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So I am in the market for a new everyday bag. I’ve been using the Jimmy Choo I won for a few years now and need a change. The only problem with carrying around such a beautiful bag is that it’s hard to just switch to some fake leather bag. So I have come up with a few choices and need your help! I should mention that the Balenciaga is more than I want to spend, but everyone insists that it’s totally worth it?? So what do you think? Which bag should I get??
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    1. Jennifer

      THat is my pick too! I love the zipper! I wouldn’t mind it in a plain black, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anywhere???

  1. Dani

    Of course, I am only drawn to the best!

    1. Jennifer

      So I take it you picked #2???

  2. Jess

    My order would be 2, 1, 3.

    I just purchased my first Balenciaga and I LOVE it! I ordered it from Erica at You can verify that she sells authentic bags on The Purse Forum. Oh and if you sign up for her newsletter she sends codes for $100 off any bag. I just ordered the Maxi Twiggy which is just an inch shorter and wider than a city but it allowed me to have the crossbody option which I preferred vs the shoulder option.
    Also, for a couple 100 more, I was able to get an all leather bag (vs the LV bag).

    My second choice would be the DE NF. I also have this bag and it’s such a worry free bag. What size would you purchase? Small (PM), Medium (MM), or Large (GM)? I love his bag ESP for work bc I don’t have to carry a million bags with me. I can carry one bag and it fits all my stuff (GM). The only problem is it doesn’t have a zipper top so if you ever news to bed over to pick something up or tie L’s shoes, your stuff is liable to fall out which is a pain. The lack of zipper doesn’t provide security either although you can for your wallet in the zippered pocket.

    As for the third, I’m not a fan of the LV logo all over the bag, you would have to worry about the vachetta and staining. Additionally, you would have to take your bag off your shoulder to get anything out of it. I’m not a fan. But to be fair, if you go to the purse forum, there are a ton of ladies who LOVE their bag. Also, if you aren’t on there there are a ton of pictures on each bag. Showcase, modeling, action, you name it. You might even be able to find someone who has all three and is able to give you a true comparison vs what I was able to provide.

    Also, if you do go with the LV bag, IMO suggestion would be to purchase it now as they are going to change the location of where the bags are made and where the materials are made. If you really wanted one made in France, maybe B will be able to purchase one on his work trips esp when he is Europe.

    Sorry this was so long. Keep us updated on what you end up with. Best wishes! I’m so excited for you!

    1. Jennifer

      Thanks! I totally need to check out the purse forum! And I would get the Neverfull in the MM size. I think the GM would just be too big. I’ll have a diaper bag for the new kid…

  3. Wendy

    2, 1, 3

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