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  • L and I set on on Sunday morning (his birthday) in search of a Sponge Bob balloon. I had previously gotten him one at WalMart, so we headed there thinking it would be an in and out trip. 3 WalMarts and 1 Meijer later, we still hadn’t found the balloon. And then it dawned on me.  Go to a party supply store.  Actually the last WalMart we were at was across the street from one and I saw it from the parking lot.  Not even 5 minutes later, we were the proud owners of about a million balloons which got tied to L’s chair (aka The Birthday Kid). Could I be any dumber??? I mean I was prepared to go to more WalMarts if necessary.
  • While on my WalMart world tour, I did discover the most delicious ice cream on earth.  It’s called Tiger Traxx by Hudsonville Ice Cream.  It’s a limited edition (probably just for summer when the Detroit Tigers are playing) and I am sad to think about what I will do when it’s gone.  It has chocolate covered pretzels in it. Yeah, so pretty much it has pretzel M&M’s in it.  Hello new best friend!!!
  • I started step one of my spice / baking cabinet organization project yesterday.  I stole this idea to organize my cupcake wrappers (which were all bought during Target holiday clearance sales) from Pinterest and cannot believe what an improvement it made already!  I got the larger jar from IKEA and the smaller one is a mason jar stolen from my moms house.
Tell me this isn't genius??
  • I am up way too late right now because there is a hysterical conversation going on on my favorite message board.  That’s all I am saying. It’s so going to be worth however tired I am tomorrow. SO worth it.
  • If I have to look at one more stretch mark filled belly on 16 & Pregnant, I am going to vomit.  For some reason I expect pregnant teenagers to be stretch mark free.  But this new crew.  Wow.  So much laser surgery in their future.  As a side note, I never got stretch marks with L and W, so I am obviously spoiled in that way.  But if I had gotten any, I would never ever ever have allowed them to be shown on tv.  Never.
  • Okay, so I watched Pregnant in Heels on my DVR yesterday.  I am still cracking up about Fritz and his crazy crazy ideas.  Besides wanting his wife to give birth in a field while clutching a tree, he wants to communicate with his baby about “elimination”? Umm, okay.  Because newborns communicate super well.  And FYI, they shit every two minutes. And Christine drinking the placenta milkshake??  Oh my.  Oh my.  I am sure it was super delicious. (LOL).
And on the note of eating your own placenta, I have to go finish up my breakfast.

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  1. jen

    No stretch marks? You are one lucky lady!
    Love the cupcake wrapper idea! Thanks 🙂

  2. karen

    Stretch marks are a penalty to teenage moms for getting PG before they old enough for their skin to have started to sag a bit and therefore be more elastic and not leave big stretch marks. Six kids after 30 and no marks.

  3. Cindy

    Is it safe to say you didn’t have a placenta milkshake!? Ha! Love that you stole a mason jar from your mom..bet my mom has a boat load…somewhere!? Btw, I did the cupcake thing too before you posted…maybe I pinned it from you!?

    1. Jennifer

      Well, it was a gift. She knew I took it.

  4. Amanda

    Are you telling me that you were not previously familar with elimination communication?

  5. Hilary

    Do fill me in on what your fav message board is now… 🙂

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