Flashback Friday

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I'd like to think I haven't aged since then. Hahaha.

Circa 1995. We did not have digital cameras back then.

Upon popular (okay, well just one person requested them) request, here are some pictures from my prom. Which was 17 YEARS AGO. Yes, 17. How insane is that? I had to do the math a few times myself before I believed it. I think Flashback Fridays might become a regular feature. I have tons of old school pictures. Did anyone else used to get perms? How hot was that????

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  1. Amanda

    I got a perm once, in 3rd grade. My dad told me I looked like a giant Brillo pad. The gal who did it for me told me never again, because she didn’t realize how much hair I had. And I had super pale blonde hair (naturally, at the time!) and had spent the entire summer at the pool, so the chlorine in my hair reacted strangely with the perm chemicals. So I had strange black flecks in my hair AND the perm didn’t hold very well. Happily, I don’t think there is any photographic documentation of this.

  2. Erika

    Hilarious! I think it should be regular as well! Your hair was done EXACTLY the way I did mine – and every other girl I think 😉

    Perms…..oh perms…..why would we do that to ourselves? ha!

  3. Hilary

    Nope, haven’t aged at.all. Perms… omg, I used to work in a hair salon – the SMELL!!!

  4. Jennifer

    Flashback Friday… what a great idea!!!

    1. Jennifer

      It would have been weird if I went to prom with a 12 year old now wouldn’t it?????????

  5. Diane

    I cannot believe it has been that many years since we graduated!!! Really makes me sad! Now I wonder where my prom pic is?!?

  6. April

    Wow, you guys are so cute!!!

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