buys hiding in the aisles of the local drugstore and they are using the collection to introduce their favorite new product discoveries.  Here is what was included:

~Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask ($7.99): This mask uses charcoal to purify pores and control shine.  I JUST used a different scrub today so I didn’t want to overdo it and use this too, but I think I am going test these out with B over the weekend.  He is always game for that.

Birchbox Finds
Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

~Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast ($8.99): This is a silver shimmery cream shadow and I love it!  I probably wouldn’t have grabbed product on my own, but now I will for sure look for it in a different color during my next Target run (which will likely be tomorrow).

Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast
Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast

~CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara ($11.99):  Ohhh, love.  I can’t speak to the staying power of this, but it for sure gave my lashes length which is basically what I look for.  And I am not sure that I have ever gotten a double wanded mascara like this, so I kind of loved that too!

Birchbox Finds
CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara

~John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir ($9.99): I am all about having shiny hair so this will be an awesome one to try out.  My initial thoughts are positive, but I will need to use it a little more to see it can be a replacement to my pricey argan oil treatments.

Birchbox Finds
John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir

~Nivea Kiss of Care & Color ($4.99):  I like this, but I don’t like love it.  I will for sure use it up, but I wouldn’t reach for it first.  I am happier with balms that don’t add color.  Maybe because I smear it on so much?

Birchbox Finds
Nivea Kiss of Care & Color

~Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lipgloss ($4.99):  Pink sparkly lip gloss?  what’s not to like here?  LOL!  The card says that one application lasts up to six hours but I will never find that out because there is no way that I personally can hold out that long before reapplying.

Birchbox Finds
Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lipgloss

~Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ($7.99): I have tried other colors of this polish and have always been very happy!  It’s a base coat, top coat and color gel polish in one.  And for someone like me who is annoyed about the time it takes to paint nails, this is awesome.

Birchbox Finds
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

All totaled the Limited Edition: Birchbox Finds box had a value of $56.93!  A pretty sweet deal considering that the box itself was only $18!!  I would buy another Finds box (or any other Birchbox Limited Edition Box they came out with) without a doubt.  Tons of great products in here that I certainly wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

Did you order a Birchbox Finds box?  What did you think?  What was your favorite item? If you haven’t ordered one and have been thinking about it click here and get ordering  You can use the code “FEB20” to save 20% off your purchase of $50 or more through 2/28.  Shipping is free after $50 as well, and you can also add a Mystery Sample Pack (found in the Birchbox Bonus Shop) to your cart for free with your purchase of $35 or more!

And if you just want to win one, well you are in luck because I picked up an extra one to giveaway!  As usual, just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below!  I added a new “Sharing” entry option.  Let me know what you think!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Jenny

    The shine shadow looks good. I love to line my upper eye with shiny shadow.

  2. Sara

    I would love to try the nail polish!

  3. Lisa

    I would love to try the John Frieda Nourishing Oil Elixir! I use that hair spray and finishing cream already 🙂

  4. Theresa H

    I love the mascara! I’m planning to buy that; I think the idea of the double wand is really cool.

  5. Theresa H

    Also, do you know how often birchbox releases boxes like this? I am a new subscriber to birchbox. Thanks!

  6. Lori

    The nail polish!

  7. Frances

    Interesting mixture of items!

  8. Kristen

    Oooh, the mascara is my favorite in this box. I am a sucker for trying any kind of mascara but the nail polish is a close second!

  9. rosa rogers

    my favorite item in the box would be ~Nivea Kiss of Care & Color.

  10. Kim

    The frizz ease I would love to try. 🙂

  11. Nikki

    I am looking forward to the Self Heating Mask. Thanks!

  12. Kayli Peckover

    My Favorite item in this box would have to be the mask because I love doing doing clay or the peel off masks all the time just love the way it refreshes my skin but I’ve never tired one that heats up and that’s really interesting to me cause I’ve never seen those before. Be awesome to try

  13. cindy

    what a great box, wish id ordered one.

    1. Sarah

      I think you still can order them! I just placed an order myself 🙂

  14. maureen

    The Frizz-Ease

  15. Enrica

    Ummm The mascara!!

  16. Stephanie S.

    I’ve used the mascara but I really want to try the charcoal mask.

  17. Lissette

    I like the accessibility of the products. I can never have enough mascara so I am always happy to discover new ones in any of my boxes.

  18. jmd

    I think my favorite is the lip gloss. I found it so funny that usually Rimmel is known for mascara and Covergirl for gloss and they reversed it – guess they really want us to try the finds!

  19. Anne

    I used the charcoal mask for the first time this morning. I’ve never used a product like it before. Loved it!

  20. Meaghan

    Hope to win. Looks awesome!

  21. Sara Wagner

    My favorite item in the box is the Sally Hansen nail polish.

  22. Jill Geraci

    I want to try the mascara. I’ve never tried and dual one before.

  23. Jill Geraci

    * a dual one…

  24. Lauren Seritt

    This looks so awesome! I think I need this box!

  25. Katelynn

    My favorite item has to be the Nivea. I’m obsessed with Nivea chapstick.

  26. Lindsay

    I really want to try the mascara, but I love the lipgloss too!

  27. Bethsaida W.

    I would like to try the self heating mask!

  28. Nicole

    Sometimes I curse you and most of the time you just plain old save me money! I was able to go on birchbox, get this birchbox finds box ($18), the smashbox try it kit ($19) and the mystery sample pack ($10) all for 29 bucks (shipping was free ) using your feb2o code. Thanks!!

    1. Nicole

      I didn’t say which product, but I’m excited to try the mask!

  29. Brianna

    Ahh! I got one too and I love it! I got the Nivea in Sheer Berry, and it is my favorite item in the box. My nail polish was Pink a Card, like white-pink…not a good shade for me. I like that there were assorted colors so some things were kind of a surprise.

    1. Jennifer

      Now in Sheer Berry I might have been more into it??

  30. Crystal

    I’m so glad I read this review! It looks so much better than I thought it did orignally. 🙂

  31. Shana


  32. Courtney Carothers

    That mascara looks awesome! Would definitely love to try that.

  33. Emily k

    The masks! I haven’t done one in years!!

  34. Mallory B

    Ooooh, I think the mascara might be my favorite! I ALMOST bought that today, and now hearing that it adds length more than anything I might have to.

  35. megan

    John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir

  36. Laurel

    I’m probably most interested in the Frizz Ease. Curious if that works well.

  37. Niki T.

    I’m most excited about the CG Bombshell Mascara! Thank you for having the giveaway! =)

  38. jill

    THE double wanded mascara!

  39. Madelyn

    The Cover Girl mascara! I have been wanting to try it.

  40. Allie

    I love the Biore self-healing mask! Looks like fun!

  41. Tracy

    I love this blog! Your review on Ipsy inspired me to go for it!

  42. Bethany

    I was on the fence on this but never actually got it. Good stuff! My fave is probably the lashblast mascara!

  43. Judy L

    I think my favorite is the mascara.

  44. soon p

    Biore mask.

  45. Pilar

    The Nivea kiss of care and color is my favorite thing in the box!

  46. Candice

    The Biore, I wanted the box just for this product and am kicking myself for not buying it 🙂 fingers crossed for winning it.

  47. Stephanie

    My favorite is the john Frieda oil because I like their shampoos and conditioners so much.

  48. Lauren

    My favorite item is the mascara! I want to try it!

  49. Iris

    The CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara! 😀

  50. Erin C

    I would love to try the frizz ease for my frizzy mess!

  51. Christine

    I would love to try the hair oil. The one I use now is expensive so to find a cheaper alternative would be great!

  52. Marietta

    I love the Nivea! My new favorite find.

  53. Shawn

    What a great set! I would love to try the Biore mask

  54. Rebecca

    I think I’d be loving the frizz control or the shine shadow. Maybe the shine shadow because when I perform I need makeup that pops from a distance & shine plus stage lights = POP

  55. Diane F

    The bombshell mascara

  56. Kristin

    I love the Biore masks. I used them a couple of years ago and they are great.

  57. jessica

    The mascara. I need a new one.

  58. Rose D.

    I love the eyeshadow cream! I would totally buy that.

  59. Lisa D

    The nail polish!

  60. Samantha

    I need to try out that mascara! I use the regular CoverGirl LashBlast (in the orange tube) and I LOVE it, so I’d love to try the Bombshell 🙂

  61. Dawn

    Lip gloss! Always the lip gloss.

  62. Ashley C

    The bombshell mascara!


  63. Abby

    I love the pink nail polish!

  64. Alicia Davis

    The nail polish has my name all over it! I would really like to try out the eyeshadow though :-).

  65. Ashley T.

    The Frizz Ease oil! I need it in a bad kind of way!

  66. Cathy@Five Boys

    I want to try the Nivea Kiss of Color, so I would have to say that is my favorite. This is one extra box that I did not go for, shockingly!

  67. emiie

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks for doing this!

  68. Judy

    The Biore heating mask was my favorite. I ended up buying it for $2.94 at Target! It was in the clearance section and I had a coupon! 🙂 Since it was the only item I really wanted I skipped buying this box, but I’d be more than happy if I won it!

  69. Sher

    The hair oil elixir looks promising.

  70. Melissa Kreindel

    The mask and hair oil!

  71. melissa m

    The eyeshadow is my fav

  72. Kristin Jesneck

    What an awesome box! My favorite thing is the nail polish though. I love getting new polish even though my husband would say I have enough polish to last years. I haven’t tried that Sally Hansen polish though and it looks awesome!

  73. Janelle

    I would like to try the mascara!

  74. Jessica

    This was the first Birchbox I’ve ever ordered! I just received it today. The box was so small! I’m impressed at how it was packaged and I even tried putting everything back in the box and I could not figure out how to get it all to fit. I am happy about the different color options though, even though you know what you’re getting it’s still exciting to find out what colors you got.

  75. melissa cushing

    The Biore Self Heating Mask would be my favprite item….. and of course all of the rest of it rocks too!!!

  76. Sarah

    the mascara looks awesome! i think i need to try it

  77. Lisa

    Would love to try the Nivea lip balm!

  78. Michelle

    Love the pink polish for a spring mani and pedi !

  79. Lynsey M

    The self heating mask!

  80. Beth

    the mascara

  81. Cassidy

    I love the biore mask!

  82. Kathryn

    The lip gloss and nail polish are so bright and fun!

  83. Jayden H.

    My favorite item is the bombshell volume mascara!

  84. Wehaf

    I want to try those Biore masks!

  85. Nancy

    The mascara and the lip gloss!

  86. Karen

    The biore mask!

  87. Kate L

    I’m super interested in the cream shadow, and the hair treatment!

  88. Shana

    The Nevea product!

  89. Eve

    Pink nail polish looks good.

  90. Emily W.

    That nail polish color is so pretty! This box is a great value for the price!

  91. Erin

    The mascara or the biore mask

  92. Abbi D.

    My crazy pores NEED that mask. This box looks so much better than what I expected.

  93. Amy Ballou

    I would love to try the bombshell shadow….oh yeah by the way Jennifer, loving the chevron background nice touch to the pictures! 😉

    1. Jennifer

      LOL! That’s the inside of the Birchbox!

  94. Sarah

    I’m excited about the mascara. It’s one I haven’t tried yet.

  95. Micha

    My Favorite item in this box is the mask and the John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir!!!

  96. Riann

    I love the Sally Hansen – it’s really great stuff.

  97. Lauren

    The nail polish!

  98. Sarah

    Oooh I want to try that gloss.. might pick some up today just because it looks so fabulous.

  99. Lisa

    My favorite item is the bombshell mascara!

  100. Jorja

    I’d love to try this shade of nail polish. The SH Manicure line is amazing!

  101. Crystal Gregg

    I’d love to try the one minute mask!

  102. Kristin t

    The mask!

  103. Jen K

    I want to try the fizz control oil. I am all about shiny hair too..just that I don’t have it.

  104. Colleen Boudreau

    The CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara!

  105. Katherine D.

    Love the nail polish.

  106. Chris

    I always get so excited whenever I visit your blog–you either have a new post, a preview post, a tidbit that brightens my day, or a giveaway. What’s not to love? (Though sometimes I like to wait a couple days to check. Then I get a ton of happy vibes all at once ^_^)

    1. Jennifer

      Aww, thank you!!!

  107. Rebecca Brewer

    The nail polish. Another pink polish is always necessary:) Thanks

  108. Tari Lawson

    I love the Biore self heating mask.

  109. Margaret Smith

    The Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lipgloss

  110. Sher

    Just want to say that your blog is just terrific! (Hair oil would be my pick.)

    1. Jennifer

      Aww, thank you!

  111. Angie

    would love to try the nail polish!

  112. Susan Smith

    I’m most excited about the Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lipgloss

  113. Deborah Wellenstein

    I need the Frizz Ease. Thanks!

  114. Cara James


  115. wisconsin gal

    Nivea lip balm looks interesting. I like tinted balms, but agree it depends on the tint. I’m not crazy about dark red tinted balms. Pink ok, i am really curious.

  116. Shauna

    I need the Frizz Ease, and would like to try the mask.


  117. Lee Mckoen

    I need to try the mascara

  118. Annie P.

    I’ve been wanting to try that polish, but still haven’t managed to pick any up, so I’m most excited about that!

  119. Kyra

    I really want to try the polish and the mask!

  120. Tarah

    The FrizzEase!

  121. Jenn M.

    My favorites are the lip gloss and nail polish.

  122. Ally

    The one minute mask is my fav — I can never say no to a mask!

  123. Kim Parrott

    Frizz Ease – my hair is a mess without help!

  124. Kim

    I am definitely intrigued by the Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask. I really want to try that!

  125. Rebecca Lock

    Biore self heating mask

  126. Jennifer Pittman

    John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir!

  127. Sheila B

    The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure! I love that color!!

  128. Tara Woods

    My favorite item is the CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara.

  129. Annette

    I love nail polish, so I’d have to say that Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is my favorite item in the box.

  130. Cynthia C

    I like the CoverGirl Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara

  131. Sam Stamp

    My favorite item is the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure! I love Nail Polish!

  132. Peggy Rydzewski

    The mascara is what I like best.

  133. Rebecca Peters

    I like the mascara!

  134. Vikki Billings

    The Mascara is my favorite in the box.

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