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Our week.

I see everyone else doing this and if everyone else is doing it, well I want to do it too!

1. B and L went to the Tigers game yesterday afternoon.  I got some $6 tickets from my credit card company (they have all sorts of local promotional offers like this) so my big boys took advantage and went.  Well, someone had way too good of a time at the game and passed out in the car on the way home.  And didn’t even wake up when he was carried in the house.
2.  For some reason I put Lincoln Logs on L’s birthday list.  And L insisted that “we” build the picture on the box.  We had instructions yet he was so sure I was doing it wrong. Umm, kid, I got this under control.
3.  I saw this woman at Jungle Java last week with the coolest Puma’s on.  Of course, I GTS when I got home and ordered as soon as I found them.  What I didn’t know was that they would also come in a Clever Little Bag.  When did Puma start this?  I am in love.
4.  B finished setting up L’s huge train set in the basement one night this week.  And L has been playing like crazy.  I do not understand the fun of electric trains (hello watching them go in circles is boring), but what do I know.  L sure thinks it’s fun.  Actually B does too.  He gets SO serious about building the tracks. It is so fun to watch him.
5.  I finally got around to picking up some red, white & blue (well navy) beans for my patriotic apothecary jars.  I need to pick up some blue balls (*) for the 2nd jar (I am hoping Target has them since that is where the other ones came from) and I am thinking about colored (red, white & blue obviously) sand for the 3rd jar.  Can I buy colored sand at the store?  Where??
6.  And finally my sweet little W.  His life isn’t overly exciting (he pretty much just eats, sleeps and poops), but he did have two amazing “firsts” this week.  He made his first trip to Target (first of many considering I am his mom) and he rolled over.  Yep, he rolled over at 4 weeks.  Belly to back.  He’s a complete genius.  And likely will be getting a helmet since it appears he’s not into tummy time and wants to get a flat head!

This was fun!  Look for it again next Friday (as well as Flashback Friday which I am making a regular feature – would anyone want to do a link-up???).  Have a great weekend!




(*) Just typing it made me laugh. Yep, I am like 12.

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  1. laura

    jen My 14 month has a helmet…. do it now while they r little…. not that bad… but again it is getting hot…. did u go to childrens hospital and see dr. rozelle?

    1. Jennifer

      I was just kidding (sort of). He’s only 4 weeks old!

  2. Carolyn

    Love those sneakers! Do you have a link for them?

  3. Kayleigh

    You can get colored sand at the craft stores, like Michaels or AC Moore. I don’t know where else they would be in the store, but you can definitely get them in the wedding section for the sand ceremony stuff.
    And I’m 13 and giggles at the blue balls too!

    1. Jennifer

      Ohh, thank you!! I am so going there this weekend!

  4. Alysia George

    I would do a Flashback Friday link up for sure 🙂 Also I noticed somewhere that you said you went to prom with the brother of the owner of Bad Brad’s, so I was assuming that was Mark, & I thought I graduated with him but your prom pic says ’95 & I graduated in ’93, so just one more indication of my failing memory ;-p

    1. Jennifer

      You are funny! Mark graduated in 94 I think??? I am not sure when Brad graduated? Maybe he was the one that graduated in 93?

  5. Two Journeys: One Life

    I love this idea! I always take a crapload of pics on my iphone and do nothing with them! Thanks!

  6. Alysia George

    My husband says Brad graduated with him in ’92, but I have about as much faith in his memory as I have in mine…

    1. Jennifer

      LOL!!! I should get out my yearbook! Wait, my brother graduated in 1992. Let me ask him…..

  7. Aimee

    Love the shoes!! Ive been on a green kick lately and those would be perfect!!!

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